Lately Geoff & I have been having so many things printed through an online printing company that when they sent me an offer for a free custom mug, I jumped at the opportunity to have one added to my order of postcards and stickers and whatnot. I love custom junk like this! I would have a cabinet full of photo mugs if possible (I think this love was triggered by a mug in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind).

I decided to make a commemorative mug of my own, this one commemorating the first and only time that I had a teeny tiny, six week old kitten in my life.


Same Length Pinkies: True. Gym class was amongst my least favourite classes, but sometimes I wish I had a mean gym teacher to make me run a six minute mile again.

Miss P: Thanks for saying hello!

M.M.E.: My brother had his autobiography and I used to flip through it quite often.

zoƫ, lion heart vintage: I know, right? Pretty great to revisit these fresh faces.

NICOMADE: So good, right?

Stephanie: I miss that version of ol' 99.

Heather: You, lady, are a GENIUS! I'm actually mad at myself for not having thought of running to Xanadu. When I run I sing along to what's playing, I don't even care! It makes it so much more fun.

Katie: Oh man, my brother was such a hockey NUT! Still is, works as a scout!

Lexie, Little Boat: Super cute, I agree!

Caitlin Rose: I always thought I was the only one.

Alison: Nice! That's pretty awesome. Fitness is cool!

C: Yeah, I know, I really could care less about it, although I have to admit that when I was in journalism school and my fake TV crew interviewed one of the handsome Russian hockey players on his way out of Maple Leaf Gardens, I was pretty starstruck.

jlee: I remember how much the kids at school worshipped Kareem! I had forgotten all about him.

Reanna: Glad you appreesh!

hilarymargaret: I'm glad you enjoyed them and shared your sweet memories!

Michelle: Hilarious -- I actually had that terrible episode on tape and it's completely burned into my brain forever. The Hawaii hockey skit? I will never be able to forget that.

sara: As am I, most of the time!

Linn Maria: Ha! Can you believe it? I remember the scandal when he moved to LA...

andrea: I love the McEnroe. Actually it was through hunting for McEnroe pictures that I came across these.

Danielle: Not enough for me!

Cat: Glad you liked them!

Ringo, have a banana!: We never had Wheaties in Canada -- or at least they weren't on my cereal radar! I liked the Pittsburg Penguins because their logo was the cutest. That's just how I rolled.

Tanglewood Baked Goods: Yeah, so beautiful!

If Jane: Aw, so cute.

Our Youth: Glad you enjoyed.


  1. holy meow, this is precious! what company is it by chance?

  2. ponymug!!! Custom mugs are also awesome to have made for people's birthdays. We've had a few gifted and they always make me crack up when they get pulled out of the cabinet.

  3. What a sweet little mug! I like how even though it has a heart & a kitten (which can get too kitschy) it remains rather understated.

    In other cat news, while cleaning through some boxes, I came across this highlighter tape that I forgot I even had! I found it at an independent office supply store several years back. Researching it online I came up short with any information. The neat thing about it is that it is that it works just like correction tape (same width, too.) Everything else I came across looked like coloured Scotch tape!


    I didn't have a camera with me at the time so I just scanned it. Anyone (I mean you, fellow readers!) is welcome to post it elsewhere if you so choose.

  4. Oh snap:


    Maple frosted!!!

  5. nothing is quite as sweet than a mug with a kitten on it :)

  6. omigosh i think i just died a little from the cuteness of that photo!!! <3 i so need a kitten in my life right now..

  7. where do you get your custom printing done?? i have been asking for a custom mug for my birthdays/christmas for the last three years!!

  8. Holy cats, that's a sweet mug ;) My sister had one made for me for my birthday one year. It was a still of Jude Law from "The Talented Mr. Ripley." So, everymorning, I got to enjoy my coffee in Italy with Jude.
    (ps- I sing out loud when I run, too!!! I thought I was the only one. So glad I'm not alone :))

  9. Oh, I love that mug. I want one toooooo! :)

  10. I love the really cheesy ones you can get in malls, although I do think it's always kind of creepy when there are those insane baby faces on them.

    This one is just perfect and adorable :D

  11. Just had a read of a few of your posts. Your blog is waaaayyyyyyy awesommmmeeeeeee. You take great pictures and everything is so shiny and bright and pastely! Love.
    - C x

  12. oh my gosh, this is just TOO GOOD. how weird is it that if you sold these, i would buy one?

  13. I'm gushing over this so much, I think "adorable" doesn't even begin to cover it :) I want one too!

  14. oh and to answer your question (which I just noticed now): my new tumblr blog is here http://portraitscollection.tumblr.com/
    it's basically a small collection of portraits, since I'm a bit addicted to them.

  15. This is just the sweetest, Anabela!!!!

  16. Ha my goodness, you are clearly the greater Gretzky fan! Also just have to say that I have some sort of sick thing for photo mugs as well, I had a really ugly (not even close to as cute as this, seriously) one of my dog and loved it to bits.

  17. PS. Have you seen this photo? http://www.flickr.com/photos/gooldays/5570918459/in/pool-976267@N20 So very dreamcats.

  18. Anonymous18.4.11

    The heart shape really makes it. I can't believe how fast Pony has grown. I guess that's what kittens do - become cats.

  19. I love your photo of the mug :)
    And am also a mug fan! Not so much cupboard space now, so have to be selective... boo!

  20. hello anabela, so good to see that someone also shares love for mugs i had to stop buying them because i have no space for them! well, one day i will also make that for my sweet kobe, the six week puppy that came to live with me! right now he's only 3 months :) hugs, twiggs