snow day

I enjoyed a self-appointed snow day yesterday. A sweet, quiet day, preparing for Love & Rummage 3, hanging out with some pretty sleepy cats.

Cat whisker jar for good luck.

I don't actually own a record player anymore but when Eva told me that she had a vinyl copy of Nancy & Lee at her shop, I had to have it. I hope to acquire a simple portable record player in the next little while -- if only I still had all those records I bought when I was in high school. Anyhow, Nancy & Lee and Colour Green by Sibylle Baier make up the perfect soundtrack to a snow day, although music files aren't photogenic.


carly: Thank you!

Verhext: Well, I do find my home to be very peaceful and calm, except when there is clutter everywhere and a crazed kitten running around!

Emerson Merrick: Ooh, you should definitely sniff Violet/Leather! I just love it. Violet is such a beautiful name.

Jane Flanagan: Thank you! I'll have to investigate Caudalie. You always know about good beauty products.

erin: Thank you! That little camera is indeed sweet.

isabelle: Thank you!

Erandi: Thank you! I actually use Clinique sometimes as well! Geoff's mom only uses Clinique and sometimes she passes along the extras she gets in special offer kits.

Bantik: Sometimes! Not always! I don't show the messy parts.

s/w: Aw, I'm sorry! Or should I be flattered? I don't want to be about product placement, ha!

Ella: Oh yes, I've heard Dr Hauschka products are great! Thank you!

neonfoxtongue: Yeah. I mean, even though writing it out sometimes feels like drudgery, I think it's worth it. So far so good! I haven't tried anything else from that shop except the pomegranate soap, which is great! Really nice and sudsy and not drying.

Lexie, Little Boat: Oh you, I'm sure your photos are lovely!

Twiggs: Thanks for your sweet comment!

Amanda: Thank you! If you do get it, I hope you will enjoy it.

iris: I think it's a great idea too! I had the three year diary but I never kept it up.

katie: I'm glad you enjoyed it!

K.: Oh yes, O-Check makes beautiful things.

Beckerman Girls: Thanks, ladies! Toronto is the best.

Love Your Way: Thank you! Oh yes, I know exactly what you mean about the velvet-like quality of certain moisturizers! I love that feeling.

erica-knits: Thanks, girl! Erin told me you got Valens, I think? Hope you love it! I don't read GOOP but I looked it up -- she's totally right about Klorane, that shampoo is the best and I wish it were more readily available here.

Hannah Percyowl: Oh, how exciting -- new glasses are so fun! And yes, I agree. I like remembering small details but unfortunately my brain can only handle so many of them.

ottoman: I know exactly what you mean! I do have to comfort myself with the thought that there will be something new, and that maybe when it's over, I'll be ready to move on anyhow. I hope so, anyhow!

Suzy: Oh, amazing! So glad I could reunite you with the name of the brand. They make great things!

Jen: Thanks, lady! Hope you get some flowery chocolate to nibble on.

danica: Thank you! I do really love those glasses although I caught myself in the mirror yesterday and thought of Nana Mouskouri. Maybe not necessarily a bad thing...

hila: I'm glad you like my photos -- that white table of mine is very handy! I use it all the time for photos. Thank you!

Ella: Thanks for the suggestion!

christy: Oh, I hope you like them! The charcoal soap is a bit messy in my white bathroom but I really love it.

WSAKE: Thank you, what a sweet comment!

Courtney: It's true! You never know when inspiration will strike.

Tracey: Thank you! I'm glad we have some things in common!

Juli: Thanks, married lady! Ooof, I didn't realize that about Vichy. I got talked into buying it and didn't really look into it. I thought it was just its own company from France, where animal testing isn't as common. Thanks for reminding me about Mario Badescu -- I ordered the samples a while ago and forgot!

Maria: Thank you!

Terhi: Thanks! I don't know if the glasses are in fashion, I just like them!

Sitting In A Tree Kissing: Thanks, I'm glad you like them!

Camille: Oh, hmm, good idea! I actually really like UHT milk. Thanks!

Emma at The Marion House Book: If you stop by, I hope you like it! I just re-sniffed my wrist.

Taryn: Thanks so much for your sweet comments! Good luck with the glasses hunt -- I know it can be a tough one.

Cybelle e Fabi: Thank you!

miss sophie: Thank you! That is quite a compliment!

andrea: I'm not sure if I can actually pull them off but I try! Thank you!

Katyha: Thank you!

Blair: Thank you! It feels so good to make your own things, doesn't it?

Emanii: Thanks so much!

Camilou: Thank you, Camilou! And yes, the "scent jackpot" is the perfect way to describe it. Oh, the perfume you described sounds incredible, and I know what you mean about sniffing your wrist for the rest of the day -- that's what happened with me and the OLO! And yes, O-Check excels at minimalism and fetching fonts!

avalonne lou summers: Thank you -- I'm so glad you enjoy them! I hope you love your Fillmores. I don't wear mine as often as I wear my vintage pairs these days, but I still love them and credit them with helping me get used to glasses again. I hope you will enjoy that little camera, too!


  1. Your tote tags look great! And the whisker jar is just too sweet.

  2. I got that record for Andrew a few years ago. We also don't have a record player to actually listen to it.
    ha ha.

  3. I want a snow day like this... what pretty pretty pictures! The cat whisker jar made me smile.

  4. a relaxing snow day sounds so nice.

    and omg... I had a cat whisker jar when I was a kid!! I thought I was the only one. :)

  5. I thought I was the only one who collected whiskers!! In fact, it's somewhat of a tradition in my family - we have a whisker box with whiskers dating back to the early '90s, from cats that have died years ago. They're just wonderful.

  6. Aw, oh my gosh, a whisker jar! Sounds like the best idea ever. When I get my kitty, I'll start doing that too. Ooh, can't wait.

  7. annie R3.2.11

    Whisker Jar! Sam has one too. Rather, he did. However, we adopted another cat this week (Gordon, he's orange and long and looks like a fox), and while he was exploring the bathroom, he knocked the whisker jar on the floor, smashing it to pieces. I was kneeling on the bathroom floor at 3:30am, trying to find among porcelain shards and the remains of a potted plant, the whiskers Sam has collected over the years. There's talk of doing something crafty with them and calling the company Whiskcraft. The moral of my story is: put a lid on that thing and keep it away from kittens. I think they think it's weird.

  8. as always, beautiful serene photos...

  9. i am SO excited for love+rummage!! i even started using my ical this weekend just so i could pencil it in (i just recently got a mac, and i'm just learning its awesomeness). see you there! :)

  10. oh, what sweet photos!

  11. your world gets more and more beautiful each time i stop by. i LOVE these shots.

  12. snow days are the best. they are like sick days because you have to stay indoors, drink hot beverages and relax, but you feel well!! hope you get to squeeze in a few more. ps. where's oreo been hiding?

  13. I did get Valens. It's great, quite spicy. Looking forward to Love & Rummage! I'll be there right at the start. :)

  14. When ever I read your blog I seem to get a feeling of calmness. The pictures are perfect

  15. Hey!
    I have a great shopping tip for you: As cute as the Urban Outfitters portable record players are, I have heard they are not the best quality.

    However, if you got to Criminal records on Queen they will sell you a great new record player (that won't ruin your vintage records) for around the same price as a big box store or UO would BUT They will throw in a gift certificate for new vinyl. They are our fave record store in town for this (and a number of other) reason(s).

  16. I so look forward to your posts every week. They're so soothing and the color palette of your life is completely perfect. I think its actually snowing here in Austin, TX. And all of a sudden too! As for record players, you should try to find yourself a Fischer Price one. They play beautifully for being a "toy" and can usually be purchased for less than $20.

  17. i am currently sweltering from the heat and would love a snow day. i've said it before (and will continue doing so) - gorgeous, gorgeous images, anabela.

    p.s i laughed when i read your previous reply, as my mother has told me that i look like nana mouskouri on occasions. it's obviously the dark hair and glasses look that does it:)

  18. i could really do with a snow day, if only so i could spare everyone around me my complaints about the heat.

    i've been thinking about record players ever since we had that convo on twitter, and i unearthed my dad's old wooden veneered one from the seventies (including amp + speakers.) everything works perfectly except the record player, the needle seems to be busted. now i can't decide whether it's worth it to get it fixed, because i don't actually have any old (or new) records to play on it.

    that didn't stop me from spending a lengthy amount of time on amazon checking out all the awesome music you can buy on record - arcade fire, the shins, mumford & sons, phoenix... basically all my favourites.

    i did hook my ipod up to his system though, and now i'm enjoying the best seventies music system that sounds about 10,000 x better than my ipod speakers. unsurprisingly.

    let us know when/if you eventually find a record player, though!

  19. Beautiful tags and photos. Sounds like a lovely snow day.

  20. such a lovely snowy day - are all of those feathers from a peacock? i´m currently searching for those little ones in exactly this shade of colour...

  21. I thought I was the only one who kept their kitty's whiskers, I'm glad I'm not, I just hate the idea of throwing them away :)

  22. oh nancy and lee--well i say anyone who knows them...does deserves a snow day with sleepy cats....;))

  23. oh the feathers, so lovely. leave it to you to make the snow day look perfectly still and beautiful. i hope to say hello at the trunk show on Sunday, that is if my shyness doesn't overcome me.

  24. we just got a record player and i am loving it! there is something so romantic about staying in and listening to records while you do stuff around the house.

  25. god your photos are a dream. you may be my favorite photographer in the blogging world. each picture is so magical i just wish i were a little floating feather that could dash across each scene that you capture.

    xo. moorea

  26. the tree photo is the perfect image for a snow day!

  27. Perhaps you've seen this, but I just stumbled across this new The Selvedge Yard post and though of your post.


  28. yes!! nancy and lee!! my go-to record for snow days, sunny days, ANY day really.

  29. Anabela vinyles are the best thing in the world, and their design is amazing! it would totally fit in your magical place ... +++ camille

  30. I love the whisker jar. I just adopted a stray kitty before Christmas and I thought it was so sad to throw out a whisker that I found. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks they're adorable!

  31. I love the cat whisker jar, it's so sweet! I always find it so endearing when I find a stray whisker around the house, so much cuter than the fur dust bunnies in the corners. it always seems a shame to just toss them.