neighbourhood secrets

I hope my neighbours in Dufferin Grove will forgive me for spilling the beans on one of our best spots, but I have fallen in love with The Common (1071 College Street) at night.

During the day, the place is packed with seekers of espresso-based drinks and croissants, and at night it becomes a bar serving beer and wine and tasting platters of bread, cheese, & sliced meats. It feels about as close as I can get to the tavernas of childhood trips abroad (there are a few sports bars that come close, too, but those are a little different).

Walking over to The Common is like preparation for summer. There are always free tables, and no one needs to shout to be heard. I love that we can meet our friends here for a pleasant conversation (or have a conversation with the charming server about handmade beauty products!) -- and inevitably, when the bill comes, someone will express surprise at how cheap it is.

I just love it, even if I struggle to take a decent picture of it.

In other news, we're having a sale on our large totes! More information can be found here, or simply visit our shop!


Jane Flanagan: Aw, Janey, so glad you enjoyed!

sarah: Yes, for all sizes! I have heard that too.

DEADWEIGHT, Phara, Bre, hannah and landon, Sarah J, Courtney, Aramar, Tracey, Diana

: I'm glad you liked the things I posted & thanks for all the high-waisted love! Hooray. Lace & that swimsuit = total dreams.

kater: Oh, I know! So many childhood traumas of bikins that would slip off at the top.

amy w - over and under: Ha! Well, I guess you're the opposite of me since I was completely wrong.

brittansalisbury: Glad you agree!

Caitlin Rose: Cool! I hope the Drake has them in stock! The last time I stopped in they only had a few things on the shelf.

Camille: Ugh, seriously. I know that there are situations in which teeny tiny underwear is necessary, but I still hate it!

alice: Yes! Sometimes I feel as though we've forgotten about it. I blame Victoria's Secret! Undergarments are meant to work, not just look "sexy."

taylorkitto: Whoa, lucky you!

anja louise: YES! FBC. The best. The nice stuff IS so nice. I don't think there's much that compares to "fresh new bra" feeling. Or maybe that's just me? And daaaaang, that is really too bad about the floral swimsuit. Bet it was a beaut.

Miss Crowland: Sing it, sister!

april: Ha! I love the image of you rummaging through the bins for full bum coverage. I bet those clerks are like "Gross, granny panties!" Ha. And ew, flossers. Kind of gross to think about that.

hila: Oh, Hila! Celebrate it! It's torture for me too and I seem to be the opposite of you. I often wish I were an A cup, seriously.

gbf: Oh! A man who doesn't like them! Aw. I hope he will change his mind. I think the lacey ones I posted are very sweet!

viv: You know, I've seen the Fortnight in person and I think maybe the model just has a very long torso -- they're not as high waisted as The Loved One's pair, but they're still rather high! But then I don't know your exact taste, of course. Hooray indeed!

erica-knits: Yes! I'm also a big fan of boy shorts. I think they're flattering.

Suzy: I'm not sure about everyday brands! Someone mentioned finding them at Target, but I wouldn't know... I do like American Apparel's boy briefs, which aren't quite the same but provide the same hip-emphasis and bum coverage!

oaklandetsuko: That is so funny! I'm so glad that low risers seem to be a thing of the past.


  1. looks wonderful! we'll be in town for a whirlwind visit this weekend to celebrate my cousin's wedding! wishing we could spend more time and have a little visit with you!

  2. i adore discovering lovely little places that make me feel cozy and warmly welcomed without the distractions of too much trend, loudness and big price tags. i have a few places i like in ottawa like that, too... a few of them were "best kept secrets" that are not so much so, but regardless i love them. i actually like these pics - they are all-encompassing, but they are lovely and convey the feeling you're talking about. :)

  3. i've been meaning to check the common out for a while, but only for breakfast/brunch...i had no idea it was open later on in the evening, too! looks like we might be bumping into each other there... :)

  4. i want to grab a beer with you!

  5. oh my god...i had no idea it was also a bar! i just thought they did coffee. i wish i knew that when i lived down there! i am long overdue for a visit with you guys, perhaps we could go there one night? :)

  6. WOW! I wish I lived in the neighborhood so I could check this place. It looks really nice. I love the way you describe it and the photographs are GORGEOUS. I mean it. You are so talented. Seriously. You are one of my favorite blog. Have a good day!

  7. this looks like my kind of place. you captured it perfectly.

  8. I always walk by it and it looks so cozy inside, but I've been too intimidated to go in. but since you recommended it maybe I'll try to muster up all my courage and take the leap ; )

  9. ooo i just snapped one of your totes up! yay!

  10. I loves The Common. Perhaps a drink is in store?

  11. ooooh, anabela! there better be seats when we go on saturday, haha. my new fave spot, too!

  12. wow this place looks perfect: totally unassuming and lived-in with a collection of homely vintage pieces. the perfect cafe/pub.

    i just did a little blog post gushing about your totes! i'm adoring mine. if i can be frank: you are fully and quintessentially DA BOMB, anabela.

    my blog is http://www.lion-heart-vintage.blogspot.com

  13. the time I went with you and Katie was my first time there at night! I loved it! it is so cozy there! I had a great time that night!

  14. How gorgeous! i only wish i lived nearlease enjoy it twice as much on behalf of we who cannot enjoy it completely! Much love.

  15. Looks like a gorgeous spot to me too.

  16. I love The Common and have been so intrigued since I heard they're licensed at night - this is exactly what i wanted to hear!

  17. Omg, I almost had a heart attack. ANOTHER TORONTONIAN! I'm so excited. I will bookmark you on my safari just so I can have quirky food locales at the readY. So excited!

  18. yay for the sale and, actually, I kind of like these photos - they feel intimate and individual. It sounds so good, I think everyone needs a good coffee place and general spot to hang with friends.

  19. I had no idea it turned into a bar at night! Thanks so much for letting us know - I'm definitely going to check it out.

  20. That looks so interesting! Very intimate.

    Lela London - Fashion Blog

  21. what a photogenic place. i can see why you love it.

  22. I went to the common tonight, that's right, where you go I will follow!

    great recommendation so thank you... also, the wine was SO cheap!

  23. This cafe is amazing. "...Even if I struggle to take a decent picture of it." The shot of it snowing/raining outside is perrrrfect.

  24. I am lovinnng these photos!!