pale pink

Sometimes I feel a bit envious of girls who can throw out the names of their favourite lipsticks and beauty products and who keep up with trends and new products. I'm still shocked that foundation primer is a thing that exists, because I am naive about and hopeless at makeup! I enjoy it, but I'm not very adventurous with it, and I tend to lose interest once I've seen the price. Lipstick is the most fun, I think.

The other day Katie suggested that I try pale pink lipstick. I've never worn pink on my face because I always thought that it wouldn't complement an olive complexion. Katie said that was nonsense and since she is an amazing lady who I will always listen to and because the words "pale pink" make me happy, I bought Revlon lipstick in "Pink Pout" to try it out. I liked it!

I posted a smirky picture on Flickr, and Megan, the other person that I should hire as my personal beauty guru, told me to try "Roman Holiday" by NARS. So, because I rarely buy expensive lipstick and thought maybe it was time that I did, I took a quick trip to Sephora, and I also really like it! It doesn't look the same on as it does in the tube, though, and is more glossy than the Revlon.

Maybe next I'll try an orange colour -- I've heard good things about MAC's "So Chaud."


into the mystic

(Stevie Nicks; stephanie; h & l metz; charlie engman; sean hickin; gatochy; jenover2010; screenshot from Picnic at Hanging Rock; vincentinorbit; Lover via Cat Party; olivia bee; adele mary reed; perchtmilk)

I would be remiss to leave off a whole part of my personality from here, the part of me that loves things that are spooky and mystical and maybe even a little creepy -- it's not just pretty things and pastels (although these things can be pretty and pastel sometimes too). I read my horoscope every day. I love having my Tarot cards read. I believe in ghosts, although I haven't seen one, and I'm not sure that I want to see one! Rosemary's Baby, The Exorcist, and The Changeling (1980, with George C. Scott) are among my favourite movies. In grade 6 me and my best friend Marisa would go to her house every day at lunch to use a Ouija board, although we stopped that after really scaring ourselves with it.

On Sunday afternoon me and some friends went to see a psychic, and I loved every minute. She knew right away what was on my mind and I nearly burst into tears. Pretty cool to think that my life path is accompanied by an owl (intution/psychic ability/wisdom), a hummingbird (joy), and a buffalo (spirituality/connectedness)! So into it!

Hey, so our apartment was part of Etsy's "Get the Look" feature yesterday -- the pictures have all been posted here before, but please take a look.



I recently took a class at The Workroom on natural dyeing, taught by the incredibly knowledgeable (and lovely!) Julie, and it got me excited about dyeing. I made a dye extract today using some natural ingredients, but couldn't use it since natural dyeing is a complicated, lengthy process, and my fabric won't be ready to take the dye until tomorrow. I did some dip-dyeing in the meantime, and I'm so happy with this result! As usual, I used my own taste as a guide and stopped when I achieved this pale, blush shade (it's slightly darker than it looks in this picture, though). I tested the technique and dye out on some of the totes that we affectionately refer to as "junkers" -- if you look carefully you'll see that the text on this one is a bit crooked, and the dye job isn't perfect either. Still, I've got myself a new tote for spring. We'll have these available in the shop soon, in the Thunder version.

The rest of my day was pretty beautiful, filled with kitten cuddles, bike rides, a coffee run in the cold, and the enjoyment of good mail sent by some of the nicest people in existence.

Elise generously sent me 6 back issues of Frankie, as well as a Picnic at Hanging Rock poster (say what? So nice!). I am thrilled to have so many Frankies with which to pass the time.

When I found out that Hila and Amy had collaborated on a book called The Elements of In-Between (words by Hila, illustrations by Amy), I ordered a copy right away. It arrived today and was better than I had imagined. Beauty and brains, my favourite combination.

We finally framed the papercut portrait of Pony that Chad sent as a surprise. Oh, Chad! One day our Ace of Base dance party will come.

We met Jamie in Portland (she had emailed me a huge, helpful list of places to visit!) and she sent me this card illustrated by her boyfriend. Crazy cat ladies stick together -- not you, though, Katy Perry.

While out running errands at the mall, I came across this watch. I thought it was pretty perfect, and since I was in such a good mood, I bought it. It was affordable and the quality is not so bad; the strap is actually leather. Oreo woke up from her 12 hour nap just in time to photobomb me.

A few other things:
-some of the pictures I took of Melinda's studio have been published in a book. Congratulations to Melinda on the feature!
-I've mentioned that we're participating in this fundraiser for Japan: $7500 has been raised so far, which is amazing!
-Narwhal Art Projects is hosting a fundraiser called Toronto Hearts Japan. We're going to contribute a little package of items for the raffle part of the event. The list of artists who have donated work for the silent auction is incredible.
-We'll be selling totes at this popup at the Drake on March 31. You should come, Torontos!


french barrettes

(image of Elle Fanning from The Curve of Forgotten Things via Jazzi McG)

Since writing my last post, I have been hunting for barrettes (not a very long period of time, admittedly). All I have at the moment are bobby pins, which are functional and fine, but I want something pretty. Until I happen across something vintage that I like, or until one of the Rodarte carved barrettes magically materializes in my life -- yeah right -- I might try France Luxe, whose hair accessories are made in a small village near Geneva (near the French border, I suppose? The backs of the barrettes say "Made in France"). These barrettes seem to be a lovely small luxury, made of the materials I like best. It's probably clear that I like barrettes that are simple, even conservative, and not overly juvenile or ornamental. My hair is a no-Swarovski zone, for the most part (I'd make an exception for the barrette at the bottom of this post).

1. Small Luxury Rectangle Barrette in Alba, 2. Bobby Pin Pairs on Gold Wire in Africa, 3. Knot barrette in Tokyo Ivory, 4. Chain Wrapped in Ivory, 5. Magali Barrette in Nougat, 6. Wide Couture Bow Barrette 100% Silk Charmeuse in Charcoal (I might try making something like this myself), 7. Mini Crescent Barrette in Checkmate, 8. Little Sophisticate Barrette in Tokyo, 9. Mod Bobby Pin Pairs in Nacro Black, 10. Oblong Skinny Barrette in Tokyo Ivory

Then, of course, there is the Tabby Cat Barrette in Black -- I love the adorable Marc Jacobs-like, playful quality that it has, but I'm not quite sure that I would be able to pull this one off.


side sweep

I have had heavy bangs for about four years, and now that I have been wearing glasses (generally oversize glasses, at that) on a near-daily basis, the bangs are really starting to aggravate me. It makes me crazy when I see them peeking out from under the top of the frame, or flopping over. I don't like to have them cut too short, and they stay at the ideal length for glasses for about one week only.

As many of you know from personal experience, growing out bangs is a tedious process requiring patience that I don't have, particularly when I come across a picture of a pretty brunette with perfect hair (French girls from the 1960s and 1970s, for example, usually have me running for the bathroom mirror & scissors). Recently Bre mentioned that the nice thing about bangs is that it's an instant hairstyle and you don't really have to do anything else. Pretty great, right? And how cute is a thick fringe with a ponytail? But it's time to let them go.

I was flipping through recent issue of Russh magazine when I was reminded of the Rodarte Spring 2011 collection. Perfect hair!

I decided to attempt a faux side sweep that would bury my bangs (hey 'sup, Photo Booth?).

It looks a little like a combover (because it is one), but it works for me! Now to collect some pretty barettes, which I have not used since I was a child.

Many of you are very observant so I will admit here that, yes, I ordered the Warby Parker Munroe glasses, even though I didn't need them, and I love them! I'm happy that I took the plunge.

A few other things:
-Geoff and I snuck in to an abandoned building this weekend! It was pretty creepy!
-I was interviewed for the Worn Fashion Journal blog!
-we're participating in this raffle to raise funds towards relief efforts in Japan -- I'll share more details once I have them.
-one of my sweet sponsors, Nest and Forest Vintage, is offering a coupon code to readers of this blog: 20% off all orders with the coupon code SPRINGNESTER, good until April 4th.



Just a few quiet pictures taken with a little camera that Geoff found on Craigslist recently, a rangefinder called the Ricoh 500G. We're still learning how to use it, but it's a sweet thing. We took it with us on a recent trip to a greenhouse.


thunder in black

After a few requests, we decided to print the Thunder tote on black canvas with white lettering. We'll be adding them to the shop & Etsy momentarily.

(In this picture I'm wearing this really great rain coat that I found at the thrift store recently, which I bought with London on my mind. It's really silky and billowy and full of really cool details. Maybe I'll share when I'm feeling less shy.)


spring forward

A few things making me happy during these troubling, worrying days that have left my stomach in knots.

A few new houseplants, placed up on the highest shelf and away from a plant-loving kitten. She just might like the baby's tears and frosty fern as much as I do.

Locally-grown tulips for a little spring colour. Open windows, fresh air.

A lucky yield at the thrift store -- four perfect silk blouses, handwashed in the tub.

The arrival of beautiful soaps. I ordered the French white clay and the charcoal, and received samples of tangerine and pine rosin. In the top picture the soaps are sitting on the fabric samples for our spring line.

Time Wasting Experiment 0045 & Time Wasting Experiment 0029.

I've fallen hard for dry shampoo, since I don't like to wash my hair too often. I was using a dry shampoo from Klorane for a while (Klorane shampoo is my absolute favourite, when I can find it and when I'm in the mood to spend that much money on shampoo) but decided to try Lulu Organics hair powder after recommendations from Francesca and Megan. I got the Patchouli & Amber, which I love.

Heather from OLO very sweetly and thoughtfully sent me an argan oil hair tonic (cedarwood & rose, to make my hair shiny) and a new scent called Lightning Paw that features patchouli. I happen to love patchouli. As Heather said in an email, it gets such a bad rap -- but there's good patchouli and there's bad patchouli. Lightning Paw definitely has the good kind in it. I love my little OLO collection and this one is my new favourite. I want to go sniff it right now but after a few too many glasses of wine last night with Bre and Katie, I'm feeling a little queasy, and I don't want to ruin the scent forever. I've done that in the past!



Years ago, Geoff and I had a Polaroid Spectra camera that we gave away since the film was discontinued and we were more interested in the SX-70 anyhow. It wasn't until Bre posted her beautiful Spring collection photos that I decided to try out the expired Softtone film available through the Impossible Project. I managed to find another Spectra camera in a thrift shop fairly easily, for about $5. Thank you to Bre for the inspiration!

I wasted an entire package of it taking pictures at home, and of the cats, but I just kept compulsively clicking away. The picture in the top right is a double exposure we tried to create of both cats together, since we can't get a picture of the two of them together in any other way. All the pictures ended up looking abstract, like paintings, which I like.

I ordered some more (what an indulgence!), and I hope that I won't fritter the rest away since the supply of it is dwindling. Please note the ghost cat.

I love the tones in the pictures, which make me think of a few things that I keep in my bedroom: a beaded collar I bought at Zara last fall while in Spain (which, of course, I have yet to wear once), and a silk blouse from Penny Arcade Vintage. I am still really attracted to things that remind me of Neapolitan ice cream.


neighbourhood secrets

I hope my neighbours in Dufferin Grove will forgive me for spilling the beans on one of our best spots, but I have fallen in love with The Common (1071 College Street) at night.

During the day, the place is packed with seekers of espresso-based drinks and croissants, and at night it becomes a bar serving beer and wine and tasting platters of bread, cheese, & sliced meats. It feels about as close as I can get to the tavernas of childhood trips abroad (there are a few sports bars that come close, too, but those are a little different).

Walking over to The Common is like preparation for summer. There are always free tables, and no one needs to shout to be heard. I love that we can meet our friends here for a pleasant conversation (or have a conversation with the charming server about handmade beauty products!) -- and inevitably, when the bill comes, someone will express surprise at how cheap it is.

I just love it, even if I struggle to take a decent picture of it.

In other news, we're having a sale on our large totes! More information can be found here, or simply visit our shop!


high waists

When this issue of Lula magazine came out, I was pretty excited to see that Charlotte Gainsbourg seemed to be rocking a pair of high waisted underpants & visible panty lines on the cover. I have always been a fan of the high waisters, and am happy that independent designers are making them, and making them look so amazing. "Full bum coverage" is a beautiful string of words, and I find that this shape can be so flattering on the hips, emphasizing curves. I'm sure the right sorts of boys would agree, should you care about their opinions in the first place.

A few weeks ago over lunch my friend Carole told me about a local company called Fortnight Lingerie. I looked them up once I was back at home and was immediately smitten. I love the Rita knickers, available through their Etsy shop and at the Drake General Store here in Toronto as well.

(Sidenote: I wouldn't mind trying out one of Fortnight's tailored balconette bras; if I have one piece of advice I can offer any lady, it's to get properly fitted at a lingerie store. I'm sure a lot of you know that already, but to submit a true story: I thought I was a 38C, and it turns out I was a 34DD. It feels weird to admit that here but I think that those numbers and the disparity between them illustrate my point rather well! Wearing a bra that fits properly and that features the proper amount of support -- in my case, a seam through the cup is essential -- is a huge confidence booster. So to speak.)

Of course, I can't mention bums & high waists without immediately thinking of Hannah and The Loved One! Once "Sin in the Suburbs" is back in stock in my size, I just might have to treat myself.

It doesn't end with underpinnings; I love the high waist effect of this swimsuit from Minnow Bathers, another local company. I've blogged about them before and was thrilled to see this post of Alison's, Little Minnows. Maybe this will be the year I take the plunge (har har) and actually buy one! Available through their Etsy shop or at Penny Arcade Vintage on Dundas.