Here are a few of the black and white shots that I didn't submit for Other People's Houses. These were taken with Fuji Neopan 400 film in my Canon A-1, and during the winter when lighting was a challenge. Also a challenge: trying to create a sense of intimacy using material I have shared so many times before.

I sometimes joke to Geoff that my pictures are basically student work, especially when using black and white film, because I didn't take photography or art in high school or college. I have some catching up to do.


kater: Oh I know! I'm afraid that by the thing everything blooms I will be in London and will miss it, since they've already had their blooming. I guess I can't complain too much about that, though.

Elise / Pennyweight: Thank you! That means a lot to me. That's a nice quality.

Tiffany: Thank you! And yeah, it's a pretty funny name. I actually use the Super Orgasm powder! Even more intense.

andrea: Thank you!

Hopscotch: You'll love it, I know it!

elle :: everything reminds me of you: Yes, I hope you can see them in person and that they won't disappoint.

suffragette: Thanks for the sweet comment!

Jane Flanagan: Thank you! I always find that ultimately fantasy novels were a letdown -- something in them was always off. But the Martin books, for some reason, were just too good to me! I watched the first episode the other night and I enjoyed it very much.

Caitlin Rose: Oh yes, so nice! I hesitated before buying the NARS blush in powder form since it was so expensive but I suspect it will last about a year. It's actually quite economical that way...

Lolo: Oh no! Aw, what a bummer.

Siubhan: Yes, it's so beautiful! Lovely photos. I downloaded the first episode myself, since that's how I get all my television. It was pretty entertaining!

Devea: I like it so far!

Anonymous: I love the Chanel "Boy." It looks like a nice lip gloss, very light colour. It doesn't stay on very long but I enjoy reapplying it because it smells and feels lovely. I used the NARS on my cheeks a bit, but apparently you can apply it all over your face and neck. I have been using the same product in a powder as a blush and I quite like it!

Diana: The one in the picture was a NARS illuminator, but Stephanie also sent a Chanel one called "Boy." A nice pinky-nude shade! Lovely.

Mari: Thank you! The black and white film is Fuji Neopan 400, and the colour film I usually use is Fujipro 400, although I am going to try 160 soon. I guess they're pretty grainy but I like the grain, personally.

in dreams: Oh neat, glad it worked for you. Yes, the strap I got is so perfect for me. It's not adjustable, but I don't mind that part.

Tiffany: Thank you, I hope they arrive here soon too!

Kennedy: Thanks, sweet girl! xo

Twiggs: Oh I know, they can be so heavy! I don't tend to carry the camera around my neck very much since the A-1 is so heavy.

EvaForeva: Yes, I like that it's two-tone! Very pretty.

Phara: Oh, I hope you will like it!

Stephanie: YES! Was Kat (filmstills) someone you followed at the time? I met her on Livejournal years ago! And although I've yet to meet her "in real life," I've met some of her friends in real life... the magic continues.

lyce: Thank you so much for your sweet words.

martin: You're welcome! Looking forward to the next issue.

dkmart: So glad you enjoyed! That's pretty much everything that I'm about.

Liz: It's true. It was like an instant support group... until you found out that your real-life friends were making fun of you behind your back. Not that I would have any experience with that, of course. Ha!

angela: Thank you! Yes, that blouse is pretty and I love that the top button is hidden.


  1. I love your recorder player! and if this is student work than I think you're an all A student :)

  2. I agree with Jessica! You're great with the camera.

  3. haha! i used to teach b&w photography. If you were my student I'd be very proud....

  4. I love the way you have things displayed on your bathroom shelf.

  5. your photographs are beautiful, so it doesn't really matter what your credentials are, and anyway, it's all the more impressive that you take such lovely photographs without proper training!

  6. Stunning shots! Ever since I got my vintage Fujica I've been using color Fuji 800 and never thought to try black and white. I took a course in B&W photography in college and kind of got enough of it but now after looking at these beautiful photos I am reconsidering :-)

  7. I love this set of photos Anabela! I've only shot one b/w roll so far and it turned out to be very contrasty, yours seems to have softer tones, maybe I should try Fuji Neopan film next!

  8. These don't look like student work!
    They're all very lovely, it's hard to take really good black and white photos.
    Btw, I love My Bloody Valentine too. :]

  9. Oh my dear A!!!
    I love these outtakes - so cozy and intimate.
    I think they are all beautiful and you don't need to "catch up" at all!! :O

  10. Nothing wrong with teaching yourself things. I find it more fun, you get more time to experiment, no pressure. I think you are on the right path, these look great!

  11. wow. perfect b&w pictures, I can't picture these in color (it's that fitting). and I love your little bathroom wooden shelf!

  12. I like the graininess (sp?) of this B&W film. I have a roll I'm yet to use because I feel like I'll put it in my AV-1 and then be limited to thinking in black and white??

    My favourite shot is the one with your kitty hiding behind the curtain. Regardless of your experience, photography is about inner expression and I think you're great at that. :)

  13. You did a great job, I very much like how intimate they are. I see you have a Crosley turntable... I've been thinking of purchasing one for a while now, would you recommend it?

  14. No way! These are really great.

  15. Anonymous20.4.11

    these are beautiful!
    may i ask where in toronto you develop your films?

    - justine

  16. excellent shots! We have very similar products hanging out in our bathrooms/bedrooms (I don't know what I would do without Lulu Organics hair powder! And Martin Amis! And Sarte! And Chloe! oh, my!) . Also, My Bloody Valentine record! Great post!

  17. wonderful shots! i see you're a fan of tocca perfume....those are wonderful!

  18. Yay 2 pictures of Pony!! Other pictures are lovely too! : )

  19. not student-ish at all!

  20. yay to black & white! I need to shoot another roll, it felt so student-y to me for so long, but no longer. I can't wait to see the rest of yours. Also, the glasses! Amazing.

  21. Hi!
    Lovely photos! Would you mind sharing where you found the middle and bottom pair of glasses in the left column?

  22. I think these are lovely regardless of lack of any proper training x.x.x
    Casie Jean

  23. lovely especially love Pony at the window, so cute :)

  24. Anabellissima, these are stunning, and certainly not STUDENT work, silly. You have *no* idea how excited I am for the unveiling of the project (and to hear how you and Kate Miss do up London, too!).

    Finally catching up around here and my, such heavenly, soft tones of blush and powder to take in- it's like a tranquil bath for my brain after the choking dust and heat and intensity of color in Rajasthan. Lots of love from India! xo

  25. Love these shots so intimate and familiar. I love seeing how people live and exist in their space. These photos do the trick!

  26. Yes, wonderful photos!

  27. i think these photos are lovely, esp for someone who has never been formally taught. i really love the grain. it's so beautiful, and a great addition to the photos.

  28. hi anna!

    nice photos. its a nice change to see your vision in black and white. my favourites are the two 'counter' shots. #4 and #10 - there's a timelessness to the objects that combined with the black and white makes it so dreamy!

    i wanted to mention.. i've seen your totes on three different girls this past week around the west end and it really made me smile because i thought in my head ' im part of your club!' if i wasn't so shy i would have started a conversation ( about you;) but alas... perhaps next time i will make some friends!
    anyway it prompted me to finally get my own tote. i just ordered a black one. let the fan club grow ever wider!

    keep it up.

    Amy W

  29. i love all of them, but especially the one of the sartre -- my mother bought and read the same edition back when she was in high school, and then i read hers around the same time. so it automatically reminds me of home!

  30. I love them all, but I think the very last one is my favorite! You're very talented:)

  31. Your photos are always so beautiful!

    Oh, I feel bad I didn't tell you how much I love the tote bag . . . I've been carrying it every day since it arrived and it's just perfect. :)

  32. I don't think I followed Kat at the time, but that's awesome. I did first meet Kris Atomic, Zana from Garbage Dress, and Steph from N.E.E.T. on there. So fun seeing what they're up to now!

  33. Wonderful photos! :) xx

  34. I actually think you succeeded in creating an atmosphere of 'intimacy'! I'm also smitten with that large cat print on your wall. And oh, your collection of glasses; Enviousss!

  35. Anonymous28.4.11

    the photos look lovely, also without a degree :)