quiet nights

Near my desk at work there are shelves filled with hundreds of books waiting to be sorted and sold at a used book room in the library. The other day I walked past an astrology book by Teri King called Love, Sex, and Astrology. I immediately flipped to the section on Ms Capricorn and Mr Taurus (me & Geoff -- apparently we don't have new astrology signs, you guys!). The text stated that this was a "happy union," with much energy put into the domestic environment, although there exists a danger of becoming "so comfortable at home and so happy in each other's company that they unwittingly cut off the outside world." I had to laugh when I read that, because it's so true, especially in winter, when our apartment is at its most cozy. We rarely leave it, and we are rarely more than five feet away from each other, working on things that make us happiest, talking about our new ideas.

(I worked it out in Latin, our little family motto: carpe tranquillam noctem.)

Dearest friends, I miss you, but I still love you. Remember me. Please keep inviting us to things even though we are utter flakes.

I finished up a limited edition of silk ties that are available exclusively at Robber. I am also getting to know our local print shop better (the little one just north of the Y on Dovercourt -- recommended!).

Working with a new medium, listening to a favourite album. Valentines on our minds.

A driftwood heart from Hearblack arrived in the mail this weekend. I've been having a run of good luck lately when it comes to winning giveaways -- maybe it's because I've been collecting my cats' whiskers when I find them in the rug. I'm certain their whiskers are lucky.

I love driftwood, I love this heart, I love Hearblack.

When I was little I had fresh yogurt on a farm, sweetened with a bit of sugar, and it was one of my favourite food experiences of all time. This weekend I dashed out for a quick thrifting trip and came upon an unused yogurt maker by Moulinex for $10. I was thrilled! Yogurt tastes so much better when it comes in a glass jar (European & Asian friends: we don't have yogurt in glass jars). Our first batch tasted fantastic. It didn't have that Proustian quality I was looking for, so until I'm back on a farm with fresh milk, I will forever be trying to recreate that pot of yogurt from years ago.

If you love yogurt as I do, there is information about making your own here.

I've been collecting old Crown mason jars -- I love the glass lids and the dates stamped at the bottom.  I recently asked on Twitter if anyone local knew where I could get some vintage locker baskets, and sweet Hollie & Jane of White Elephant were kind enough to part with two from their dwindling collection. I just love them (Hollie & Jane AND the baskets).


Chelsea: Thanks! I love them too.

Bantik: That makes me want to have more flipbooks!

Erandi: Thank you! Okay, glad to know that since you left your comment your tote arrived... what a relief!

jacquelynnicole: Thank you! I did a search on their website and they didn't seem to still have tiramisu-flavoured tea. Either I typed it wrong or it's discontinued?

modish: Ha, yeah, and lovely for me. But I just love SO MANY THINGS.

Carla: Thank you! We're lucky to have a sunny apartment.

elle :: diana mini love: I noticed that you had a cat named Lula! Did you know that it means "squid" in Portuguese? I kind of love that. It's such a cute word. Cats are so funny.

anja louise verdugo: I can totally send you a sample!

Jane Flanagan: That's so nice to hear, thank you!

marissa (stylebook): Yeah! Sometimes I think it's great just mentally. Scrub away all those impurities!

alexandra grecco: Thanks so much! I love your work!

Idle Wife: Yeah! I always try to have it on hand, even if I don't use it every day.

Katie: You keep denying that 'u', girl! And yeah, Violet/Leather is pretty amazing... totally amped to get my own little bottle.

erin: Thank you! I'm so glad you like it! I wondered if people would think it was silly.

neonfoxtongue: Okay, I will! Thanks for the encouragement.

Laura: Cats are so funny. Pony will even jump in there when there is still a bit of water sitting in it that hasn't drained -- her paws and tail get all wet and she doesn't seem to notice! Thank you, I really love my little collection.

Michelle: Thank you! I'm glad you liked us! And yes, I guess the way I wrote it implied that it could be used in places other than the face, but I've never thought to do that myself!

smunch: Aw! I'm glad you like them! I guess I will see how they do!

sara: Thank you!

Love Your Way: Thanks so much! And oh man, I always love a kooky cat story, so thanks for that.

hellojen: Aw, Jen, thanks for that!

hibou: Thank you! I'm so happy to hear that people like them.

NN: Thank you! And I'm always so happy when people like their bags!

hila: Oh no! I had no idea that it was something that triggered an "issue" for you. About the toilets -- we had a bit of a shock one time when we found her all wet, and had to learn to keep the lid down always! Haha, so gross.

amy w - over and under: Thank you! Thanks for liking it!

angela: Thank you!

Same Length Pinkies: Oh yes, a whole exciting world of crazy flavours! I never really knew that there could be so many different flavours myself.

MissQuiteContrary: Chocolate mint sounds lovely, and I hope you're feeling better!

in dreams: Oh, I hope you like them! And no, these ones are pretty affordable. A friend told me today that they're too strong for her, but I don't find them too strong... everyone's different. Thanks for liking us on Facebook! And I once tried to make a video of Geoff's flip book but it turns out that I am no master of iMovie and I never finished!

quiettown: If you try it, I hope you like it!

Bre: Thanks! I'm looking forward to seeing you, lady!

t a n y a: Thanks! Oh yes, please come, it would be so lovely to meet you.

lisa.: Phew! Glad you liked it!

danielle and dinosaur toes: I loved seeing my card on your board! I wish we had WOOD floors! We just have this linoleum that I try not to hate... but we'd love to paint them white at some point. I know it's impractical but I love brightness so much.

m.bardeaux: Thank goodness for cats! I bet there's a t-shirt out there that says exactly that on it!

Sarah: Thank you! I'm thrilled that you like it!

matthew roland: Thank you! I find it really exciting when I come up with a use for it. It's a beautiful material!

CoCoon: We are thrifty and we have good skin!

dianne: Haha, HIGH FIVES!

Cassandra: Oh wow, thanks so much!

abby try again: Thank you, Abby!

Tracey: You're right. I won't edit it again! Thank you!

vintageveggie: I'm so glad -- thank you for saying so. aaren: Thank you so much for the sweet words, and I'm so so glad you like the tote!

Lisa Michelle Cifuentes: Thank you!


  1. This post is really nice, Anabela. I love big roundups of stuff that's going on... I need to do one too! Your family motto is really similar to ours too, which we decided should be "in somnus victoria" (who knows if we translated it correctly), for "in sleep, victory". YAY QUIET LIFE MOTTOS

  2. You heard that Broadcast's singer died recently of a battle with pneumonia?

  3. Anonymous23.1.11

    it's hard not to hibernate through the winter when it's so darn cold out! I'm most definitely guilty of the same thing.

  4. You and I are on surprisingly similar paths right now with the new mediums, screen printing and yogurt making, except that I am still on the lookout for my yogurt maker. Iceland completely ruined American yogurt for me, though I only bought Greek. Haha. Can't wait to see what you are making in your new medium.

  5. picturing you and geoff cozily working away is an adorable image. mike and i hibernate as well.

    and homemade yogurt sounds amazing! the glass jar you have it in is lovely.

  6. gotta love astrology sex guides! they hit right at the heart of the truth, right? ;)

    i love that driftwood heart so much! what a lucky win.

    annnnd ... i am taking a leaf out of your book and hosting my own (unsponsored) giveaway. maybe you still have a few whiskers lying around?

  7. this post makes me feel all warm & fuzzy inside. the one & only thing I miss about winter is the cozy days of staying in, working on projects together. I feel guilty staying inside here on the weekends because I'm trapped inside all day at work during the week!

  8. This is a lovely post. And I have to say that I'm listening to that Broadcast album right now! Tears in the Typing Pool is my favorite.

  9. That broadcast cd makes me :(

    but that frown is turned upside when i see the last photo

  10. I too collect the whisker of the cat...
    {feels like it should be said with a Russian accent}


  11. oh gosh, that yogurt looks mighty delicious to me right now, especially in that cute little jar. Have you ever had farm-made ice-cream or milkshakes? I remember my parents taking my brother and I on a family trip when we were little, and I had the best of ice-cream and milkshake in a local farm. I still remember the taste to this day - kind of makes me wish I could open my own ice-cream shop (hey, you could design it).

    And I know what you mean about rarely leaving your apartment - that's what I've been doing lately. I think real friends understand flakiness ;)

    p.s. glad to hear I'm still a Leo!

  12. So true about the "Happy Union". Ryan and I are also a Capitaurus but the other way around. One of our resolutions together was to be on time (whenever we venture into the outside world) - we are the flakiest.

  13. Anonymous24.1.11

    Mmm, now I want some yogurt! And same here - I can't get mine in glass jars. I wish I could, though. By the way, your photography is stunning.

    Denise xx

  14. I parents used to make yoghurt at home when I was little.
    I didn't like it very much.. I wanted yoghurt in colourful plastic packages with lots of sugar..silly me

  15. This post is beautiful and beautifully written. I can hear your snuggled up calm through the words. Congrats on the collection at Robber. The labels look marvelous!

  16. i'm similarly hiding inside my apartment and studio during these insanely cold days here in montréal... i've just rediscovered your blog -so lovely!

  17. such a lovely post. so full of activity and light and wonder.

  18. When we sublet on Dovercourt I was always eyeing up that print shop - nice to know they are good - I was never brave enough to force my way through their sticker plastered exterior...

  19. I am really enjoying your blog. I found it through the girls at the White Elephant - I am also a local Hamiltonian. Your driftwood heart is beautiful.

    - agata.


  20. It looks like you are up to very good things. My husband and I tend to go into hiding too, especially at this time of year. Wow, seeing that cd caught me off guard! We listened to all their albums in the days after the news, and it was quite emotional and difficult. Such a beautiful voice.

  21. i love how eloquently you round up everything into one beautiful post! we just got a record player which makes staying in and working on projects together even better.

  22. wow, that heart shaped driftwood is beautiful!

  23. Your post makes me want to stay in, make yogurt and paint. And your photos make it easy to imagine everything outside covered in a nice layer of perfect white snow. Sigh.

  24. This is such a productive post! Getting me motivated for sure. You should look into creating suspenders to go with the gent ties. Also, yogurt has been priority on my breakfast menu lately.

  25. love your Latin motto (on a future tote?). I've never had yogurt with sugar, but once had some fresh Greek yogurt with honey, and it was divine.

  26. is this a kate bush lyric I'm obssesed!

  27. What a lovely blog!! Glad I found you ;) Love the "thunder in our hearts." bags.

  28. Lovely blog! Your photos are all so pretty!! Those thunder in our hearts totes are so cool!

  29. Oh winter evenings are perfect for staying indoors. Sounds like you two have some really great activities to keep you warm and happy. I want to try some of your homemade yogurt, it sounds delicious!

  30. I'm wicked obsessed with those Prismatic Calendars--okay not as obsessed as I am with your cat calendars, but yeah want.

  31. In love with that driftwood heart. And I'm the same way... I love staying in and having quiet nights during the winter. xo