love and rummage 3

Thank you, everyone! Sunday was wonderful. It was so nice to see friends & to meet some of you for the first time (although I have to apologize again to the person who asked about the Yashica Electro -- we decided to keep it. I'm sorry!). It was such a busy day that I didn't get to speak properly to a lot of you, but thank you, thank you. Our pencils are all gone but I've ordered more -- thank you all for your enthusaism for them!

Since it wasn't on my to-do list leading up to the show, I didn't have the chance to think about details such as what I would wear and what camera to bring. We wound up bringing only a Rollei black & white disposable camera. I hadn't used one before and wasn't sure what to expect, but once we got the pictures back I realized that the ones taken with flash look really creepy! Lesson learned. These were the only ones that I liked enough to share (taken closest to the window): the top is part of our table with a little spray of flowers from Coriander Girl, and the bottom is our wicker trunk (purchased from The Arthur) alongside our sweet neighbour Bookhou's table.

Karyn has some lovely photos here, and Bre has a few here.

I was thrilled that people liked the purposely generic love cards that Geoff illustrated, painted, and printed. We're not offering them online at the moment but they are available at Kid Icarus.

In other news, this little kitten (who now weighs 6.5 pounds) is going to get fixed tomorrow. I'll spend my evening tonight holding her close.


Amy: Thank you! And yes, I've always been pretty crazy about office supplies and I used to love trading pens and pencils with friends to get fun ones!

Twiggs: Thank you! I would love to go to Lisbon myself.

neonfoxtongue: I don't know if you got a pencil or not, but it was nice to see you on Sunday!

Wayside Violet: Thank you! Maybe I'll be able to send you one when I get more.

Alison: That sounds like a pretty incredible machine, wow! Your pencils are so cute, and I'm so glad you like the tote!

Victoria / Cats Dreaming in Keylime: Sounds perfect!

B: Thank you! The ribbon is actually just twill tape that I printed myself with a Gocco. I'm pretty satisfied with it.

e: No, we don't get Muji! Geoff bought those pencil crayons in New York.

Katie: Thank you! And yes, fresh pencils are great! I love sharpening pencils for the first time.

kater: I'll have to send you one! I find that I use pencils more often than pens. And thank you -- so glad you like my kitty pictures.

hayden: Aw, thank you!

Tanya: Thank you, Tanya! So nice to meet you on Sunday and I'm glad you got a pencil!

s/w: Wow, thanks so much!

Sharks Keep Moving: Thank you! I wish you could too!

sweetie pie press: Did you get a pencil? Or at least a look at them? I would probably be a worse poet than you would be!

Darcy: That's awesome! And thank you!

etre-soi: Thank you!

elle :: diana mini love: Thank you! It was lovely!

Melissa: Oh wow, thank you for your sweet words.

Shokoofeh: I wish you could too!

Ceady: Thanks!

vivalabroma: I got mine here: http://www.uniq-exp.com/pages/pencils.html But if you search for "custom pencils" or "personalized pencils" there are many options, particularly if you live in the US.

Gillian: Thank you! Oh, that's too bad. Next time!

alice: Thanks!

bigBANG studio: Oh how sweet, thank you!

madi: Yes! Love that Muji.

in dreams: Thank you! Thanks for coming! I know, I didn't expect it to be so crowded! So nice to meet you, though!

sara: Thanks! Yes, they are great, aren't they? Fun.

Lexie, Little Boat: Thanks, Lexie! Every time we do something like this my brain goes into overdrive thinking about how to do it better.

Sarah: Thank you so much! Maybe I'll just have to come out to you at some point.

danielle and dinosaur toes: Oh, nice way to see it! Thank you! I wish you were close enough too!

Hetterson: Thanks! Do it! Then send me one! Haha, just kidding. Hey, I had a dream about you last night! But I don't remember the details.

Coriander Girl: Oh you, such a charmer! So wonderful to see you on Sunday and I can't wait for future Coriander Girl flower bunches. SO beautiful!

Camilou: Yes, me too! I used to wander away from my parents in the grocery store to go stand in front of the tiny, token stationery section. Office supplies 4 life!

Kayla: I got mine here: http://www.uniq-exp.com/pages/pencils.html There are lots of options online if you live in the US, though. I find a lot of companies won't ship to Canada.

sunkentreasure: I'll have to send you one if we do our trade!

Sanne: Thank you!

Rosie: Thanks!

Matt at Wood and Faulk: Thank you for the reminder!

Lisa: Thank you! I'm actually not too sure about the settings I use but I use a nice, bright 50mm lens. We're lucky to have a very sunny apartment with lots of natural light.


  1. glad it was a success, your space looks lovely! i'll think good thoughts for pony tomorrow, poor little baby.

    sidenote: i just weighed my cat muffin and he's 15 pounds!!!!

  2. your set up looks lovely. aww, pony's growing up. look at that fluffy tail!

  3. I liked how they turned out
    so much fun chatting with you

  4. aha! I knew you would end up keeping the yashica.
    And I'm glad you did, because it's too good to sell. :)

  5. Good luck Pony! Lula and I shall be thinking of you! x

  6. Oh I missed out on your lovely totes!!! Perhaps another time.
    For some reason I thought it to be invite only to come to it and buy things, was it Anabela?

  7. I love looking at people's show displays, yours looks beautiful and I love the details like flowers on the table! I have a hard enough time remembering all the necessities!
    I really like using disposable cameras - I travelled out west with a number of them in the autumn and really love how they forced me to not over-think what I was doing. Now I've taken to carrying one with me all the time because they are so small and easy. But I've never seen a black and white one! But yes, I can see they might not be the most versatile for indoors and such situations...

  8. can't believe i didn't nab a pencil off the top!

  9. Just saw you on the front page of ETSY. The tote bag to be specific. Glad to hear Pony is doing well, her sister is also off to be spayed in the next week or so. It seems one really can have too many kittens...

  10. Beautiful photos!
    Lovely set up and space you have there :)

  11. your set up looks gorgeous!

  12. that cat photo is really special.

  13. It was so nice to see you. You and Geoff are such sweet and inspirational souls. I have the kitten card on display in my living room right now, and I feel special carrying the Kate Bush-inspired tote bag.

  14. what beautiful items, i wish i could have made the trip over :(

  15. Love these shots, great presentation!
    Wish I'd known about it before, would have come by.


  16. all of it looks great! (too bad you didn't have a little pop up thingie in montreal!)

  17. Yey! I can comment again, I was having trouble with it before, all of my profiles are out of sync or I don't know what. I love the pencils. And pony will be fine :) I get so scared though when I see a kitty newly out of surgery with their huge pupils. I wish I was on the east coast so I could join in the selling fun. Big sigh.

  18. Wow it looks like a great set up with some really cute stuff!