eternal spring & maypoles

If I could live in eternal springtime, I would. I would probably miss certain types of snowfalls, crisp autumn days, and the sultriness of summer, but it would all be worth it to live out my days surrounded by flowers in bloom and that fantastic spring light (although I am conveniently forgetting about the rain & damp that can come with springtime -- rain & damp make me cringe in a way that no other weather does, although, of course, I recognize how necessary rain is).

This stereoview card that I have had in my possession for a year was the main inspiration for the spring line that Geoff and I are working on. I think this card is one of the most beautiful things I own. I know that maypoles have a funny Renaissance Faire association in many people's minds, but I think they are so pretty, and if you've ever braided ribbons while dancing around one, you know how fun they are (I speak from experience). Maybe I'll erect one in my backyard this spring, or attach ribbons to the tetherball pole in Dufferin Grove Park. Just doing my part to make maypoles the new teepees.

I will share the completed spring items with you here just as soon as my fingers can make them! I am a little nervous about how they will be received, of course, but in the end I love them wholeheartedly.

For now I will dream of spring with the help of these images from others, with thanks.

1. hannahkristinametz, 2. little glowing lights, 3. emersonmerrick, 4. pearled,  5. me, 6. adriano sodrĂ©


danielle and dinosaur toes: Oh wow, amazing! Especially amazing that it still works, when I suspect my record player will have a lifespan of approximately 2 years, ha.

Elise / Pennyweight: That sounds so nice! I wish I had mine at hand.

esme and the lane way: Thank you!

Terri: Oh, I know! And it's still going strong.

Rizie: Nice! I can't wait to get Geoff's parents' Fleetwood Mac records (they're not listening to them!).

Erica: Yes, yes yes!

Rachel Anastasia: I was just going through my Flickr favourites and I had added a picture Anja took of your framed Heart album as a favourite! Totally frameworthy.

Matt at Wood and Faulk: Thanks, Matt! Definitely nice to have something portable since we don't have a spot for a receiver, etc., in the living room, where we spend most of our time.

Beth: Haha, you made me laugh. I will definitely go to Criminal! I did get a couple of great records at Rotate This the other day, but I do want to see what Criminal's got.

elle :: diana mini love: It's hard to say! I think it's great for the price and I love how portable it is, but I'm a little weary of the quality. I'm not even sure what the warranty is like, ha! But it's pretty and portable and sounds just fine to me. Let me know what you end up doing!

Jo: Thank you! And yes, it is so nice to have a record player again.

kelli ann: Oh, nice! Okay, let's be friends! Haha.

Jen: I hope you get yours fixed! And no, I hadn't seen that website before -- thanks for the hot tip!

Siubhan: I definitely agree about the film camera comparison! I think you're completely right. And yes! February is almost over!

vanessa: That sounds pretty amazing. There are so many old records out there to discover, for a few dollars only. Thank you for the sweet wishes!

Kate: Oh no, buddy! Sorry about that. I hope you get them back over time.

Claire: Oh yes, sneak in! Haha.

If Jane: Ha! Hardly!

annie: Thank you! I hope you can get one, they're so great.

popcornsnaps: Lucky you! And you sound as though you are the most thoughtful of friends. Those are excellent gifts indeed.

Tracey: "Our Anniversary" is a favourite of mine as well!

neonfoxtongue: Thank you! I keep forgetting and sometimes drop and raise the arm without using the lever... yikes! Old habits (reaaaaaally old habits, from when I was a kid!).

Jessica: Yeah, nice job, Geoff!

hellojen: Thank you, and I hope you're feeling better! Not much of February left, thankfully.

marissa (stylebook): Yes! I didn't find a cheap copy of PC&L but I did get Substance and that's pretty great.

kater: Yes! That's exactly it! It fills the room. And yes, you should feel proud of that repair, lady! High fives.

amy w - over and under: It's not that strange! But it is a really great feeling. I missed it for so long, so I hope you can experience it soon.

CARLY WAITO: Hey, thanks to you! Yeah, it works just fine but I was a little weary once it started spinning -- so flimsy! That's funny about the records you own, because I'm pretty sure I had an Eric's Trip 7" back in the day, and I've suddenly decided I want the first Elevator to Hell album more than anything. Oooh, I wish I could buy you one as a birthday present! It's really a great record player, and I'm so happy that I was able to get it. We've been using it every night, and it's kicked off a whole new obsession that was dormant for a while.

Sarah: Aw, that's sweet of you to say. I keep hearing about record stores just like that one! I went to a handful over the weekend and did not find a single copy of Dreamboat Annie. I was shocked!

Darcy: It's true! Kate Bush is all you need. Haha. Actually, I have a copy of Lionheart and as much as I love Kate, I really really have to be in the mood for it.

Rosie: Oh nice! And yes, Bill Callahan is a dream.

Lexie, Little Boat: Oh, dad! That's so nice! I want to build a little Bowie collection myself.

Jazzy E (hivennn): Thank you!

Tiffany: That sounds really nice.

seaing: I think some of them still do! There is hope yet.

Rizie: Yes, I plan to!

anabella: Record player (and name) twins!

amanda jane: Oh, you'll have to let me know if you took the plunge!

celine: It is so nice!

erica-knits: Aw, sounds like it might be time for you to get one of your own! Does that mean that you never got to experience the glory of cassette tapes? Oh no!

Mon Petit Fantome: You're the best. And ha! Of course you have the black one!

hila: Oh, nice! I hope you found it!

TRICOT ROUGE: Thanks, lady! Does your band have LPs?

Galit: Oh, I hope you can get one. I've really been enjoying mine quite a bit.

carissa: Thank you! And yes, such a great record.

HomeCollection.: Yes! So exciting to have a new record to look forward to.

Ashley Ording: Silly Donut! I hope you can get it fixed or replaced!

Courtney: Yes, in the northern hemisphere it is really not the best month. We hear so much great stuff coming from downstairs (lots of laughter) -- can't complain!

tschitschi: Thank you!

Cassidy: Oh yes, it is really special.

Big Dadddy: Thank you!

Camille: I haven't seen The Walkmen live! I have seen Mojave 3 live a few times, though, ages ago, and possibly even Neil Halstead solo... For a long time I wrote off The Walkmen and though


  1. Flowers get me so excited for spring time!! I so can't wait!!

  2. I love maypoles, we used to do it at school when we were tiny!

  3. Yes yes maypoles! The nephews go to Waldorf and they always have a big maypole fest (ummm, a little weird now that I think of it) but it's adorable and sweet and such an amazing herald of spring.

  4. Haha! Oh I experienced cassette tapes, my car at home (my sister's now) only has a tape player. I used to make an awesome teenage-emo mixtape. ;) I should get a record player! I can't wait to see the full spring line. This collection of images definitely has me longing for spring!

  5. What a beautiful post! I've been reading your blog for a while, and it's always lovely - but this is extra-lovely.

  6. Anonymous22.2.11

    I'm so excited for spring as well!
    And I second that love for maypoles!


  7. beautiful post! spring is my favorite too!

  8. maypoles the new teepees! too perfect. made me laugh. I will help you on your mission, just say the word.

  9. Beautiful photo. I think that's a wonderful idea, to set up a maypole or decorate the thetherball pole. I remmeber doing that in middle school. So excited to see what you and your man have been working on!<3

  10. Did you ever celebrate May Day with May baskets? May baskets are small baskets of flowers and/or candy - you leave them on someone's doorstep, ring their doorbell and then run. It was the best holiday but I never see anyone observe it now that I'm an adult.

  11. a couple years ago i twisted my ankle as i bounded off our porch in pure excitement to inspect all the spring buds + flowering branches. we had just gotten our canon rebel + i was itching to play with it. at the time of the fall it was in my hands and i fell off the steps and craned to save it. (like a football player catching the ball). so yeh, now i walk carefully amidst the blooms + buds. it's too much to take in. one can lose oneself. beautiful post! perfect timing.

  12. HURRAH! i fully support your love of maypoles! can't wait to see what you have in store for spring!

  13. Such a lovely inspirational post. I love daydreaming of springtime and flowers in bloom! I visited a beautiful old greenhouse recently (which was awesome and smelled & felt sooo good) but I'm anxious to go back when there are more colors than just green! I love your stereoview card. Can't wait to see what you've been working on!

  14. i like your photo of the cherry/apple/plum? blossoms the best!
    if anyone should have a maypole in their backyard, it is you! i can see it now; all peaches, and white, and gold!

  15. Beautiful and romantic... makes me want to travel!

  16. Gorgeous! I think this is the time of year that I do the most summoning. I need to reassure myself that it will all soon be a reality. I think I would always choose fall though, because the light hits that perfect angle and the gardens are still in bloom, especially in Toronto. Transitional seasons, in general, are the best I think. It's so lovely to wake up and actively perceive changes in the air, the light, the smells.

  17. Dreamy springtime photos - I love them all and can't wait for a real taste of the season!

  18. Such a wonderful post and very inspiring pictures! I also wish I could live in eternal springtime right now. I also love maypoles - they are very romantic! When I was a child I used to pick a lot of wild flowers in the early summer so I could create a little maypole to have in my parents garden :)

    I really look forward to see the spring line that you are working on :)

  19. I stopped by your blog for a visit and I fell in love! Beautiful photos, Jennifer

  20. I think with the current bout of heat-wave we're having in Australia, anything that remotely suggests summer or spring is not ideal for me. I wish warm weather was as pretty as these images! I really really love the last image the most - it's so nostalgic.

  21. I've never experienced a Maypole in person, but it sounds amazing! And sn, also never heard of May Day but it sounds so amazing! I'll try doing something like that this year!

  22. Anonymous8.3.11

    Wow I love the photo of the flowers wrapped in paper!