I recently took a class at The Workroom on natural dyeing, taught by the incredibly knowledgeable (and lovely!) Julie, and it got me excited about dyeing. I made a dye extract today using some natural ingredients, but couldn't use it since natural dyeing is a complicated, lengthy process, and my fabric won't be ready to take the dye until tomorrow. I did some dip-dyeing in the meantime, and I'm so happy with this result! As usual, I used my own taste as a guide and stopped when I achieved this pale, blush shade (it's slightly darker than it looks in this picture, though). I tested the technique and dye out on some of the totes that we affectionately refer to as "junkers" -- if you look carefully you'll see that the text on this one is a bit crooked, and the dye job isn't perfect either. Still, I've got myself a new tote for spring. We'll have these available in the shop soon, in the Thunder version.

The rest of my day was pretty beautiful, filled with kitten cuddles, bike rides, a coffee run in the cold, and the enjoyment of good mail sent by some of the nicest people in existence.

Elise generously sent me 6 back issues of Frankie, as well as a Picnic at Hanging Rock poster (say what? So nice!). I am thrilled to have so many Frankies with which to pass the time.

When I found out that Hila and Amy had collaborated on a book called The Elements of In-Between (words by Hila, illustrations by Amy), I ordered a copy right away. It arrived today and was better than I had imagined. Beauty and brains, my favourite combination.

We finally framed the papercut portrait of Pony that Chad sent as a surprise. Oh, Chad! One day our Ace of Base dance party will come.

We met Jamie in Portland (she had emailed me a huge, helpful list of places to visit!) and she sent me this card illustrated by her boyfriend. Crazy cat ladies stick together -- not you, though, Katy Perry.

While out running errands at the mall, I came across this watch. I thought it was pretty perfect, and since I was in such a good mood, I bought it. It was affordable and the quality is not so bad; the strap is actually leather. Oreo woke up from her 12 hour nap just in time to photobomb me.

A few other things:
-some of the pictures I took of Melinda's studio have been published in a book. Congratulations to Melinda on the feature!
-I've mentioned that we're participating in this fundraiser for Japan: $7500 has been raised so far, which is amazing!
-Narwhal Art Projects is hosting a fundraiser called Toronto Hearts Japan. We're going to contribute a little package of items for the raffle part of the event. The list of artists who have donated work for the silent auction is incredible.
-We'll be selling totes at this popup at the Drake on March 31. You should come, Torontos!


Jane Flanagan: Hair slides! I've heard that term before, of course, but I'm so used to saying barrettes... and bangs too!

erica: Ha! I know what you mean. I like simple best too.

yuko: Oh man, that sounds amazing!

elle :: everything reminds me of you: I didn't know Mimco, or even Tatty Devine! But I think that now that I have looked around for barrettes, thinking of them as jewelry is a good idea.

tara-lynn: I don't actually know how to use combs!

Caitlin Rose: Ha! I don't think white gloves would suit me very well...

Color Collective: You're welcome!

carly: If it were a little bit less money I might consider it, but I can't spend $28 + shipping on something I might never wear! Square one is the worst! Good luck with your grow out.

Caitlin Shearer: Ha! Thank you.

Charlyn W: Thank you, lady!

Hello Lindello: I wish we could have the Rodarte ones!

hibou: Ha! I actually found an old French one that I've had since probably high school. I looked at some today that don't look nearly as well-made! But who knows, maybe they would be fine. I didn't order any of the barrettes I listed, although I did find some from the company on eBay. I bought a set of fancy bobby pins! We'll see what they're like.

pigeon pie: Yup... at the moment, I don't have anything!

sn: Thank you!

in dreams: You could wear cute barrettes even with super short hair, maybe! And oh man, I bet that was really fun, and creepy! I've heard that there are a lot of abandoned houses in New England (from an episode of This American Life, actually). There is that old abandoned hospital in Whitby, I think, but maybe by now they've locked it up. This one isn't anything special, but that's probably because the building was never anything special to begin with. Geoff has some crazy stories about the building at 1 Spadina Crescent...

elegant storms: Yes, I saw it! So good. And about Swarovski, I am really not a fan of sparkle, I guess!

Diana: Kitty attack! Awesome!

caroline: Hmm, I popped in to H&M today but I didn't see any that I liked. Maybe I'm too picky, haha.

Twiggs: Thank you!

Casie Jean: I'm sure I'll miss my bangs if I end up growing them out!

katie merchant / thank you, ok: I know, she's adorable!

Gusssygirl: Thanks so much for saying hello! I haven't seen Somewhere yet but I hope to soon.

hila: I just think about how old I am and that makes me think that I can't pull off anything too cutesy! I certainly don't think I have a knack for accessories... I rarely wear any!

P R I M O E Z A: Oh, I know. I often I think that I should just trim my fringe, and forget about growing it out! And it's only been a few days...

classiq: I know, it's so lovely!


  1. Perfect blushy pink! Nice one. That color is haunting my miiiiiiind. I have some things to dye, I might take a class too, it's cool to learn in person from a pro!

  2. congrats on the natural dyeing! that blush looks divine. definitely a color that's been making a home in my waredrobe. (which is why that watch is taunting me!) i'm curious to see the PAHR poster; how big is it?

  3. I adore your blog.
    You will love this blog post.

    Photo documentations.
    The Flinders Keepers 2011 Melbourne markets will be held on the 26th & 27th March 2011. The markets will be held at Shed4 a massive warehouse space in Docklands, Melbourne, Australia.
    All photograph taken by Nani P.


  4. I love the new tote!! And a huge congrats on getting your photos published. That's amazing.

    Have a great weekend Anabela!

  5. I love the dip-dyed totes lady! Looks beautiful. xo

  6. BAHAHAHAH. photobomb!
    your cats are hilarious.

    and that watch... i will have add it to my wish list.

  7. I heart that tote big time!

    Dye classes are the best. I've taken a few natural (and non) classes. I remember the natural dye class (on indigo, logwood cochineal and osage) I took ages ago thru my fiber guild, but was turned off by the fact the instuctor used poo as a mordant for her indigo (ew), haha. As much as I like the results of natural dyes, I prefer to use low impacts, as there are no toxic mordants and they are generally more reliable to achieve the colors I need.

    Have a good weekend Anabela!

  8. Can't wait for the summerland tote! And of course I totally appreciate the KP hate, god she sucks so much!

  9. I think the tote turned out very nicely. The gradual change and both colors themselves are beautiful.

  10. Cute pics! Nice tote bag.


  11. oh beautiful! i'm taking a resist dying class next semester! so excited.

  12. Oh, the magazines look so great and how cute is that card.
    Love it!

  13. oh anabela! so nice to hear you enjoyed our little book :)

  14. amy took the words out of my mouth :) So glad you like our little book!


  15. the spadina building...meaning the beautiful crumbly u of t building?! i've always loved that one...what kind of stories does he have about it? i've always wished i could work there, especially in the summer, with the ivy all overgrown, and the windows open to catch the breeze...siiigh.

    and yep, it was totally awesome. i kinda wish i'd been a better photographer back then, since i might actually have some proper shots to show for it! there was also an amazing abandoned vacation peninsula that we visited, where there were a bunch of abandoned beach houses...lots of neat stuff out there! (though i seem to recall there being some squatters there, so maybe not so 'abandoned' in the truest sense of the word?) i never went to the whitby psych, but i think it was knocked down a few years ago, which is sad. i kinda feel like older buildings are the only true places with souls anymore...condos just don't do it for me!

    also, your cat is so cute! i can only get my kitten-fix vicariously, since i'm so allergic, so i don't mind those photobombs as much as you do. :)

  16. frankie - good read and good choice.

    i adore that papercut portrait x

  17. wow such beautiful photos :) i also have that watch in the last photo and love it very much :)

  18. love your blog and the pictures :*
    Anni :)

  19. that papecut of Pony is SO SWEET!

  20. Hi there!

    Do you have any idea if Frankie is available for sale anywhere in Toronto?

    I've been looking to buy a copy or two...

  21. the blush looks perfect on your tote! you're my favorite blog, truly. so much inspiring goodness. <3

    (congrats on the etsy writeup, too!)

  22. oh and I've tagged you on my blog, see my latest post :)

  23. What a nice day. I'm also terribly sad about Katy Perry co-opting kitty love in her typical sleazy manner.


  24. Anonymous28.3.11

    I love that portrait of the cat, so charming. Your blog has wonderful photos.

  25. Ahh! Sometimes I think we have such similar tastes it creeps me out. I just started fooling around with dyeing!!! This tote is exactly what I had in mind! xo- LC

  26. I've been slowly getting into natural dyeing as well. I love it, but so many interests, so little time. Love the pink on the tote.

  27. Victoria31.3.11

    The new tote is so lovely! I've been wanting to try my hand at dyeing and this is a great idea! Do you buy your totes here in Toronto?

  28. Love the dip dyed tote bag! When will they be ready to purchase on etsy/online?

  29. Hi Esther! I'm glad you like it! I'm hoping to have them listed this week!!

  30. it looks great! I'd love to try this too