worn fashion journal

I got the new issue of Worn this weekend, and it's such a good one: vintage glasses, the evolution of stewardess dress, an interview with Grant Heaps. I love a fashion magazine with a good brain & with integrity!

Although it has nothing to do with me, I couldn't help but smile when I saw this fashion spread (which features a real zebra, by the way), vain little narcissist that I am.

I got my copy at Robber but Worn is available all over, luckily!


Siubhan: She really is quite the little ham! She always has to get in the way of my shot (as seen above). Thank you!

marissa (stylebook): There are some up RIGHT NOW! And more to come. Thank you!

Jen: I love that you named her after a cat! It's a wonderful name. I'm glad you like it!

Rizie: You know, I spent so much time trying to get Pony to sit in front of the bag that I forgot to put her IN the bag. But knowing her she would just hop right out in an instant, before I could even focus. Oh, cats!

Celine, april, allison cecil, erin jane / atlantictreefox, michelle/nft, etre-soi: Thank you so much!

Neon Relish: I'm so glad you like it! I have always thought that "miaou" was such a great word, so I was so happy that we could use it somewhere. It's so fascinating to me!

nice-etc.com / caitlin: Haha! And who doesn't, really?

m.bardeaux: Thank you, and aww I know! It bums me out! She has a big body and a tiny kitten head. The other day I was looking at her paws and they are no longer kitten paws, but cat paws! Wah!

-Alaina: Thank you! Yes, calico cats are so pretty, I think!

CARLY WAITO: I'm so glad that you like it! Yay team. Haha, lovely young lady. I wish she were still a tiny lil' baby!

Heidi in Oslo: Oh, thank you! And that's nice to hear -- it's funny how some of the words are the same in different languages. I love it.

Sarah: Aw, so nice to hear, thank you!

Iris: Meow!

zit...: Thank you!

Claire * Lola Is Beauty: Oh yes, such a pro!

Allie: Thank you! Yes, I was hoping for a consistent look. I'm glad you like it.

christy: I think so too!

julia: Thank you! Sonja has the best writing.


  1. wow, i can actually walk over to atlantic news to get it! i have never had such a good mag so readily available to me. cute zebra!

  2. I like your kitty's "bracelets". cute!

  3. whoa zebra! I want a tent like that...all pretty like.
    Let's go to the Duff Grove when it's warm and have a tea party in a pretty tent?!

  4. aww. pony likes a good fashion magazine too.

  5. I love that handwritten/pencil look to it. I'm really stoked that I was able to get one of your Kate Bush totes. You should've seen me frantically trying to use my friends iPhone in the car on the way to Thanksgiving festivities at 9 am. Can't wait til it arrives!

  6. New header!? I really liked the old one, but I get where you're going with this one. So I like it too!

  7. I will have to check this out! I have found some great magazines thanks to your blog. thank you!

  8. This is awesome - and I love the new header!!

  9. I want a copy of this now! And you're not a narcissist at all :)

    p.s. I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog for a really lovely etsy seller who makes the prettiest and daintiest rings - please do enter if they strike your fancy :)

  10. This is too cool! How fun!

  11. The zebra really does it for me. So excited for all your shop updates and success!

  12. So when can I get a "thunder in our hearts" tote? I missed that shit.
    Also i saw you at the craft show I think! I didn't realize at the time though.

  13. I would love to read a copy of this issue, the editorial is really nice and dreamy :)

  14. my subscription ran out, i'm missing a good one, i'ii have to pick one up!

  15. I thought of you too when I saw it!