a farewell brunch

Since, as of today, the Hoof Café is closed and will re-open as a restaurant that no longer serves brunch, Katie and I went there on Friday to bid it adieu. We split three dishes (spot prawns with grits, pictured here; crepes; scrapple), as well as dessert. It was delicious, it was lovely, it was the perfect thing to do on a grey February morning. Goodbye to the best brunch in the city, hello to a really wonderful new brunch pal! Girls who have blogs always have cameras in their bags, and I can't wait to see what Katie's cat camera will produce.

If you can believe it, we were so full that we couldn't finish that lemon tart with the most perfect meringue and boiled sugar over top.

Now, let's all discuss how cute Katie's hair and nails are.


Emily: Yes! I finally checked it out the other day. Cute, cute, cute.


Twiggs: I wish I were better at saying no!

alyson: Ah yes, I thought you might have one! They are so pretty.

Elena: Me too!

Ayalah: It just never ends. I like the boots too!

If Jane: Ha!

Diana: It's true. Once I own something, I quickly start to hate it.

Previously Owned: I'm wearing my Warby Parkers at the moment... love them! I hope you can get some new vision. I love being able to see properly, ha!

Gillian: I've seen the Pashleys but I think they are a bit heavy-looking -- if I get a new bike I'm going to have to carry it up a flight of stairs every day! There are lots of bike shops in Toronto that sell really nice vintage-looking bikes (that are generally $500+ new). Bikes on Wheels in Kensington, Sweet Pete's, Curbside... I'm sure you'd have better luck scoring a nice vintage bike for a decent price in Guelph rather than in Toronto!

Marinka: I agree, so nice!

avalonne hall: Wow, six! I have three and I think I want one more but I keep telling myself that that is crazy. But I do so love these Monroes although they are only ever-so-slightly different than my vintage rounded pair (different markings, slightly smaller...). Sigh.

bigBANG studio: Well, Katie (pictured above) has them and told me that they recently made her nearly pass out from pain but that was because she wore them for 10+ straight, standing on her feet, and she rarely wears shoes with a heel. And they were not fun to break in. But. I have tried wooden-heeled shoes and they were fine! The ones I had were stacked in the front and I could stand comfortably in them for a few hours before the pain set in. They have a bit of rubber on the bottom so I'm sure that helps.

Lexie, Little Boat: Yes, it's time! Luckily you can do the at-home try-on... they're great glasses! Good luck! I can't wait to see which ones you pick.

Hannah Percyowl: Ha! That's true. I live in fear of the day that I'm going to have to pack up my apartment with all the extraneous junk I have picked up over the years.

Jane Flanagan: Oh, Janey! I wish you were my rich aunty (even though we're almost the same age)! I really love that, though. I do!

Petra C.: I know! They are not cheap. I indulged! I found them super cheap (well, "cheap") online... yikes!

april: I DO! I do need a new bike to replace my heap! I know what you mean about the boots, but I just love clogs. I love clunky shoes! I guess?

nikaela marie: Oh, probably not the definition of modern life, but it is definitely a part of modern life to be constantly assaulted with images of things we don't really need... although no doubt the lust for things we can't have isn't new. And yes, definitely healthy, ha!

eri: I tried it on the other day! I just love that rucksack -- good choice! But I went in for the boots. I found them for half off online. Here's hoping I'll love them.

Claire * Lola Is Beauty: Yes. I have a little fantasy of traipsing around London with one in May. But if I should like to eat while in London, I should probably not buy it.

Sarah said... Oh. Those Swedish Hasbeens. Do you know if there's some canadian/US place that sells them so I dont have to pay $50 for shipping? 25.2.11

Casie Jean: Hi Casie! Thanks so much! Ooh, I hope you can get the record player! Ours is well used at our house.

Anonymous: I actually did too! What a great price! I still feel very guilty about it, though.

beth: I'm wearing mine at the moment. Love 'em.

hila: Ha, thanks for that! And you look lovely in the glasses you do wear.

danica: Unrequited! Although I did indulge in the boots (with a very large helping of guilt, oh dear).

m.: Yes. For me it's so difficult to confess to others that I indulged. It's horrid! I feel awful about it.

máni: I thought so too!

Sarahbeth: 2 years! If you still want something after that long I think you need to have it. But maybe that is not what you want to hear right now.

evencleveland: Yes, exactly! They just say "spring." My poor heap of a bike is stuck in a snowbank in the yard, growing yet another coat of rust, and I just want to put it out of its misery.


  1. Mmm, grits and spot prawns? All of this food looks amazing! Your blog always makes me wish I lived closer to Toronto.

  2. That looks like fun!! I love her hair and nails, of course. And her sweater as well!

  3. oh i like this wallpaper ... ducks, right?


  4. you ate scrapple? I thought that was just a rural PA thing. They make it local and sell it at the stores here, but it totally creeps me out. Never say never I guess!

  5. looks like such fun. this is what weekends should include!

  6. We just went there for the last time too last week. It's so sad to see The Hoof Cafe closes!! I should have tried the Lemon Tart, it looks so delicious.

  7. That's so sad! I'm always traumatized when my fave restaurants change their menu or service times! The lemon tart looks delicious btw. Lemon is my happy fruit, makes me think of warmer weather (wherever that's at)! I've been eating the lemon + ricotta croissants at my local bakeshop with reckless abandon. I blame the terrible weather.

  8. I loved The Hoof Cafe so much! I actually tried the spot prawns and grits during my farewell trip because you and Katie talked them up so much (and for good reason, I discovered). I've also had a taste of the lemon tart and think that it's divine. I'm sad to see that place go.

  9. You girls are so cute! I need that camera, and also one of those tasty looking tarts.

  10. awwwwww, Anabela! What a time we had - I can't believe we couldn't finish the tart! Where to next?

  11. the nails!
    oh my gosh.
    and the dessert.

  12. jealous! that looks like the best brunch ever.

  13. looks like such a lovely time..how sad that they're not serving brunch anymore. and yes, i agree, that hair & those nails are just marvelous!

  14. Yes indeed, truly adorable hair - and it sort of looks she could have a cat-face haha, which is awesome of course :D
    And I'm guessing the reason they designed the camera that way >.>

  15. I love your friend's sweater and camera. and brunch! why would a restaurant stop serving brunch, the most greatest time/food to eat.

  16. looks so yummy. i was heartbroken when my favorite neighborhood restaurant/brunch place plain shut down. there are a slew of really bad or mediocre places still open in the 2 years since my favorite place closed. sigh...

  17. Anonymous1.3.11

    cute camera!

  18. interesting take on the multi-coloured nails. i'm a subtle kinda gal and i have shied away from ever doing that, but this is a spin on that with the muted colours and i love it! this is why i love blogs: inspiration and good ol' fashioned fun.

  19. i couldn't imagine a more lovely brunch with two more delightful ladies. also, katie's hair is amazing!

  20. Hi!
    I really love your blog!
    I'm french and I live in Melbourne,if you want to follow my on my blog it will be a pleasure for me :)

  21. I'm so sad I never got to experience the Hoof Cafe brunch! Grits and prawns sounds like my dream meal, anytime of day! And omg you had scrapple?! What's it like?!

  22. things i love here:
    - lipstick on the mug
    - leaf on the meringue
    - nails
    - bangs
    - lovely muted greys

    you capture such beautiful moments!

  23. You didn't finish! My goodness. I hope you took it home - it looks so tasty. Katie has the fringe of my dreams! And the nail colour collection of my dreams too as it happens actually - they're so sweet. Lovely pictures as ever!

  24. Yum!!! Yes, Katie's nails and fringe are tres cute! I love her cat camera

    x Vanessa

  25. Anonymous6.3.11

    oh my, such cute pictures..

  26. what a qute camera! i really love your shop, and just discovered your blog. i like your taste!

    love from sweden,

  27. oooh, looks like such a fun time! pretty photos

  28. Really cool blog!
    The cake on the last picture looks so yummy! :)