swan song

Last week Geoff noticed that our Yashica Electro camera still had some film in it, so we decided to go for a walk and finish off the roll. I'm trying to get over my reluctance to take portraits, and luckily Geoff isn't as camera shy as I am. I'm happy with this one, even if I cut off his head -- it almost has that "standing in front of a blue screen" look that portrait lenses create (but without actually using a portrait lens).

Geoff's bag is from Wood & Faulk; it was his Christmas present from me. It feels good to give someone a present that is so wonderful.

As much as I love this camera, which has taken some really nice pictures, we've decided to offer it (and a few others including a brown SX-70) for sale at the Love & Rummage show at The Workroom on February 6. Our camera collection has gotten out of hand.


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  1. Great photos! Maybe you and I could have a chat at Love & Rummage about what a reluctant and clueless photographer (me) should do to become a more proactive and less clueless. I think, for a start, it would help to have something that will make picture taking fun and am considering an Intax Mini, but I'm open to other ideas!

  2. these photos are beautiful anabela!
    you should take more portraits.

  3. I love these photographs. They make me feel that I could possibly not hate winter. So beautiful.

  4. excellent photos...hoping you'll take more!

  5. It has taken some amazing photos! I'm shocked to hear you're selling your SX-70, I wish I could be at that sale, but for now I'm just going to have to keep scouring eBay for a decently priced one! x

  6. It's hard deciding which ones to give away. But the photos are beautiful--I love the tones.

  7. Cute photos. I love a good man bag :) so european right?

  8. geoff is so handsome! you two are perfect for each other.

  9. These photos literally had me staring at them for at least two minutes. There is just nothing like film.

  10. The colours are so lovely and compelling. I know what you mean about out-of-hand camera collections, my housemate has nearly 200 kicking about, crammed on shelves...most of them don't work, I'm sure, and he will never get around to finding out!

  11. lovely portrait! incredible depth of field.

    i also have way too many cameras in my collection. good luck letting go of some!

  12. First time in your blog and i absolutely in love with your amazing photography skills! This picture is a beau. The natural colours, the snow, perfect. :-)

  13. I like the head chopp off. It works well to close the image off. Great photos. i love my Yashica! x

  14. Great photo. May I ask where geoff got his coat from. I live in the UK and so the chance of finding the same one are almost zero but still my partner has been searching for one exactly like that:)

  15. I really love Geoff's bag. And my husband does too! You have really great eyes for nice presents. I'm thinking of getting one for my husband for Valentine's. Thanks for sharing. Great great picture, btw ;)

  16. Oh my gosh, I love that bag !
    I now know what I am getting my boyfriend for Valentine's Day !

    - Mari