blogs i loved in 2010

I read a lot of blogs, but I've started becoming more selective about what I will read on a regular basis. I stopped reading quite a few blogs last year, for various reasons. I had to -- there is just so much to do! My little "fear of missing out" problem lead me to subscribe to more blogs than I could handle. Besides, the internet seems to affect our brains in weird ways and blogs can be particularly insidious, making it seem as though everyone else's life is so much more beautiful or successful than our own (I am cheating and using the word "our" when really I mean "my"). I generally look for that "je ne sais quoi" made up of intelligence, passion, humour, humility, talent, style, the ability to teach me something new, etc., all the while aware that my own blog may or may not demonstrate these qualities! I have come across quite a few of these, happily. So many of them are written by Australians or New Zealanders, I've noticed.

Here are a few blogs that I started reading in 2010 that I have particularly enjoyed (is it too late for end-of-year types of posts? This one took me a while to compile). Some of them have been around longer, but were new to me. I was inspired to do this after reading end-of-year blog posts by Amanda and Moorea (who was sweet enough to include me in her list -- thank you). I hope you might find a new favourite or two in here as well, presuming you don't already read them.

I found some of these through comments left on this blog, incidentally. I sheepishly have to admit that I am unable to read and comment on as many blogs as I would like to, but I do love coming across something new through comments.

le project d'amour
When Hila posts, I have to bookmark to remind myself to go back and read her words properly. Many days, I scroll quite quickly through my blog reader; I would hate to miss her tenderly beautiful observations. Her response to a question on what sorts of blogs she reads has stayed with me, and occasionally informs my decision to stop reading certain blogs. The truth of it is that I'm a little intimidated by Hila, and filled with admiration for her.

oh, hello there
Danica is a contributor to The Fox is Black, which means that her focus is sharp and her taste is exceptional.  I love the fact that her writing is nearly academic in tone (I wasn't surprised when I discovered that Hila and Danica are friends); for example, her simple, elegant post on Little Winter was thought-provoking rather than simply gushing (n.b. gushing is also good).

one sleepless night
Speaking of thought-provoking, this post on short hair (which references a fantastic Joan Juliet Buck piece) made me think about cutting my hair in a way that I never have before! A thoroughly lovely blog, maintained by Stephanie, who lives in Toronto. She takes pretty pictures, as well. One to watch. So to speak. (I just thought it would be funny to write that about someone who is working towards a degree in cinema studies).

Diana Mini Love
The Diana Mini has become one of my favourite cameras, and Elle created this blog as a love letter to it. She regularly posts some of her favourite Diana Mini photos that she finds on Flickr. This blog isn't completely limited to one subject, however; Elle recently acquired a Canon A-1 (the SLR I have), and has been taking really incredible pictures with it.

Dirty Hems
I love Katy's vibe, her DIY projects and her fearlessness. Her post on McQueen's last collection, Medieval McQueen, took my breath away: she combined art & fashion & history in a way that we so rarely see. Plus, since I have a degree in medieval studies, I was happy to see the Middle Ages look cool for once. Of course, that was just one excellent post among many excellent posts.

This is probably a no-brainer. Alison's aesthetic includes the strange & bizarre alongside the delicate & sweet. She's one in the small minority of bloggers who is able to show me something new, something I haven't seen before. Kudos!

Fancy Fine
Personal style blogs are tricky; I only read about a dozen of them regularly. I love Ashley's! She is based in San Francisco, and I love that occasionally Francesca makes an appearance. I always appreciate a style blog that doesn't merely follow trends, that lacks the tendency to namedrop, that features fun photographs, and that incorporates a mix of vintage and new that makes for a timeless look. She also has my dream head of hair, a fondness for cats, and a great sense of humour.

So Much to Tell You
This one is just a major no-brainer. Perfection.

A particularly lovely photo blog with quiet observations. It was a joy to watch the seasons change through Maggie's photos.

thank you, ok
Katie's blog is one of the most recent additions to my reader. I always love reading a good local blog -- now that she is back in Canada, maybe she will do for Toronto what she did for Seoul. Cute, cute, cute.


Kate: Ha! Our names do not mesh so nicely. We are no Bennifer! And thank you!

erica-knits: Thank you! Oh yes, TNK is a sweet little store. If you go, make sure you check out the basement because I found some great stuff there on the weekend. Wow, thanks for buying a tie at White Elephant! I had no idea. And yeah, I would never make something if I didn't want it for myself!

Casie Jean: Thank you! Ooh, that would be nice!

Celine: Thanks, Celine! And thanks for that -- I was bummed when he said he'd seen you & Jin at the laundromat! I don't know where I was that day -- avoiding the laundromat, I guess!

Lexie, Little Boat: Ha! Noted! Thank you!

marissa (stylebook): Yay! Although my favourite is still the picture you emailed me, lady.

enilorac: Thank you!

tabitha: Thanks!

Squirrel & Starling: I'm so glad I could introduce you to "Some Velvet Morning!" Also, give "Summer Wine" a listen -- I love that one too.

CARLY WAITO: Aw, lady, thank you!

sn: I've tried to give that cover a chance but I just can't get into it! I will try again.

Lauren: Thank you!

Kempt: Thanks for saying that -- I was a little limited, because there were images I wanted to use but was unable to because of Flickr permissions. But I'm glad the result appealed to you!

EvaForeva: I know, so nice! Made my day. Thank you!

heleen: Oh yeah, for sure! Beloved songs get into our subconscious in a pretty special way. Oh, the replies feel so silly sometimes but I do like writing them! Just a little way to say thank you, to acknowledge. People probably think I'm nuts.

danielle and dinosaur toes: You are too sweet! Thank you.

Cybelle e Fabi: Thank you! I will try to!

GlamorousGirl: Thank you!

m.bardeaux: Haha! I'm glad you like it! I know, I have approx. 10,000 tote bags myself!

amy w - over and under: Thank you!

sara: Thanks! That seems to be the favourite, which is fine by me!

Hello Lindello: Thank you for that! And I agree, it's so fun! I've seen one on the street and people send me reports when they see them too! Amazing.

Sarah: I'm a little afraid of clothing just because if we mess up, it's an expensive mistake. But it's something we've thought about!

Tracey: Thank you -- I'm glad you think so!

orderfromdisorder: Thanks! Oh, I don't really identify that way, but I did love working on that degree! And I do love me some Ovid. Thanks for saying hello!

bigBANG studio: Yes! I loved seeing our Miss Miss with the tote. Thank you so much! I'm pretty happy these days.

josefina louise: Thank you! I love the Slowdive cover. As much as I love Slowdive, though, the original can't be beat!


  1. Some firm faves in there and some new to me ones in there too, which I will now explore! x

  2. Ahh I'm so glad you've done this post! Going to check out all the blogs I haven't heard of now. Thanks for your recommendations!

  3. Great list! I hadn't heard of any of these.

  4. Thank so much for featuring me! I feel so honoured to be included in this line up. Some of the other blogs I know already, but a few I don't, so will definitely check them out now!

    I've really enjoyed your blog too. Wishing you all the best for 2011.


  5. I feel so instantly greedy for these. I have been clearing out my blog reader and am on the hunt for some new blogs with substance - most of these are new to me.

    I'm pleased to hear that you also get the bizarre effects that reading blogs can have on your mind! It's too easy to compare elements of your own life to what's presented of somebody else's, and there's so much out there that I often end up just mindlessly skimming posts, which I hate doing.

    P.S. That was a curious thought about the hyphenation as a design feature - I typeset history books, so always see them as the enemy (!) but it's interesting to turn it around and see them as an asset!

  6. Such a good post, I love discovering new blogs. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Ahh some favourites and some lovely new finds, thanks for the tips Anabela! xx

  8. i love posts like these! the only thing about discovering new blogs is that it takes awhile to build rapport because i feel spam commenters have really become a problem in the past two years or so. i like for blogging to feel like a community -- i think you do a great job of that on your blog by replying to comments... i should stop now! i am rambling. thank you for posting these recommendations!

  9. Wow, i only knew one of those blogs, Danica's! I also love Celluloid Mon Amour and Blue Hour by BFerry, which are London-based. I'm planning to check out all the blogs and your blog roll as I need new inspiration! Thanks!

  10. This is wonderful, thank you! I was reading a couple of these but had no idea about the others. The most important blog-thing for me is always the writing, even if the pictures are wonderful. Wit and compassion get me every time.

  11. thanks for the list! I like the looks of Folkloric and I am eager to check out the Seoul one. It's really hard keeping up with the blog world, which is why I don't read any ;)

  12. i know exactly what you mean when you say it looks like everyone else's life looks fabulous but remember, there's plenty of people who i am sure are thinking the exact same thing about your life :)
    i did a bit of a cull on my google reader as i realised i wasn't even looking at a lot of them properly. if i mark it as read when i haven't read it, it's time to unsubscribe!

  13. Oh my, thanks for including me, dear! That is incredibly sweet. And I'm so glad to know that someone out there digs those crazy purikura photos, haha.

  14. thanks so much for this post. i'm always on the hunt for great new reads and had never heard of any of these! xx grace

  15. Wonderful post! There's so many amazing blogs out there, I too feel a little overwhelmed of everyone's beautiful, enchanting life! And even though I'm a new reader of your blog, your life looks pretty lovely too :)
    And yes I agree with that feeling of 'missing out on something', but I unsubscribed from a few blogs recently, ones I felt were just not helping me or inspiring me in some way.

  16. Aww Anabela, way to be a total sweetheart! I'm really looking forward to checking out the other spots you mentioned. Personal style blogs are all well and good, but it's nice to know that there are accessible, kindred-spirit blogs out there too.

  17. Now: totally unrelated to this post (sorry) but I wanted to show you this video I thought you would like. Kate Bush in pastels? The link is to an interview, but the video is about half way down the page if you are interested!



  18. so many great blogs to check out!

  19. oh wow, I feel honoured Anabela! I really don't know what to say, you're too kind. Thank you for including me on your list. It took me a while to "discover" your blog too, but I'm so glad I did as it's one of my favourites now. And I promise, I'm not at all intimidating ;) I hope I don't come across as intimidating on my blog, as I really don't mean to.

    Thanks again, you've made me smile :)

  20. Oh man, now I've got more blogs I HAVE to follow in addition to the 300+ in google reader... but I already follow some of these, so that's not so bad, right?

    And you're definitely on my list of "faves in 2010"!

  21. That`s a good list of blogs I`ll definetely visit, so different but very beautiful and interesting, thank you! And comletely agree with you about Hila`s blog ^^) i adore her

  22. wow, these are all so wonderful! SO wonderful

  23. I just did a re-read to bookmark a few of these bad boys and just realized - YOU HAVE A DEGREE IN THE MIDDLE AGES??!! Totally and completely amazing.

  24. Oh wow - I just got a bunch of new blogs to follow hahaha. This is a wonderful post. It makes me want to think about my reading list as well.

  25. i have only recently discovered your blog but i've just added it to my list of regular reads! i already follow fancy fine and so much to tell you, thanks for opening my eyes to a couple of others. it's true that blogs can be so intimidating. i wish i could put more effort into mine but it's sort of new and i'm still figuring out its focus. yours is great! keep it up.

  26. oooh i feel pretty proud to be in such fine company!! thanks a billion for including me & this post has given me some great additions to my google reader! & let's not talk about how JEALOUS i am that you have a degree in medieval studies?? amazing.

  27. Anonymous12.1.11

    Thank you! This post is just great. xx

  28. nice selection...shall explore...;))

  29. Yay! I've only come across a couple of these and it's lovely to be introduced to new blogs.

  30. Damn it...there are so many good blogs!!!!

  31. wow! so many that i've never heard of. i'm bookmarking THIS post for later :)

  32. Oh dearie thank you so much for this post! I've spent the better part of two days going through the archives of several of these links :D

  33. What a great list of blogs. I haven't heard of any of these. Thanks for sharing them!

  34. this post is so SO true. i'm still fairly new to blogging and sometimes get overwhelmed with all the beauty out there, if that's even possible. But this is a great list. I think I may follow your lead and start to par down. :)

  35. Oh Anabel, thank you for including me on such an impressive list! Fieldguided is one of my favorite blogs, and I so admire both your taste and the honesty of your posts, so seeing this when I logged into my GoogleReader today brought such a smile to my face. And I appreciate your thoughts on the insidiousness of the blog world--I always thought I was the only person who sometimes got down when seeing how "perfect" other people's homes/style/lives are...

  36. What a great line up of blogs. You have some really good choices here, ditto on Hila and Danica's blogs! I lived in the same city as them when I first started blogging and regret not meeting them when I had the chance.

  37. Great list, thanks!
    I've just added a number of these to my reader to try out!

  38. Wow...so glad I found your blog. not only for well, your blog...but for all these gems you've rounded up. I love a good unique & creative blog amongst a sea of err...others. I'm picky and have started to be more selective. There is only so much time and I want to dedicate it to the ones I get stuff out of.

    glad I stumbled here, I am also a fellow Canadian. :) Originally from the Maritimes but have settled in Ottawa for a time.