Just a few quiet pictures taken with a little camera that Geoff found on Craigslist recently, a rangefinder called the Ricoh 500G. We're still learning how to use it, but it's a sweet thing. We took it with us on a recent trip to a greenhouse.


Previously Owned, Camille, Elena, Bre, Alison, m.bardeaux, jen, taylorkitto, isabelle, EvaForeva, Marinka, Ella: Thank you all for your sweet comments. I'm so happy you like it!

Stephanie: Oh, I'm glad you got it, and I hope you love it!

Anonymous: Aw, I'm sorry!

DEADWEIGHT: I wish I had thought of "dark hearts!"

brittansalisbury: Oh, that's too bad. I didn't address it in depth because I don't feel qualified to do so -- I feel sad, I've donated as much as I can, I've discussed it with people, I've read plenty of first-hand accounts from people who are experiencing the devastation, but beyond that I'm not sure what to do. Maybe others are just as stuck? It's hard to keep posting pictures of things that seem silly, it's true.

melly: I hope you love it!

Lavender for Lemon: We should have more soon, but we'll definitely have more in about a week.

Mon Petit Lapin: I will! Unfortunately it's a very short trip. Wish it were longer.

Anonymous: Only momentarily, we will have more soon!


  1. Beautiful photos! Loving the complimentary tones & shapes :)

  2. Pretty wardrobe!

  3. just lovely. lovely!!!

  4. wow those clothes are beautiful! I love the colours.

  5. I really love your wardrobe, ohhh the lace! And the rosy tones and grey shades.

    One of those totes are miiine!

  6. beautiful photos and what a lvoely looking camera!

    I need to try out the rangefinders I have but I find them quite intimidating for some reason...

  7. I've passed by Plant World before, your pics on Flickr are lovely! Did you get anything? Wondering if it's worth stopping in.

  8. I saw the greenhouse photos on your Flickr. Love them. Hannah of Foxtail & Fern visited a greenhouse recently and she reminded me how I must go back to the Conservatory of Flowers to take photos. It's so beautiful there. I wish I could have a future weekend home inspired by a conservatory or atrium. Ahhh one day. Cute camera!

  9. the wardrobe is beautiful. so stunning. xo

  10. you really make beautiful pictures, with whatever camera you're using.

  11. so pretty! I also love the feminine shades of your wardrobe, I think there's too much black in mine :) I should make myself consciously buy more soft shades like you do.

  12. Anonymous24.3.11

    love these pics so much...and that pic of you in the above post! GORG.

  13. Love that first photo.
    Reblogged here