flowers & cats, cats & flowers

Just a few things I've been enjoying lately.

Oh and hey, I've mentioned a "spring line" on here a few times -- looks like that's just not going to happen, unless I magically acquire some of those shoemaker's elves who are happy to spend their nights stitching a hand-rolled hem as I sleep. It's cool, I'm sure you're all okay with this news. Spring even tried to wait for me to catch up. How nice of you, spring. I'm not fully comfortable talking about a "spring line" anyway (who do I think I am?), so maybe it's for the best.

Beautiful Siri modelling for Bows & Bandits. Photo by Katharina Reckendorfer.

I love Joanna's outfit.

Martin is full of great ideas. In this post, he provides a PDF of the "Meow is the time" artwork and encourages you to print it on violet paper, hang it, and send him a picture. So awesome.

Claire's interview with Hannah about Bobo and Pippin made me so proud to be a cat lady. The "Bloggers + Cats" series is pretty sensational as a whole.

Photo by Rogier Houwen.

Photo by emilyharriet.

I should figure out how to make these braids.

Perfect blouse by Alexandra Grecco.

At this time next week I should be (barring any unexpected circumstances -- you never know) meeting Kate at Heathrow for the opening of Other People's Houses. Crazy! It's going to be great, right? No need to panic? Yeah! Awesome! London is cool. These two pictures are a few more of my outtakes (Pony is so much easier to photograph than Oreo, so if you're wondering why I rarely post photos of Oreo: it's not because I don't love her, but because I'm lazy). Vic's been posting interviews with the participants of OPH this week, and they're a good read.

Oh and that cat-art is by Sonja Ahlers. It's made a few appearances here already -- pretty sure it's my apartment's spirit animal.

Speaking of sweet Vic, her photos are always so wonderful.

Under from WATERCOLOURS Music on Vimeo.

No doubt you've seen this video posted elsewhere, but I do believe that it is one of the prettiest music videos I have ever seen.


Okay, WHOA YOU GUYS. I was not expecting such a nice reaction to our window display, so I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you. You are all so sweet. The window was really fun to pull together! xoxo

suffragette: No, they're from the Designer Fabric Outlet. Mokuba would have been so expensive!

Susannah, Tynan, Angelica: Funny you should say that...

Chelsea: You are so kind, Chelsea. I don't know, I feel like I'm just a silly ol' dabbler. I like to keep crazy busy, I guess? Next stop, mental breakdown.

Juli: Sorry about the comment thing, I turned off anonymous commenting for a while -- I hope it's not too annoying (although for the record you're the only "Juli" who has commented here, I think, and I always know it's you! And ha! You guys would probably have a lineup of super talented artists who would design displays for you.

in dreams: I can tell you where we had them printed, but email me! It was a trade secret that was handed down to me and I don't want to post it publicly.

amy: The very same! Although last year the magnolia bloomed in early-ish April and has yet to bloom... Cool that you work at Swan, that's a great restaurant! And I hope your bag came already!


  1. soft and filled with sunlight. just what i needed.

  2. Calmtastic. Also, that outfit is so good & then I clicked to her blog and was like oh AND Chanel shoes. Give it. Sigh.

  3. i just learned how to make a fishtail braid myself. i remember begging my mother to do it in my hair as a little girl, but she could never tackle it. it just took a week of trying and i can now say the talent has been perfected! a sexy blonde brit showed me how to do it on a youtube video.

  4. Wow, lovely! She reminds me of Kira (the female gelfling!) from the Dark Crystal..that's a compliment! Hehe.

  5. Anonymous28.4.11

    another pretty video for you, and local to boot

  6. ahaha, ok! i will! :) thanks!

  7. Aaaaaaaah. Dude, I am so excited!!!! xx

  8. so much loveliness and pony is just the cutest! have a great time on your trip!

  9. Hello Anabella, I just wanted to let you know I passed on a blog 'award' to you since I really appreciate your blog! Feel free to come over and have a look at what it consists in :)

  10. Merci love, nice company to keep! Joanna just became my insta-muse. You're coming to London! Next week! We'll meet and inevitably talk about cats a lot! x

  11. You have the most beautiful blog.

    I'm a little obsessed! xx


  12. I haven't seen this Watercolours video before! I love the singer Chelsea Jade's blog (http://willowships.blogspot.com just in case anyone's interested), she's a fellow New Zealander so I'm hoping to catch a gig if i'm ever on the north island. Oh and yay for pretty pictures

  13. love love all these beautiful photos!

  14. thank you so much for giving my video another home on your blog! it is most appreciated indeed.

    needless to say, i adore your space here.

    x chelsea jade

  15. Anonymous28.4.11

    ooo fishtail braids are super easy but so fun! It's just like braiding except only with 2 chunks of hair. You just move a strand from one chunk to another!

  16. going to print Meow Is The Time... looks like just the office cubicle decor i needed!

  17. everything is so very lovely! I'm feeling pretty compelled to print the 'meow is the time' poster now..
    I wish I could have a kitty, so so badly, but this silly apartment won't allow so.

  18. that pic of siri on the stairs is so beautiful. also thanks for linking to martin's "meow is the time" poster. i am definitely going to print it out and frame it for a wall somewhere in my house... it's actually my desktop wallpaper right now.

    ps: london london london! i'm so excited for you guys.

  19. So much pretty in this post!

  20. i just happened to be using some violet paper for a print job at work today so I added "meow is the time" to the stack and it's now posted in my work cubicle - so awesome.

  21. Your posts are always so inspiring.

    And I think that the whole concept of having a 'spring line' and being a small business is wonderful! I totally understand the whole time-crunch thing, but I just wanted to say that I don't think you should discard the concept completely. Maybe next spring. Or a summer line. Because your work is beautiful, and deserving.

  22. ahh braids, a never ending amusement :)

  23. wow, there are so many beautiful things on this post! i love cats, too. and photography. and that video! (:

  24. Oh boy! I'm really flattered Anabela!!!
    Pretty, pretty and inspiring as always! A visual treat!

  25. Anonymous5.5.11

    whoa nice blog! and i love the post about kitties. glad to find you!