etsy gift guide

I have a gift guide on the Etsy blog today! I'm really happy with it, although of course I kept thinking of things I could add after I had submitted it. As I made the collages, all I could think about was how I wished someone could give me a full time ("fun time") job creating gift guides. Window shopping.

For the record, I don't have a grad student brother, but I know lots of grad students who are also brothers!

Thank you to Alison for thinking of me.

Oh and there are more Thunder totes available now!


erin jane / atlantic treefox: Cool! I hope that if you got it, you like it!

vanessa: She has the sweetest little markings, including a tan coloured patch under her chin that looks like a coffee stain.

Rizie: Yessssss! Let's do it.

sarah: She likes everything that we like, it seems. Always in the way!

Darcy: Aw, that is so nice to hear! I'm glad you got one and I hope you like it.

Hannah Percyowl: Thank you! I love love love the old one too, but I just needed a change to reflect the look of other things we have going on at the moment...

Hello Lindello: Awesome! I hope you like it if you get it.

Jane Flanagan: Thanks, lady!

hila: Oooh, headed to enter your giveaway. I subscribe to your blog but it may have gotten lost in the crowd. It happens. I actually won a giveaway recently, which is so crazy!

emedemarta: Hi, Marta!

Casey: Pretty great, right!

bigBANG studio: You are too sweet, thank you. Yes, it's nice to be keeping a little busier than usual these days... have to take advantage of it while it lasts.

Sarah: They're available now! Oh yeah, at the One of a Kind? I was there on Friday.

Marinka: Oh yes, it definitely is!

tara-lynn: Oooh yes! My subscription ran out too, but I don't mind spending $6 on a good mag.


  1. Completely awesome..... just as I knew it would be as soon as I saw you were doing one.

  2. excellent gift guide! i loved your well-curated selections.

    and i agree: a full-time gift guide job would be awesome. let me know if you need a personal assistant ;)

  3. That's a nice gift guide , I like the glasses they are so cool ^^

  4. such a delightful set, thanks for sharing your ideas, my two grad student brothers might get lucky! also, nice taking back of cat lady~mystical makes it!

  5. Is it weird to say I want all of these for myself?

  6. Anonymous2.12.10

    yes.. wouldn't it be great to have a job that pays us to window-shop?

  7. Love the locket! :) Excellent etsy gift guide!!!

  8. this is a wonderful guide!

  9. This is a fantastic gift guide! And I'm so glad you made more Thunder totes...I made it to the shop too late the last two times, but this time I nabbed one :-)
    I also wanted to let you know that I just received the gold star mothers necklace that I ordered from A Lovely Little Shop because of your giveaway. It's my new favorite thing ever, and Chelsea was just the sweetest!

  10. i LOVE the grad school brother guide -- i have a brother in grad school! :D

  11. great gift guide! especially love the nautical pillow & space cats!!