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I would be remiss to leave off a whole part of my personality from here, the part of me that loves things that are spooky and mystical and maybe even a little creepy -- it's not just pretty things and pastels (although these things can be pretty and pastel sometimes too). I read my horoscope every day. I love having my Tarot cards read. I believe in ghosts, although I haven't seen one, and I'm not sure that I want to see one! Rosemary's Baby, The Exorcist, and The Changeling (1980, with George C. Scott) are among my favourite movies. In grade 6 me and my best friend Marisa would go to her house every day at lunch to use a Ouija board, although we stopped that after really scaring ourselves with it.

On Sunday afternoon me and some friends went to see a psychic, and I loved every minute. She knew right away what was on my mind and I nearly burst into tears. Pretty cool to think that my life path is accompanied by an owl (intution/psychic ability/wisdom), a hummingbird (joy), and a buffalo (spirituality/connectedness)! So into it!

Hey, so our apartment was part of Etsy's "Get the Look" feature yesterday -- the pictures have all been posted here before, but please take a look.


anja louise: You totally should! I can't wait to see your first collection burst forth from your mind/sewing machine, girl!

Darcy: Thanks! The poster is about three feet tall but less than one foot wide. I'll share a picture soon!

designani: Thank you! That looks like a really great market.

Jane Flanagan: Thank you, Janey!

andrea: Thanks, so glad you like!

carly: My cats do make me laugh every day! And yeah, the watch is totally cute! It's been years since I've worn once since I'm so picky about them.

Hannah Elise: Wow, poo! Gross! Our instructor told us that sometimes people use pee for indigo and even that was pretty gross. Also compost. I'll have to look for a source for low-impact dyes! Right now I'm just using Tintex. You're so smart, lady.

Chelsea: Yeah! Comin' real soon! This week, maybe!

Same Length Pinkies: Thank you!

t: Thanks!

erin jane / atlantic treefox: Sounds like fun! Enjoy it!

Phara: That card is so cute, I agree!

amy, hila: I really love it. Congratulations to both of you!

in dreams: Yeah! It used to be a hospital and eye bank, so it had some pretty creepy stuff in the basement. I think they've since cleaned it up/locked it up, though. Something terrible happened there about ten years ago (a murder, actually), and someone fell off the roof last year... it's kind of a bad news building.

katieleigh: Thanks! I love Frankie so much.

rae: Thanks! Yeah, such a pretty watch! I love the strap.

Anni: Thank you!

Victoire: I agree! It was such a nice surprise.

Rachelle: Sadly, no, it's not distributed in Canada anymore, which is too bad because it's so great! I have a subscription. It's a bit pricey ($100) but it's my favourite magazine! I would hate to miss out.

Marie Bee: That is so incredibly sweet of you to say! Thank you!

Gina: The sleaziest! Leave cats alone, Katy Perry.


  1. That's awesome! I'm equally drawn to and scared of all that stuff. Blame it on an uber-Catholic childhood and girls fainting from seeing moving holy statues in convent school. Even though it attracts and repels me, I'm probably skeptical about most things, except my horoscope, which I also read faithfully.

  2. Heck yes, me too. Though I've never been to a psychic before even though all my coworkers see this really expensive classy one - I think she'd influence my decision making too much! I'm so indecisive and easily influenced. Horoscopes I can handle. Susan Miller is like my life coach. haaaa.

  3. Oh man me too! I learned how to do my own tarot readings and I have an astrology book that I swear by and I've actually seen a couple of ghosts, although no one believes me. It's been so long since I've picked up my tarot cards but I think I will tonight! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  4. ooh! thats me in the photo by hannah! glad you find it inspirational! and that last photo is by my best friend ali! i love your blog so im excited to see two things dear to me in this post :)

  5. i love this post! you totally read my mind hahahaha. i get the chills and cry at every psychic reading, been drawn to that sort of thing as long as I can remember. when i was little other kids were asking for gameboys but i wanted a deck of tarot cards.

    love your feature in etsy, your home is beautiful!

  6. i love all of these images, especially starting with stevie...

  7. Lovely photos - some of them are just stunning! I've actually just recently started reading my daily horoscope - I find something comforting about it and usually the Globe and Mail is spot on (slightly freaky!)

    I was recently in NYC and came across a designer at Market NYC that I think you might be interested in - here's the link: http://www.nanakoclothes.com/clothing.html

    If you're into creepy you might enjoy the post I made today - my cousin has had a 30 year career doing special effects for lots of Hollywood films - he celebrated his bday this weekend at his studio where he stores all the dead bodies! I posted some pics... www.gusssygirl.blogspot.com

    Happy Monday!


  8. I've always wanted to try and psychic. someday...

    pretty pictures.

  9. Eeee! Guess you had a great reading!! ;D
    Glad you had a fun Sunday!

  10. great selection of images. I have never gone for a reading, but have wondered what it would be like. I'm just scared I will hear something I don't want to hear!

  11. Wonderful post! Love all these pics :)

  12. Hi Anabela - Oh yes, I'm drawn to all that spooky, mystical, otherwordly stuff too ... though sometimes my overactive imagination can mean that late at night when it's dark in the house and I'm all alone, I 'see' or 'hear' things that really aren't there.

    I can imagine that seeing a psychic would be really interesting, I've often wanted to do that but wonder how I'd react if I got really bad news??

    I don't think I've seen a ghost, but I'm pretty sure there was one living in one of my past homes ... it used to open the kitchen curtains each day after I'd closed them the night before ... spooky! :)

  13. i love this post. the metaphysical realms rule!

    will you send me the name of the psychic you saw? i want to know what animals follow me!

  14. Lovely post! I used to see a psychic in Seattle who would turn into this salty old deadly when she did her readings. There were times that some of the stuff she said didn't seem relevant and I'd sort of shake that part off. A couple of years would pass and I'd realize that I was in the middle of something specific she had mentioned would happen. So cool! She told me my guides were Spider, Horse and Crow. This was interesting to me because I respect these creatures so much, but am intimidated by each of them. Oh, I'd cry my face off too. It's a total release!

  15. I meant "sea dog", but my iPhone changed it to "deadly"... EEEEEEEEP!

  16. I'm not sure about my feelings about real ghosts, but I do love a good ghost story or spooky movie. And definitely the sort of creepy Tom Waits fairytale world.
    When I was little, though, on every family vacation we would find a 'ghost tour' which were walking tours which were always a great combination of historical and spooky stories - but also led to lots of nights spent awake all night in a 'haunted' hotel!

  17. I love the Etsy feature! Your house is one of those white but not insanely minimalistic places I really adore. Is cleaning hard work? :D

  18. love the post, i also believe in ghost although i've never seen one and am sure i wouldn't want to. i also get scared really easily but still like reading up/visiting places where there is said to have been occasional ghost appearances. i've never been to a psychic before but it sounds interesting.

    also, i liked the feature, you have a lovely home.

  19. I could never stomach anything scary, but my mother does enjoy reading my tea leaves. I always give her an "oh mother" look because I'm a bit cynical (probably because she's my mother), but I always feel better after she's told me.

    Congratulations on your apartment, it is very pretty.

  20. awesome pictures! love your blog :-)
    checkout and pleas say what do you thing of:


  21. Nice post! The Watcher in the Woods was one of my favourite movies when I was a kid. Did you ever see it? I almost don't want to watch it again in case it seems dated or silly. And, hey, which psychic did you visit in Toronto?

  22. this blog is genius - def following xx

  23. Anonymous29.3.11

    Great post - you're not alone in liking the stranger things in life!

  24. i am drawn to it as well...(and i think i told you...a day after you went i had my cards read...by chance!!!) uuuuu. ;))

  25. Anonymous30.3.11

    stunning pics!!

  26. Really nice post, love the photos...xoxo


  27. i am pretty obsessed with the metaphysical... tarot is a wonderful unwind for folk i find, it's unfounded too, origin unknown....i like to read when i can. love this post, etsy one so pretty too!

  28. Omg our 5year anniversary part this summer is "Do you believe in magic?" and we are gonna have a psychic (whom will surely be dressed up as Stevie Nicks!).


  29. this post made me so happy as at one point in time i was really into all of these kinds of things too! i don't think about as much anymore but i secretly am still obsessed with it all :) i love a good ghost story!

  30. :O I love this collection of photos. Psychics make me cry. We have a palm reading friend and I totally need a one on one session with him. It's so interesting but I could get way too obsessed with it.x

  31. Hello! Just discovered your blog, I've been going through it slowly for the past few days, it's great :)

  32. I absolutely love all these photos!

  33. Poltergiest scared the ^%#@^@ out of me when I was a kid. But I've always been interested in the other side. I dont see how you couldn't be. We've had a lot of "incidents" in our house, which was built on top of one that burned down many many years ago (no one was hurt). I always heard people walking around when no one was home and doors opening and closing. Fascinated... but a very low tolerance for the creepy..
    cool images!

  34. love this post. have you seen this video? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ZwbwweF_WQ&feature=player_embedded (via oh my cavalier) it makes me almost giddy

  35. Haha, Cori! That's pretty funny.

  36. i'm here to give you an echo.
    i'm so into it too!
    i too was told that a hummingbird accompanies me.

  37. Your photos look terrific! Thank you, it's very interestingly.