A few notes from the past week.

(What's up, messy hair)

I got a second pair of glasses! After I got my Warby Parker frames I found myself wearing glasses every day for the first time since I was 13; I have finally gotten to the point where I don't mind being a girl who wears glasses. I think this picture, from Stand Up Comedy in Portland, is good glasses inspiration. I think about it all the time (I want that hat).

My Warby Parker Fillmores are dark, so I wanted something a little lighter and brighter to wear depending on my mood. This pair came from MOD Vintage on Etsy. Kate had posted about them and had included this same pair in her post; they sold right away but were relisted a few days later, which I took as a sign when I saw them again. Although I have resisted vintage frames because so many opticians told me they would snap when heated, I really loved them and thought I would try them out. The frames that MOD Vintage sells are deadstock, possibly from the 1980s or 1990s -- not exactly dried-out brittle plastic from the 1940s. The issue of Worn that I mentioned the other day has an informative article in it with tips on what to look out for in vintage frames.

When they arrived I worried that I would have a hard time finding someone to put lenses in them (for less than $400, that is). I wound up getting lenses put in at Optical Thirty 8, where the ultra high index lenses were $98 (a weaker prescription would cost $38 or $68). They're located in Scarborough, which is kind of far for me, but it was worth the hike. In all these new glasses cost me about $150, which is not bad at all, especially since I haven't purchased any new clothes or shoes in a very long time indeed (although I did recently get the scarf I'm wearing in this picture, which is from Russet & Empire -- it was super cheap, though). I was considering the Warby Parker Fillmores in "Sandalwood Matte" as a second pair, but they haven't been in stock for a few months.

Anyhow! I am happy with these new glasses, so thank you to Kate for posting about them.

I made a little label prototype for the Mini Meow bags and I just love it, especially since it reminds me of classic Pink Pearl erasers. Sonja actually had a print last year of a bunny with a Pink Pearl eraser on his head. I used a Gocco for this, so it's slightly imperfect, but I like the effect. I'm starting to love the Gocco just as the supplies are becoming increasingly difficult to locate.

Last Friday I helped Sonja at the One of a Kind show and spent a lot of time staring at these tiny little guys and petting their sweet lil' heads with the tip of my index finger.

Bunnyville. Sadly, the pictures I took that day did not turn out very well at all. But aw, pretty Sonja!

Bianca & Mike at Kid Icarus (wonderful people!) have been making this incredible 3D wrapping paper lately. It's handprinted! I might just save it forever.

Two events I'm looking forward to tomorrow: Kid Icarus' Handmade Holiday show and the Parkdale Bazaar. Happy weekend!


Mallory, danica, Marinka, even, hearttypat, Casey, sara: Thank you so much! Yes, window-shopping jobs for everybody!

Caroline: Not at all, because I would love to have everything myself!

NN: Thank you! I hope that Chelsea sees your comment -- she really is so, so sweet so I'm glad that you love your new necklace!


  1. such heaven. and your glasses look wonderful, you're a beautiful girl! in glasses!

  2. I love them!!! It was hard to tell they were grey in your first photo, but I see how even more lovely they are now in the second. Your face is perfect for glasses, they don't swallow you up like they do on some.

  3. Oh my goodness, you are my new glasses inspiration! I need to get a new pair this month, which I'm excited about, but I can never seem to find ones that look right. You're so lovely, everything about that picture of you is just perfect!

  4. i LOVE your new glasses, the scarf looks so nice and cozy too! you're making me want to scour etsy for some vintage frames...my last pair was pickpocketed (at least they didn't get my wallet?) and i've been bummin' ever since.

  5. Gah, you are so damn adorable and so is Sonja! She was the sweetest when I saw her in Montreal. Next time she comes, you're almost having the obligation to join her since you two collaborate now!

    Costco also offers cheap prescriptions. At least for me it was the cheapest to go there considering my crazy weird/heavy prescription.

  6. This is such a great post! I love that 3D wrapping paper. I think I would definitely frame some of it and have it on my wall.

  7. they look perfect on you!

  8. Anonymous3.12.10

    Super cute glasses. They suit you perfectly! :)

  9. i've recently started reading your blog, and i am absolutely in love with it!
    i'd be very pleased if you take a look at mine too :)

    my new glasses are ordered from www.favoptic.com, so cheap and super lovely!

  10. Hello...I have followed you for a long time, but don't think I've left a comment before. Just wanted to say that I LOVE those glasses! Your labels are also extremely pretty and lovely....a perfect accompaniment. And that wrapping paper...yes please! Have a very happy weekend.

  11. being a girl who can wear glasses every day is great! glasses buddies. i seriously love these ones on you.

  12. I first heard about that 3D paper in Now weekly and I have been counting down the days till Kid Icarus ever since. The Worn staff is doing a secret santa and this is absolutely perfect for the girl who's name i picked. Maybe I'll see you there?
    Also, Sonja Ahlers is awesome and your glasses are adorable.

  13. Ooh I love those glasses. I totally dig my fellow ladies who wear glasses everyday. I had to get glasses at the age of 14 in the middle of freshman year. Oof. I was already 5'9", lanky, and pimple faced, so I was totally embarrassed about having to add glasses on top of that mess of a dork.
    But after a few months, I decided that I just had to own the geekiness and make it feel true and cool in my own eyes, err, behind my own glasses. My glasses eventually started to feel like an extension of myself, a little limb that finally found it's way back to me when it heard my eyes crying out for help.
    contacts don't create that silly but special bond with you like glasses do. I am pro becoming besties with your glasses. And celebrating your bad eyesight with style. :) I love your new eye bling!

    <3 Moorea

  14. Mmm, I'm a glasses girl through and through. I was habitually putting on contact lenses for about six or seven years until I was too careless with cleaning them one time and my left eye stayed red for like, a month. I got back into the routine of wearing glasses during and after that; contact lenses are only for very, very dressed up days.

    I really love how you carry off the vintage frame!

  15. Lovely glasses! I've been dreaming of similar Warby parker glasses, however I don't need glasses! So in my polyvore they will live only :P
    I freakin love that wrapping paper. I just want to buy it and frame it, all by itself.

  16. I really want to make it to both of these events, but am not sure I will get to go to all the lovely crafty things in Toronto today (crossing my fingers). You're glasses and scarf are both too lovely x.x.x
    Casie Jean

  17. I want to go to both of these events, but don't know if I'll make it in time to all the lovely crafty things in Toronto today (I'm crossing my fingers). You're new glasses and scarf are lovely x.x.x
    Casie Jean

  18. These glasses suit you so perfectly !
    It's really great to see pictures of someone wearing our glasses, especially when they're so adorable !

    MOD* Vintage

  19. That 3D paper is too pretty to use -- love it!

    Dreaming of Palm Trees

  20. those glasses look fantastic on you, they really suit you! I tried a similar pair once and they didn't suit me, I was so disappointed. The sales assistant at the store told me my face was too little and my cheekbones too high and defined to carry them off! Can you imagine high cheekbones as a flaw? I can think of other flaws I have :)

    Anyway, you look great and yay for wearing glasses!

    I've given you a small prize on my blog, see my latest post :)

  21. Anonymous5.12.10

    wonderful :



  22. Oh Anabela they look so good on you, you are gorgeous. beijo.

  23. I love your frames, they're lovely. I wear glasses occasionally, but most of the time its contacts - I really want specs that I love.

  24. Oh, they perfect on you!
    Sad to miss all the crafty goodness in TO this past weekend! Sheesh, my weekend is just starting and John has hijacked the tv in favor of playing zombie video games. Lame Sunday night I guess.

  25. :) cute cute glasses!!

  26. if by messy you mean PERFECT!

  27. i love the messy hair, & the glasses & fur collar, holy shit!
    thats how my hair looks all winter too,side braids are perfect for canadian weather, thanks to snow, wind & hats,& getting tangled in cowls

  28. LURHV the glasses. I too need to wear glasses everyday and these are inspirational.

    Just found your blog and Im excited to follow!

  29. you and glasses are like two peas in a pod! I'm really excited to read that article in worn - im going to be going on an intense vintage glasses hunt this month in toronto!

  30. First time commenter long time reader!
    You've inspired me with your glasses, I just purchased a pair (solid brown ones), and I can only hope they look as good on me as they do on you!
    Thank you!!