high waists

When this issue of Lula magazine came out, I was pretty excited to see that Charlotte Gainsbourg seemed to be rocking a pair of high waisted underpants & visible panty lines on the cover. I have always been a fan of the high waisters, and am happy that independent designers are making them, and making them look so amazing. "Full bum coverage" is a beautiful string of words, and I find that this shape can be so flattering on the hips, emphasizing curves. I'm sure the right sorts of boys would agree, should you care about their opinions in the first place.

A few weeks ago over lunch my friend Carole told me about a local company called Fortnight Lingerie. I looked them up once I was back at home and was immediately smitten. I love the Rita knickers, available through their Etsy shop and at the Drake General Store here in Toronto as well.

(Sidenote: I wouldn't mind trying out one of Fortnight's tailored balconette bras; if I have one piece of advice I can offer any lady, it's to get properly fitted at a lingerie store. I'm sure a lot of you know that already, but to submit a true story: I thought I was a 38C, and it turns out I was a 34DD. It feels weird to admit that here but I think that those numbers and the disparity between them illustrate my point rather well! Wearing a bra that fits properly and that features the proper amount of support -- in my case, a seam through the cup is essential -- is a huge confidence booster. So to speak.)

Of course, I can't mention bums & high waists without immediately thinking of Hannah and The Loved One! Once "Sin in the Suburbs" is back in stock in my size, I just might have to treat myself.

It doesn't end with underpinnings; I love the high waist effect of this swimsuit from Minnow Bathers, another local company. I've blogged about them before and was thrilled to see this post of Alison's, Little Minnows. Maybe this will be the year I take the plunge (har har) and actually buy one! Available through their Etsy shop or at Penny Arcade Vintage on Dundas.


Sarah: Aw, well I wish I could visit Vancouver! I've still never been, can you believe it?

Jane Flanagan: It was really fun!

rike: It's actually tiny acorns and leaves!

kenzie: I didn't really know what it is! It was described as a terrine but when I read about it later I realized it was more scraping? Whatever it is, it's delicious. I like the idea of no waste, too! I guess it's an instance where it was better not to know too much before I ate it. Although I will try almost (almost!) anything!

erin: Yes! I agree.

May: Aw, good-bye Hoof!

Hetterson: I know! It is so sad. I know what you mean about lemon being your happy fruit. It really does seem the happiest of all fruits, alongside maybe watermelon and mangos (the really juicy ones from the Philippines).

Robin Sharp: I'm glad you liked them! And I'm with you. So sad to see it go. I've actually never been to the Black Hoof, but maybe I should pay them a visit.

Elaina: The camera is so great!

katie merchant / thank you, ok: So good. Oh man. Next! Um... how about Saving Grace? Can't go wrong! Although not this week, haha.

katrina: I'm glad you like the nails! Katie is a genius.

Miss Crowland: It really was!

janis: Here's hoping the new restaurant will be so great no one will remember brunch.

Hannah Percyowl: Ha! That's true!

caroline: I guess in the restaurant business you can never stay still and have to keep moving things around! But yeah, it's too bad that brunch was a casualty of the evolution. Maybe the new restaurant will be so much better!

miss sophie: Ugh, mediocre places! There are far too many of those!

tschitschi: Agreed!

Camille: Yeah, I think her nails look super cute too! She is so good at neutrals.

danica: I hope that one day you can join us!

June: Thank you for saying hello!

Victoire: The scrapple was delicious! I read about it later and I guess it sounds kind of gross but it was so good. Just kind of soft and fatty with a bit of crunchy texture around. It was almost dessert-like?! Hard to explain!

zoë: I'm glad you noticed the lipstick on the mug because I like that detail too! Thank you so much! I do love my film camera.

Siubhan: We didn't take it home! I don't think either of us wanted to look at food by the time we finished. Thank you!


  1. I love you, Anabela. This post made my day sweet.

  2. i'm also a gal of plentiful boobage. here, here for boobies! agreed a proper fitting is so important and i've been told that it is for all sizes.

  3. Love full bum coverage. Yes! And that swimsuit? Perfection.

  4. Love those first two sets. And I do like a bit of lace, it can make you feel so good. :)
    The swimsuit is absolutely gorgeous!

  5. I've got my heart set on a high-waisted swimsuit this summer. Generally, I am not in favor of two-pieces (partly because they are always SO SMAALL, but mostly because you can't SWIM properly in those things!).

    I've actually found some high waisted underoos at Target. Which is pretty sweet :D

  6. '"Full bum coverage" is a beautiful string of words' - never heard it said better.

    Those bathing suits are fantastic.

  7. LOVE the high waisters!! So pretty with a touch of lace...

  8. Beautiful unmentionables, especially the black Fortnight set.
    I had a smug moment last week when I was buying lingerie. An assistant asked what size I was looking for, I told her and she said "hmm I don't think so, let me measure you". She then told me the tape measure said I was wrong (eep talking object!) but I told her I'd try on the size I thought I was and lo, I was right and she was shocked. Customer knows best, right? Well.. it did take me years of adjustment to get to that stage.

  9. Anonymous2.3.11

    Haha, great post. I love what you said about the "right kind of boys" appreciating this look. So true!

  10. that swimsuit! O_O what a dream it is!

  11. Wow, I'm so excited about Fortnight Lingerie. I'm definitely going to have to check them out at Drake General Store. I love the feeling of underwear holding in your stomach, and then they come in at a natural spot on the waist!


  12. "the right kind of boys" - you got it. i'm really so sick of all the tired lingerie of the g-string variety, personally i find more coverage more sexy and flattering, if done right. these here are all amazing! and yes i agree, The Loved One stuff is gorgeous...

    p.s. charlotte gainsbourg, sigh.

  13. That swimsuit is the cutest! i'm considering highwaisted swimmers too. beautiful!

  14. I'm a fan of lingerie that keeps everything in the right place and with the right shape too.

  15. I'm also a fan of high waisters. I feel much more comfortable in them and I also think they hug the hips in a much more flattering way than the average underpants :)

  16. all of those are so beautiful!

    I found a high waisted gingham bathing suit at a thrift store for like, a buck! one of my best finds yet!

  17. FBC = full bum coverage
    A new term for internet underwear sellerssssss!
    "Guaranteed FBC"

    I went to the fancy cool lingerie store here in town and it was great/scary because of knowing about fancy stuff that is semi-affordable, cause it adds up fast but the nice stuff is so nice!

    For some reason high-waist swimsuits weird me out when they go above the navel, but I'm not sure why... it just looks like something is missing? Haha. I regret forever not buying the supremely discounted Lover high-waist floral swimsuit a couple months ago from an extreme Frances May sale. It was like $40?! Unreal.

  18. Way hotter than thongs. Those things are the underpinnings of the devil.

  19. full bum coverage! whenever i go into one of those bigchainunderpantsstores and rummage through the bins, i'm always looking for full bum coverage! and almost never find it. when asked what i'm looking for, i reply "something that covers my bum" and the sales clerks always walk away... why? i dunno. do i make them uncomfortable in my modesty? do they think i'm joking? are they just adamant flossers?

    i want that bathing suit.

  20. I love a bit of high-waisted action too ... and those you've shared here are beautiful! :)
    I'm off to do some shopping! ;)

  21. this is the sexiest.

  22. I love these, but I have to admit, buying lingerie is kind of like slow torture for me with my a-cup and boyish figure. I think I'll stick to admiring this prettiness from afar.

    I love high-waisted pants, I can't wait for winter over here so I can actually wear them.

  23. i love the high-waisters! my husband thinks they are not so good but when i put them on i feel snug! dayle

  24. I'm so with you on this! I'm always in the hunt for high waisted panties. I think they look and feel much better than low waisted models. Also, all my skirts and trousers sit on the waist rather than hips, so high waisted knickers just function better, too. Unfortunately, it's pretty hard to find affordable ones for daily use and it's also often hard to find matching bras. (Actually, in those beautiful sets from Fortnight the pants are bit too low for my taste.) Luckily smaller companies are starting to make these more and more.
    Hooray for high waisted underpants!

    Ps. The "right sorts of boys"-thing is so true.

  25. Oh I love high waisted, FBC. They look so much better on women, I think. The bathing suit I bought this year has those exact bottoms and I love them. Thanks for sharing about Fortnight knickers, I'll have to get a pair of those Ritas!

  26. yes- this stuff is really gorgeous. i love the vintage feel of it.

  27. Man, I'm so glad someone else admits to wearing high-waisted briefs- I love them for all my skirt-wearing, but can never find ones that my mom wouldn't confuse with her own! Do you have any everyday brand recommendations??

  28. Anonymous3.3.11

    I have had three high-waisted conversations this past week, mostly concerning jeans, and where on earth to find decent ones. I have actually gone and converted some of my own knickers to have a more pleasantly high waist with a stretch lace band around the top. But that swim-suit! Floral and high-waisted? Perfect!

  29. love love love the floral one piece! thanks for sharing!

  30. Thanks to you Anabela, I just placed my order with Fortnight! And- using their method of finding the perfect fit, I discovered (like you) that I am not the size I thought I was! Thank you for sharing this loveliness with us.

  31. Great post - discovered via the lovely Jane Flanagan. I love your reference to the right sort of boys. I think the right sort of boys definitely appreciate thoughtfulness when it comes to lingerie. And that doesn't necessarily mean baring it all. Thanks for the link to Fortnight!

  32. since i've made the switch to only high waisted pants, skirts & shorts i've fount low waisted pants to look so unbelievably awkward. it makes people look stumpy & weird. the right high waist is so flattering! it shows off the real waist which is way thinner than the hips & lengthens the legs. i always thought i was stumpy but it was just because all pants were so low for so long. i'm not!

  33. While I'm not with you on the high-waisted thing (or I should say, my husband isn't with you, but I'm trying to convert him), what I love about this post is the last photo, of the swimsuit. I love the model's skin, how it isn't perfect, you can see the moles and mottled skin tone. Not that she is unattractive, far from it, but it is such a refreshing dose of reality.

  34. I'm a huge fan of both of these collections! Although I've never purchased anything from either one, I'm highly considering it. The bra from Fortnight has been on my wish list ever since I saw it at the Drake General Store. I think I just need to bit the bullet and treat myself to something sexy (haha that feels funny saying that!).

  35. yes!!! high waisted everything FOREVER! love, love, love.

  36. oooo love that bathing suit!

  37. Shin Ae12.3.11

    Wonderful & beautiful.

  38. gorgeous lingerie

  39. i think these are absolutely beautiful
    but i would worry about tan lines with the high waist bikini!!!
    saying that, im as pale as the vampire
    as per usual
    brilliant post