I love seeing sheer blouses pop up on fashion blogs, since sheer blouses are such an easy thing to come by in thrift stores. I recently bought some georgette (poly, because it's cheap and I don't want to destroy silk chiffon or something equally nice) to attempt some sheer t-shirts of my own, or possibly a collared blouse that I can wear buttoned all the way to the top. It's time to practice those delicate fabric seam techniques I've read about so many times.

To me, they are so ladylike, reminding me of French movies from the 1970s and 1980s, but with the tomboy edge that I adore.

From Jeana Sohn's closet visit with Giorgia Tramontano (top) and Nicole Simone (bottom)


megan, Meg, beckie, Moorea Seal, Caitlin Rose, chelsea, Katyha, Louise, sunkentreasure, Alexandra Steinmetz - Champagne and Chiffon, Same Length Pinkies, Poppy Coburn, Courtney, katy, galatea., F.M., janul, t, Miss Cris: Thank you all so much for your sweet comments! I'm completely in love with the skirt and so happy to have found it.

Diana: I know -- I've tried to ban polyester from my closet but it's so hard when all I'm buying are thrift store clothes! And aw, thanks.

Victoire: Yes, definitely do it! It's so easy to turn a boring old sweatshirt into something a little nicer!

celine: You need the poster!

Mallory: Kindred spirits!

Darcy: I think I used to own something similar myself! And yes, treats are always so nice. I'm pretty much the last person anyone should ever take financial advice from, though!

Ringo, have a banana!: Yes, do it! Do it!

zoë, lion heart vintage: Aw, always so sweet, you!

katrina: Today I'm wearing black and tan, but thank you! Ha.

Bite The Beat: Aw, thanks. I haven't seen that before! Sounds amazing! I do love ice cream shaped household objects!

Galit: Aw, I hope that you too can have it one day. It's so great. And thank you!

caroline: Thank you! And I know how it feels to want something so badly for so long... the Lover one is too pretty, but sadly, for me, completely out of the question. Unless I found it for 75% off somewhere.

RDYN!: You know, I thought of taking twirling pictures! But by the time I thought of it, my picture-taking patience was gone.

andrea: Aw, blush!!

Camille: The AA one is nice, but it's more champagne-y in colour and a bit heavier. It's pretty! Ooh, I had Smurfs sneakers too! But they were just white. I begged and begged for them!

Joanna Goddard: Thank you so much! And aw, haha!

michelle: Thank you! I really hope to show people that it's so easy!

Crystal: Thank you! I'm learning to love it. I was pretty attached the fringe for so long, but I'm ready for a little change!

erica-knits: Thanks! I ended up getting a set of the bobby pin style barrettes with black marbled tortoiseshell from the same company, but from eBay -- they're perfect!

Jane Flanagan: Cue the evil laughter! I love it!

Elise / Pennyweight: Oh, I hope you'll share your recreation! I'm sure you will do it beautifully!

Katie: How do I do it? I don't know! I can't get used it -- my lips look weird to me, ha!

Alicia: Yes, sometimes when I'm taking a picture I do a quick tease with my hand because it can look so flat in pictures! I like your take on it.

Lexie, Little Boat: Flashdance is so excellent!

Kate: I am so looking forward to seeing the pretty things you bought!

sarah: Well, you love your skirt (I saw your love letter to it!) so it's worth it!

Abby: Oh yes, she looks lovely!

elegant storms: Aw, I'm sorry! He made it to experiment with only.

hila: Thank you. I'm usually shy about posting photos of myself but I'm trying to do it a little more -- just to show people that even those of us on the verge of being plus size can wear pretty things!

Gina: Thanks so much! Your skirt sounds fantastic, and I certainly know all about wearing something every single day when one is newly in love with it!


  1. So perfectly you!! I still think about those Gillian Tennant ones you blogged about a while ago.

  2. I have some sheer tops but never know how to wear them! a tank top underneath looks clunky and a bra looks too sassy for me. i just had this issue the other day and ended up dumping the shirt into the giveaway pile in a fit of agita.

  3. I love the idea of a sheer tshirt. like you say, the girlness with a tomboy edge. can't wait to see what you come up with!

  4. i've been looking for that perfect sheer blouse too! i really love the beige tones you wear, they look heavenly with your olive skin.

    ugh i just can't wait till summer so we can wear sheer EVERYTHING

  5. Dude, we are on the same wavelength for sure. I just bought a bunch of yardage of poly fake silky stuff in that exact same coral pink color, and am going to use it to pattern out some different blouses! I'm going to use them as a muslin and try for silk later... exciting!

  6. beautiful - have been obsessed with blouses lately, and love the sheer tunic. can't wait to see what you come up with. x

  7. I love the androgyn effect of a long sheer blouse, but it being sheer, gives it indeed that feminine touch. It's great to combine with everything: maxi skirts, shorts, trousers, just about everything, that's why I love them so much.

  8. You've inspired me to pull out my sewing machine again - it's been tucked away for far too long.

    PS. That Acne blouse is perfect! So cattywampus.

  9. i found a fantastic sheer sleeveless white blouse last year while thrifting in ottawa (i swear i find my best stuff there...a missoni skirt for $4 at value village!!!) and i can't WAIT to wear it again this summer....esp with some cute high-waisted pants... :)

  10. ah, just the idea of sewing chiffon scares me. But yea, I definitely love sheer shirts that are buttoned to the top. they are always in such nice pinks and creams as well.

  11. i love a blouse...especially saying the word! i saw a great friend crossing a busy street recently whilst i was waiting in my car at traffic lights...she had a gorgeous blouse on with jeans & boots...she looked beautiful! dayle

  12. One of my favorite things to wear are simple t shirts made of nicer materials. So far I have a lace one, raw silk, and a couple in viscose. I'd really like some in silk chiffon though!

  13. I am such a fan of the new sheer phase. It's definitely comfortable in the summer!

  14. I'm always finding sheer blouses in charity shops here for cheap cheap. Super feminine and I think blouse is probably one of my favorite words. Can't wait to see what you create!xx

  15. that sounds like such a fun project! i love sheer blushy fabrics, and peachy neutrals are so inspiring. it's a very 'cinematic' color and fabric, no? we've been having a long cold spell here so i'm looking forward to warmer temps to bring out my silk blouses!

  16. I love the one on the top left, and have been meaning to go to the fabric store myself to make a cropped version of something like this...but alas my sewing machine is broken x.x.x
    Casie Jean

  17. Anonymous7.4.11

    Love these! Good luck with your project :)

  18. Oooh love love love! Not to mention how good they feel on your skin.

  19. Gorgeous! I'm all about sheer...it's perfect for the spring season!


  20. Beautiful inspiration photos! You blog is so lovely :) This sounds like a fun project. I bought a sheer, muted brown t-shirt by Walter on super sale a few weeks ago and it is now my favorite thing to wear ever.

  21. These photos are beautiful.
    Your blog is really amazing!

  22. I love sheer blouses too, I am looking for some here too

  23. this is stunning!