ghost cat, etc.

Pony likes to play a game we call "Ghost Cat" (not a terribly inventive name, but you get the idea). She likes to hide behind the curtains and then leap out at our waiting fingers, which she grips between her paws and gnaws on gently, always through the curtains. I think she really thinks we can't see her. She is a ferocious beast, a mighty feral hunter (who also happens to enjoy snuggling up on my chest as I continue to hit the snooze button in the morning).

We got a roll of film back yesterday, finally. I find that January in Toronto is a most uninspiring time for photos. Everything is dull and grey and I just can't seem to make that work for me.

A new location of Urban Herbivore opened near our apartment so we went out for sandwiches one afternoon. Beautiful flowers make my heart do somersaults. These ones were locally grown, which makes me think of someone tenderly caring for them in a greenhouse. It's a really nice image.

This pretty ad from 1940 came from Sofia's French Corner of her Etsy shop.

I think we have four or five different calendars for 2011 at this point. This is the astrological one from Prismatic.

Little photo albums from Korea for my Instax pictures, frivolous cat face index stickers. I have a serious weakness for Korean stationery.

Speaking of hearts doing somersaults, last week I came home to the most beautiful package of prints from Caitlin Shearer. The giclée ones (Cat Clock on the bottom right, and Golden Age in the bottom front) are just stunning and so perfectly printed. I can't wait to get these framed and displayed. She also sent a sweet mixed CD -- I am so happy that the young people still do that. Thanks, lady!


anja louise verdugo: Thanks, Anja! Yeah, I'd love to see one from you, and dang, I like that motto! I understood it right away so I think it's correct (boy, good thing I wasted THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in university to be left with hazy memories of Latin).

dagmara: I did, yes. It's so sad.

jacquelynnicole: Oh, I know! It's so hard to resist curling up on the couch with a cup of tea and being all cozy.

jen: Ooh, good luck finding the yogurt maker! There's a new batch waiting for me at home and I'm excited to try it. Couldn't really go wrong for $10.

Hollie: Yeah, it's so nice! The yogurt maker came with those glass jars! I think ours are a bit smaller than the ones that come with modern yogurt makers.

Lexie, Little Boat: Yeah, they're kind of the best. So funny, especially the ones that take the "tough love" route.

Kate: Aw, ha! Oh, I don't feel guilty staying in (especially in the afternoon on weekends) because I miss being at home in the afternoons when our southern exposure makes our apartment so sunny and cozy! But yeah, when it's warm outside it is so hard to stay indoors.

Tanglewood Baked Goods: Thank you! And oh yes, I love "Tears in the Typing Pool." I have often thought that that is 'my' song, ha.

Diana: I know, so sad. Poor Trish.

Andrea~CrowNology~: Haha. They're pretty cool, I think!

hila: I have had farm-made ice cream! It is so remarkably different from the store bought kind. If you open your own ice cream shop I will come visit!

Katie: Capitaurus! Yes! And, um, I confess that Geoff and I are never on time. It's really bad and I have a lot of guilt about it, but I just can't get my act together!

seaing: Thank you! I hope you find some yogurt in glass jars. It's just so tasty.

Bantik: I was probably the same! I remember loving one yogurt that was half Jello and half yogurt and was bright green in colour! Ick.

Jane Flanagan: Oh Jane, thank you so much!

hazel and hunter: Oh, stay warm! Thank you.

erin: Thank you!

Bre: Yeah, I like going there when I want something nicer than an inkjet printout. I don't know that they do really fancy stuff but they're cheap and quick!

white collar | green soul: Thank you so much!

hibou: Oh yes, such a great voice. So sad.

stephanie renee: Thanks! A record player is on our wishlist. I can't wait to get one! We had one in our room at the Ace in Portland and I loved having it. It's been years since I've had access to one.

andrea littlebighead: I agree! I got a really nice one.

Jenny: Aw, thanks. Sadly a lot of the snow is a bit slushy but we have perfect snow cover in our backyard.

Darcy: I tried to seize all that new year productivity energy! It took a while to get started but I'm glad I was finally able to. About suspenders: I got a pair from Swan Clothing on Etsy and they're really nice!

kristina: Oh yes, Greek yogurt with honey is so delicious!

Kattia: It is a Kate Bush lyric!

Pistachio: Thank you!

Paper Heart Girl: Thank you!

erica-knits: Yeah! Some of the activities aren't terribly exciting. I mean, last night we printed totes for an hour and a half and then I stitched ties while taking advantage of my free Netflix trial. But we had a dinner date so that was fun! I recommend homemade yogurt! Geoff is tormenting me by texting me about how great our latest batch tastes (it wasn't ready when I left the house).


  1. i wish they had cute photo albums like that for polaroids. i keep looking for anything that is that perfect size, but i might just have to give in and get a regular photo album instead. for now they're all in their boxes! which makes it tough to review them all when i'm feeling mopey. (toronto IS very yuckygrey in the winter. i almost never grab my camera unless it's sunny!) i wish i had a kitten to keep me company... :)

  2. I'm seriously overwhelmed with all my calendars this year. I have the zodiac one too and don't know what to do with it. Silly.

    January is uninspiring in Toronto. But somehow, you've managed to capture what little light there is in these photos. They're perfectly serene.

    And Pony is wicked.

  3. Those Korean photo albums are perfect. Where did you find them?

  4. What a lovely update on your activities! I have also found it difficult to take inspiring pictures this month, my blogging is currently suspend while I attempt to finish a roll. (Cannot wait to have a digital SLR!) What do you think of Netflix? I've had it for three months, but I haven't used it enough.

    What great purchases you've made! Those kitty stickers are so cute.

  5. Also, Pony's little nose is so cute! Love that little ghost cat.

  6. read an article this morning about the flower industry in colombia. locally grown beauts sounds awfully good to me right now. those ones are terribly lovely.

  7. oh pony! you and your silly games! I love your pictures of her Anabela!
    your pictures of the flowers are beautiful.
    and I cannot wait for korean stationary of my own!

  8. I may or may not have blogged about you yesterday!
    Caitlin Shearer is so wonderful and her work is so unique, I love it so much.

  9. aw, I want a cat :(

  10. I really wanted to get that astrological calendar too! Looks particularly great framed.

  11. Aww Pony (and her name!) is too cute. Those prints are very beautiful. I've been thinking of collecting and drawing some of my own print to decorate my room and future apartment. Anywhere you'd suggest to have a look online or in Toronto Anabela?

  12. omg, those cats!!! i'm dying. Anabela, you would LOVE Korea. The stationery is certainly the best! I'm kicking myself for not buying way more. Way, way more.

  13. caitlin sherer has stunning illustrations!

  14. This is a beautiful post! Those Korean photo albums and stickers are awesome finds and I love your shot of the flowers and your thoughts about them.

  15. Anonymous27.1.11

    I want those stickers so bad!!!

  16. Anonymous27.1.11

    The Caitlin Sherer prints are BEAUTIFUL! I must get my hands on some soon :)

  17. "dull and grey" through your camera lens still looks beautiful to me :)

  18. This are beautiful, beautiful images. And I LOVE getting mixed tapes from friends.

  19. Oh, the Korean stationary. Where did you get it?!

  20. adore those prints! and the astrological calendars are fab too!

  21. i got some things from caitlin in the mail earlier this month too! i traded with her for two prints and she also sent along like 5 little ones and a mix cd too! shes a great girl!

  22. Anonymous31.1.11

    Beautiful photos, they're so peaceful. Those prints are amazing.

  23. *nosetaps* to Ghost Cat.
    Beautiful photos.