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I didn't write about clothing here much at all in 2010. I stopped trying. The truth of it is that I wasn't buying many clothes -- mostly accessories, really (including, uh, a new pair of vintage glasses fitted with lenses from my inexpensive optician friends in Scarborough -- a birthday/end of the year present to myself that I am so happy to have). I generally succeeded in swearing off the habit of buying fast fashion and didn't often have the opportunity to invest in something of high quality. I bought the occasional blouse or skirt at the thrift store when I found something halfway decent. A rare occurrence, but I did gather a small pile of boy's XL chambray shirts (always a favourite). There were missteps, though, possibly influenced by trends -- I really should not have a floral babydoll dress hanging in my closet, for example, when I wore them with no great enthusiasm the first time around. I feel like such a fraud when it comes to taste & style. You'll note I am afraid of the very word "fashion."

I've spent the past few days dreaming up some vague ideas for what I'd like to aim for with respect to what I wear. Colour is important. If you've seen my apartment you're aware of the fact that I am drawn to muted colours. My Pinterest account is all muted, all the time. Seashell colours, I like to think of them. I can't even tell anymore if these are the colours I've always been most drawn to of if I'm just very influenced by Gentlewoman magazine (I do remember hating bright yellow when I was little, and orange too, and always prefered softer tones). Anyhow, I'd like to incorporate more delicate colours into my clothing, except for trousers, which I prefer in black. Dull colours I suppose, as opposed to vibrant. To me these colours feel light and fresh and full of air and earth. I'm not sure that these colours look best with my colouring, but as long as they have an earthy hue or are neutral, I'll be okay.

The new Lula has a feature on hot pink! I never feel comfortable in loud colours like that.

I keep wondering if I should change my hair, which has gotten quite long and is starting to sparkle with the occasional grey thread (my greys are always short and wither out after about an inch and a half, which is funny). Grow out my bangs, dye my hair for the first time in over ten years, something. Or maybe I should continue to let Anna Karina (seen here in the movie Anna) be my hair's spirit guide.

I've gathered a handful of images that I want to carry in my head any time that I happen to look at and consider clothing. Of all the pictures that have floated past me over the past months, these are the ones that have proven to be the most memorable. Wool, silk, lace, pleats, bows (and, evidently, long flowing hair).

Vain and Vapid Griffin blouse; just a sweet image from a feature on blush in Gentlewoman issue 2; 
one of my favourite images from Lula issue 10 (not really an everyday look, ok)

Lula pop up shop at The Room at The Bay earlier this year, via dira

So, I want to I work on being faithful to what I truly love, despite my limited resources! I always feel as though I'm all over the place. But now. No distractions, no interludes into what other girls are wearing. We shall see how it goes.

For the record, I don't intend to buy a whole new wardrobe -- I couldn't if I wanted to! This is just about making better choices if and when I do buy something new (or simply "new to me").

I'd love to hear your thoughts -- what are you most drawn to these days? What are your personal dressing goals?


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  1. oh goodness. so many goals. so rarely accomplished. i've had several friends in the past year make remarks to me about how i dress in camouflage colors. i don't think this is supposed to be a compliment. so, in addition to trying to add a bit more variation to my color palette, i'd really love to nail down clothing that makes me comfortable. my childhood reluctance to wear anything that clung too tight to my skin has never worn away and yet i often insist on wearing clothes that offer little in the way of breathing room. going forward i'm hoping to remedy this. one soft item at a time.

  2. Anonymous5.1.11

    Great post! I think it's really important not to be distracted by "what other girls are wearing"; we each have our own budget, weather and lifestyle to fit around but we could always try to be a funner version of ourselves with fashion without trying too hard. BTW, the image from Gentlewoman is AMAZING.

  3. i love that color palette you posted! i think those colors look great on you with your dark hair and creamy complexion.

    as far as my personal dressing goals are concerned i've stopped buying things (for the most part) at disposable places like urban and h&m. i try to only bring natural fibers into my closet now, which is extreeeemely hard when you love vintage as much as i do. also i have been trying to only buy clothes that is made for my body type, another difficult thing when you love vintage and are nearing 6 feet tall with curves.

    whenever i buy something i try to imagine myself wearing it in 5 years. i guess that means i'm more interested in classic pieces and building a wardrobe which definitely means buying less but higher quality items and appreciating them more (with a few crazy weird things mixed in of course, need to keep things interesting).

  4. "I feel like such a fraud when it comes to taste & style." This remark surprises me, since I've been following your blog for a few months now, and it seems to me that you have a VERY defined sense of style - and everything is so beautiful to look at.

    As for me, I'm going to try to make fewer impulse purchases and only buy what I REALLY love. No to fast fashion, yes to high-quality items (even if it means spending more on fewer pieces). I'm drawn both to dusty pastels/neutrals, and to loud primary colors. I'm also a sucker for colorblocking!

  5. This is a terrific post, and I know exactly what you mean. I'm so easily distracted by foolish purchases, but I'm getting better, slowly, mainly through having no money to be frivolous with! Your photographs look like you would quite like to live in springtime all year round – the muted colours are very pretty.

    (P.S. I do love the Gentlewoman, but I find the weird hyphenation in it really unjustifiably irritating!)

  6. as i read this, i'm looking around my desk and seeing almost every color swatch you have here. i'm definitely more partial to grays and peaches with creams and soft navy. i do like the occasional red detail though. (i've been wearing this red sequin heart pin on most of my shirts for the past couple of weeks) i'm also wanting something drastic (maybe!) with my long hair. i think i may dye a piece of it since i really would like to keep the length.

    love this post, btw.

  7. after 10 years of being a goth (no, really), it was a bit hard to break free of the all-black wardrobe, especially since i work a pretty boring job (a teller at a bank) and work clothes are so hard to do right! it's been tough, too, trying to break free of the 'fast-fashion' that seems to be the everyday here, since i'm not always able to spend large amts of money on clothes i truly love. this year i managed to curb spending cash by spending time on blogs, living vicariously through the lives of others (yours included). i'm not sure if that ever helps you at all, but it certainly did me, as i only bought my first items of clothing in 3 months on boxing day (at the bay, of all places?). anyway! thought i'd share, and say thanks for being an awesome blogger with great taste. :)

  8. Perfect timing on this post! Also, great minds - I've had that Stella lace getup and Nadinoo cape on my desktop for ages, as well. I can identify with a lot of what you're saying here, and admire your thought process & approach. The problem I have is that one half of my brain loves muted shades (which look awful on me) and lace, while the other half tends toward simple navy stripes and classic clogs. Trying to meld the two seems impossible (for me, at least) and so I have enough stuff for two closets, crammed in one tiny space. The result, as you might imagine - is not cute. Your post inspires me to (try and) finally figure it all out, though!

  9. Those are all the colors I have painted on the walls of my house. Nice.
    Thanks for reminding me of the term "fast fashion" I'm always stumbling to explain my style habits to people, and using a term like that can help to show that it's like a movement and I'm not the only one who thinks that less is more.
    Happy new year to you.


  10. eek this is like my dream fashion post. I love love love pale everything right now. maybe it is because my ahem, err, boobies wont stop getting bigger, but I find myself beelining towards the flowy pale colored tops anytime i enter a store. My staple outfit is a feminine, pale, loose flowing top with super skinny pants and some lace up boots.

    I love your aesthetic, girl :)

  11. something that has struck me over the not-even-a-year that i've followed your blog is your lack of "fast fashion", & i really like that. i like the way when i find discover things on your blog that they generally lead back to a maker or a small shop. it might not be the way you think of it, but the way you buy things seems quite curatorial (in a loose, selective sense) when it comes to what the item is, where it's from, how it's made, how it fits in with what you like rather than what is "in". i don't think enough people put enough thought into those things, & i'm glad that you do.

    (perhaps this makes no sense, it's been a long day!)

  12. a) i refuse to accept the idea that colouring affects what a person can wear. this may be foolish.

    b) i want to fix all my nice dresses and wear them more.

    c) visible yet well-executed mending (especially darning on knits and woollens) is the new trend i want to start, nurture and champion.

    d) no rules! bright and muted! stripes and prints together! that's how i roll.

    e) thank you for making me think about clothing at all. for a woman partnered with a seriously dapper dude, i am not very good at pulling myself together. and i could be - with no extra effort or expense.

  13. I love how you described gray hairs as sparkle. It's funny how they are always in my bangs. I have very similar hair to you.

    This color scheme is so pretty. I too want to make more conscious decisions on what I purchase. I like pretty clothes and always feel the best in something soft and muted or neutral with the exception of red. I do love red.

    I want the Pixie Adventure cape so much!

  14. I love how honest you seem to be with your posts. But I think you have a amazing taste, its one of the reasons why I follow your blog!

    and you would look darling in Nadinoo's adventure cape!

  15. i made a resolution last year to try and limit what i was buying, and it definitely worked in that i feel like i know my taste now. no matter if stripes are "in" or "out," i'm always going to love them. i too am drawn to muted colors and floral prints.

    i cant wait to see some of the things you buy -- those glasses are lovely.

  16. i don't have a very well-defined "style". actually, i probably do, but i just haven't taken the time to define it clearly. despite that, i share your goals of limiting what i buy and when i do buy, acquiring second-hand, handmade, or high-quality as much as possible. i'm really aiming to make more of my own clothes this year. i had a goal of five garments last year, and didn't quite make that. but, i figure if i make a few each year at least, i'll be headed in the right direction.

    and for the record, i think your style is wonderful and seems so very you.

  17. I think that whatever you decide to do with your hair - you'll look great. I've had my bob style with bangs for years now and was thinking about growing my hair like yours. You wanna switch? :-)
    My only concern with long hair and ponytails is that they'd give me migraine right away. Do you let your hair down often?

  18. hellojenuine totally nailed it.

    i have a few items in my closet that i regret a bit. very much impulse buys. they are all from gift cards too! i don't have the same reluctance when it's not my money. whoops.

    amazing post! <3<3

  19. I am drawn to these colors, also. My wardrobe contains others, but I find myself wearing those clothes less and less. I will leave the brighter things to my husband, who is much more comfortable in them.

    I adore long, grey hair and plan to have it--unless I am lucky enough to get snowy white!

    I wanted to comment on your last post, but my computer was rebelling. Your last post is my very favorite yearly-wrap-up I have ever read, ever. Truly. Just beautiful.

  20. Wow, I've been going through the same thing lately! Wondering about what my style really is, and how it is growing and maturing with me. I haven't landed on the answer just yet. I know I can't dress like a 21 year-old anymore, yet I'm still searching for what my 31 year-old self looks like. Living outside of the city and staying home full-time with children doesn't have to mean suburban stay-at-home mom, right?

  21. i want to work on my style this year as well, really make a point of buying good quality clothes less often which suit me and that i really love. i want to walk out the door each morning feeling good about what i'm wearing while still being comfortable etc.

    i love your colour scheme, i think you're off to an excellent start :)

  22. What a great post <3 I really like bright, insane colors, but I never end up wearing them, and usually end up in more muted or deep colors. I have to say, I always associate pale colors with you! Dusty pinks, and lavenders, and mint green are linked to this blog and you in my mind!

    I love your hair, it is so gorgeous! It's funny how the greys are little weirdos who can't make it, I have a few near my crown that don't seem to last either!

    I've tried to be better about buying things. There's this middle ground I need to find, when considering clothes, about whether I'll really wear it all the time, without holding myself back. It gets hard, because the things I wear most are so random!

  23. My dressing goals are to stop wearing pants that are way too tight around my butt and waist. Why I do this to myself, I do not know. And to iron my clothes before wearing them. I love the lacey outfit in picture #1 and those skinny black pants paired with the silk blouse! I love the rocknroll androgynous look.

  24. My goal is to finally have a consistent wardrobe with clothes that actually work together!
    Like you, I'm still in the process of finding my own style (although I think yours is very clear :), so I've been really putting an effort in being more selective in my shopping.
    No low-cost/low quality stuff, more investment purchases (although that means buying just a pair of things), natural fibers, no impulse buying...
    I'm not saying I was perfect this last year, but I'm getting better!

    My best decision so far was to make a list of items I need to get, at the beggining of each season, making sure every item plays with what I already have, and stick with it.
    It made me think clearly without the temptation of being in a shop with loads of clothes tempting me. :)

  25. data-gypsy. forest kid fashion

  26. This is exactly how I've felt about fashion lately. I also want to pinpoint down what I like, what suits me, and forget about what other girls are wearing! To start out with this goal, I should get rid of the many things in my closet I never wear.

  27. Funny what you say about your style being everywhere... I think your fashion sense is very tidy and nailed down. I actually resort to scrolling through your pictures when I myself am feeling messy, since I think there is a certain crispness to what you've shown.

    I love the colors you posted here. They're so beautiful together. Toward the end of last year I found myself wanting to be smarter with the clothing I buy - I've never been involved in fashion, but like a sense of personal style that reflects what I do and love. I think what's happening here is that we are growing into our bodies, both mentally and physically, and finding our comfort zones, the places we feel secure and beautiful, in what we cover our bodies in. This is a great step to see other people taking or thinking about. Who cares about trends or fashion blogs (outside inspiration palettes)! Stay true to yourself. You're beautiful!

  28. I just recently moved out on my own, and style wise I think it really has helped me to fully come into my own 'personal look'. While I still will look at what other girls are wearing (in envy in most cases) I'm learning to not make a habit of seeing something that someone is wearing and feeling jealous or envious that I'm not wearing it (which is something that used to happen quite frequently). It sounds silly, but I guess I'm starting to realize that not everything suits me, and that I feel much better about myself and my style when I stay true to the aesthetic that I really like. It sounds quite basic and a no brainer, but sometimes its hard getting to that point.
    Good Luck with your style goals! (p.s you don't seem all over the place to me, but just lovely)
    x.x Casie

  29. I really, truly feel like throwing out next to everything I own, setting fire to it in a hobo barrel, and starting fresh. Just about everything I was second hand to begin with, and has been worn, if not actually to death, then into dull apathy. I feel like all those clothes belong to someone else now, not the person I am or the person I want to be.

    Obviously, that is not going to happen for many reasons, but I can at least slowly try and sell most of it off and invest in some new gear (though I know it will be a LONG, painstaking process.) I actually have to admit that, sad as it is, I feel like I've found a way to channel my polyvore obsession into something vaguely resembling a practical use. The more sets I make, the more able I am to step back and see what it is I would be wearing every day if money really were no object. A polyvore stream is like an idealized closet, safe from the natural world, and there I am able to notice what sort of items I "use" repeatedly, what colors I am drawn to, etc. It's starting to help me visualize what it is I would like, and what it is I should be looking for in second hand stores.

    I'm also going to learn how to knit so I can make weird, short, boxy sweaters in thick fuzzy threads...though I probably will end up spending a small fortune on yarn anyways!

  30. It's a great thing that procures a great feeling that is to know yourself. I think dressing is more about personal style than fashion per se, meaning that fashion is there to inspire but should not be oppressive. But...saying all this about knowing yourself etc., you've made me reconsider my two day resolution of growing my bangs out, I think hair-related decisions are the hardest to take! Lately I've been drawn to mixing up bohemian and classic pieces together in order to try to achieve this 'old-fashion artist' look if it makes any sense haha!

  31. I read this with interest, because I seem to be having a bit of a style crisis at the moment ... even on the rare occasion when I have bought a new or vintage item of clothing, I seem to have lost the ability to trust myself or my taste ... I'm not sure what that's all about.

    I adore your colour palette - the kind of soft tones they I love too.
    I'm actually growing my hair at the moment ... well that's the current plan until I change my mind on that too.
    I hope my style muse returns soon ...

  32. I'm also in love with all these pastel colors but I have a favorite color since ever which is red... I love all reds, but I wear mostly black and grey (isn't this sad ?) especially in winter, it must be the weather influence. This winter I found myself loving anouther color and now I have 4 pieces in my wardrobe in this color sort of terracotta/brick color that I match with beige (love beige)... at home there's red and chocolate together with white walls, I like it, I think it's warm.
    As for the hair, maybe you should try anouther Anna Karina's haircut maybe a shorter one, this afternoon I'm goingto the hairdresser too, I'm finally going to try bangles and I'm going to make my hair shorter, I think I'm going to make the same haircut from when I was 5 years old :)

    Like you I haven't bought almost anything this past year, some thrift clothes, some accessories and some jewellery I made and that was it.
    Maybe you should continue with those pastels colors if they are your favorite but you could try to wear some accessories/jewellery in some bolder colors.
    sofia :)

  33. I think in the last few years while exiting my teen years and finding fashion blogs (or more prferrably, personal style blogs?) I might have figured what I like. Another helpful thing is having my bf, so I don't have to dress to impress, if you know what I mean.
    Muted colours work well with my albino-esque colouring, and quiteness. I'm trying to find varied muted colours, as my wardrobe is white/grey/black. I'm gradually weeding out bad clothes. And I've decided that a $10 price tag is not enough justification.
    Also, I'm going to try and make some clothes instead of buying them. It doesn't end up cheaper, but at least I'll improve my skills :)
    I'm sort of over black atm, I think a nice 70s brown perhaps...

  34. I can really relate to feeling like a "fraud" about fashion. For me it comes down to a discrepancy between the ideal wardrobe I'm planning in my head, and all the missteps I make in real life! Sometimes I get bummed that I don't have the kind of body that looks great in clothes (ack, negative thoughts!) or the confidence to pull off a trend. But that just makes it SO MUCH BETTER when I find something that works for me.

    Right now that means embracing the fact that I look and feel more comfortable in a semi-disheveled state: Usually a rumpled chambray shirt or a thin pullover paired with silky pleated pants and low-heeled ankle boots. I don't know why it took me ages to surrender to the things I liked all along...

  35. i've been an avid reader of your blog for some time now and would like to say just how inspirational you are, especially in the things you post. i've listed you in my favourite blogs on my blog. i hope you'll check mine out (shameful plug) and maybe give me some constructive criticism perhaps? keep the blog up and i hope you had a good new year! x

  36. It can be increidbly difficult to make interesting and unique wardrobe desisions whilst staying true to youself. I find that my goal, or my 'dream me' is always change. One minute I was to be a pastel, femenine goddess - they type you seem to be - the next I'm dying to be a hard, edgy Alexander McQueen rock chick.
    That's a beautiful collection of pictures - so ladylike and gentle. Yours blog is very inspirational. I'll be following.
    i have a new post up on my blog. drop by if you like, or follow me – it would make my day! http://sartorialstardom.blogspot.com/
    twitter @cathodgkin

  37. What a lovely post! That color palette is quite inspiring, though I tend to wear more jeweltones, those muted grays and plums and pinks are very appealling, too. I have begun working on building my wardrobe this year. I'm kind of all over the place with clothes and don't really have a focus, but am truly starting to look for better items that will last longer and that I will love to wear for a long time.

  38. I love those colours too, i live in them, they make me feel that little bit happier :) i am in love with the lace shirt and shorts photo, i shall carry it around in my head too and find myself that outfit!

  39. I love all colours, but pastels are absolutely the cutest and classiest, in my opinion. I love those colours you've put together in the palette - so dreamy!
    I'm growing my hair at the moment, it's so frustrating, choosing what to do with hair.

    Really a beautiful blog you keep here. Definitely a new admirer!

  40. That Cape is to die for! Just discovered your blog today... I love it!!! If you have a minute, would love for you to check out mine... stripesandsequins.com

    I look forward to reading more!
    xx Grace

  41. I love your palette Anabela! This post is like a beautiful dream. I love your style.

  42. This is just the epitome of my style, I love everything you posted- the colors, the cuts, the fabrics and patterns. So, so lovely.

  43. I really like the palette. I have to agree with some other commenters and say that your lack of 'fast fashion' is refreshing. I love that I can find something unique from snooping around here (loved the t.o. xmas guides!).

    My style goals are similar to yours. Stick with what I love - rumpled up button downs and straight legs jeans with simple jumpers every now and then. I'm learning to love having a uniform and, thankfully, so far it doesn't feel like I'm stuck in some rut. I purged a lot of things that no longer fit with that and were usually purchased on an 'but it's on sale!' whim. Feels good! Happy new year!

  44. I just saw this watch on Etsy and it brought this post to mind immediately.. you have instilled in me an appreciation of muted tones I never had before, for sure.


  45. I used to be a wearer of really loud colours. I have toned down A LOT.
    In the recent years I have become choosey with my clothes, trying to buy items that I can wear again and again.

    I love the muted colour scheme you posted..nice and soft.

  46. Wow so many comments! I have found myself over the past two years moving into a more muted wardrobe... maybe it was somehow the decision to dress more "adult" that lead me down this path. Whatever that means. I just feel like the muted colours add a more feminine touch... as opposed to loud colours and patterns. I have to admit though, I have a crazy thing for stripes. Maybe this will never go away... we watch way too many old french films here! Thanks for this post... the clothes, hair, everything, so inspiring! I like the simplicity of all of it. Happy new year!

  47. I love your style. You always look so pretty - feminine with just the right pinch of masculine (ie. your wonderful glasses) to set it all off. I can definitely see you in each of your inspiration photos and in those beautiful colours as well. I feel like my style is kind of all over the place, but starting to come together as I get older. I'm trying to be less impulsive with my choices and think more long-term and also think back to what elements have always appealed to me or I have always identified with somehow. This seems to be a sentiment echoed by most of the commenters. I got some great basics this past fall, and I feel more satisfied with my wardrobe than ever and less restless about it. Hopefully that will help keep my shopping in check for a while, and it will be a matter of building on the foundation, rather than changing what I wear based on a whim.

  48. i love muted colors too! that cape is great - really everything you put on here is great. my goals, as usual, are to dress on a budget... because i have to. but that makes it exciting! (:

  49. I love that colour palette you posted. I think that sky/pastel blue is close to my room colour.
    I've decided to go through my wardrobe before the new year and donated all the stuff I never wear/stopped wearing. this year is change for me. Purchasing new things, but ones that will last though the years. Creating a real, wearable wardrobe. Good luck with yours Anabela! :)

  50. my personal dressing has become much more personal as of late. It's easy to feel pressure in the blogging worled to be really creative and crazy with what you put on, but I'm really trying to wear what I feel most comfortable in. Which, lately has been very 70's inspired. Long, draped, and comfortable.

    the images you posted are beautiful! I'm loving muted colors lately too!