the dazzle the book

Narwhal Art Projects has put out a beautiful book to accompany The Dazzle, the exhibition that you may remember from this post.  It's not exactly the same as having an original painting or sculpture from the show, but it's not a bad consolation prize.

Top to bottom: endpapers; Carly Waito; Melinda Josie; Selena Wong; Lauchie Reid; Adrienne Kammerer; The Wild Unknown; Sonja Ahlers


Arlie: Thanks for saying hello! Yeah, I think the prints look great, so I'm really happy I got them.

If Jane: Thank you!

danielle and dinosaur toes: Oh yes, I would love to see that! Framing large things is so ridiculously expensive and sometimes I just want to get things up right away. Ehhh who needs a frame.

Jane Flanagan: Oh, nice! I hope you share the ones you picked out! Thank you!

FASHION ICE: Thanks! I do love the cat basket.

Emily: Thanks! I really like them too.

Katie: Those prints are pretty funny! I've definitely been drawn to muted colour/lack of colour lately. Maybe it's a winter thing!

Kattia: You can get one here: treefox.etsy.com -- I think her shop is closed for the holidays but they'll be available again quite soon! 

danica: Thank you! Yeah, good ol' Ikea!  I like their frames just fine and always like to have extras around.

Hannah Percyowl: Ha, you sound just like Geoff. I used to have to decorate with postcards and magazine pages. Maybe you could try trading with someone! No one is as critical of your work as you are, and I'm sure someone else would be quite happy to put your work on his or her walls.  

sarah: Crystal buddy! Yeah, the prints are pretty great, I'm really happy I picked them up (ordered them up).

Sarah: Oh yes, they are lovely!

Tracey: I like to take down things that I have stopped noticing and putting up something fresh. It's fun to cycle it through, haha (that sounds so silly -- but you know what I mean, no doubt). 

neonfoxtongue: Aw, that's okay. My super secret source is... Ikea! I like their frames; they're pretty generic and non-offensive and most importantly, cheap. Sometimes we get mat board cut to size at Akau on Queen Street but most of our frames are vintage, found, or Ikea.

Hanlie: I agree, Erin does beautiful work.

naomi: Thank you!

studioto: Thank you!

jlhanley: I agree -- I really love it.

♡ little tomato: Thank you! The bag came from eBay!

Sarade: Thank you! Yeah, I didn't want to do over-the-top decorating. The little trees can stay up all winter.

classiq: Thank you!


  1. That's cool. So, they sell it there? How much is it?

  2. this book looks perfect. the show was pretty perfect, too.

  3. wow those stones and drawings are really amazing! I love it, it looks like a great book

  4. Wonderful! Love that fox painting so so much!

  5. I have a feeling I would really like this exhibit. I wish I could have seen it in person!

  6. oh i'm so glad they did that! i feel like the show was only on for about 2 weeks, and ofcourse they were the ones i was ridiculously busy....so now i can catch up on what i missed! (and cry. hmm.)


  7. Mmmm, delicious foxes!
    These seem really cool, thanks!!

  8. oh how wonderful! and i do love the foxes!!!

  9. This looks fantastic! If Carly ever does prints of those paintings I'll buy ever last one (can you sweet talk her for me??)

  10. I could definitely see myself looking at this book all the time. I'm so glad you shared this exhibit with us non-Torontonians! It looks like it was a really great show.

  11. Oh golly! I wanted so badly to see this show, but couldn't make it to Toronto...I'll absolutely have to get this!


  13. This book is fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing. :)

  14. Wow! Lauchie, Carly, Melinda, Selena... That's a lot of people I love, I should like to acquire that volume.

    I miss being on the same side of town as the Magic Pony. It's such a slog to get there from the east side. I miss when I could just wander down and check it out. I miss out on all the good shows now.

  15. this is so beautiful, and would be such an inspiring book for my coffeetable/small apartment 'library'. i've seen the glass pyramid from the wild unknown at Catbird all year, and keep fantasizing about having it on my desk in my airy studio space. :)

    happy holidays, anabela!

  16. this book looks so lovely, I would love to get my hands all over it x.x.x

  17. The painting of the girl and the fox looks like it's based on a vintage photo that was doing the rounds on the vintage photo community on livejournal a few months ago.