sleep solves everything

I am not enjoying the absence of real spring so far (last year at this time we had blossoms, which haven't yet arrived), but I have been enjoying these things lately.

Geoff and I like to collect independent publications, particularly when they are well-made and filled with beautiful photography and illustration. I recently ordered a copy of  Sova Magazine, since it fits these criteria. Beautiful sleep-themed photography with excellent design -- it's perfect. I love sleep.

After Anja wrote a post about handmade leather camera goods from JnK, I became obsessed with finding a leather camera strap for my Canon A-1. There are some really nice leather camera straps on Etsy, but since I was using a perfectly fine strap that I had made, I couldn't quite justify it. I was happy when I recently found this pretty one, by Wander. It was pretty affordable, and came with a discount for being her first sale. Leather camera strap satisfaction!

A collection of things that I'm really into: peachy pink polka dots blouse with a cute collar (thrifted, of course); a beautiful Polaroid and some makeup from the most wonderful care package; a fantasy novel.

The package was sent by a longtime friend from Seattle, Stephanie, who included a Chanel lipstick (my first: Rouge Coco Shine in "Boy"), earrings, samples of flower-based creams, and this NARS illuminator in "Orgasm" -- all for no reason, other than she's the sweetest (she sent me a painting that I wrote about here a few years ago, but as diving into the archives makes me cringe, I'll leave it for now). More than ten years ago a childhood friend of mine convinced me to start a Livejournal, and while I often find myself wishing that I had not embarrassed myself on the internet throughout my twenties (those were some deeply confessional times!), Livejournal was pretty good to me & I met some pretty amazing people through it, including Stephanie. It really was just like an extension of the zines & mix tapes & letters I used to get from penpals in high school.

And Game of Thrones. This book will forever remind me of the summer I spent listening to Mary Timony's Mountains in my car in an endless loop, reading this book in the sand at the lake (I may be conflating a few memories here, and a few different George R. R. Martin books, but if that's how I remember my youth, that's fine with me). I adore this series of fantasy novels unapologetically and I am looking forward to watching the miniseries as soon as I can.

These are the printed copies of my Other People's Houses photos. I used a mix of colour and black and white film and wound up with a fair amount of outtakes. It's difficult to be objective of my own pictures, especially when they are of my apartment (forever and ever amen), but I hope that when you see them, you'll like them.

If child me could see me now, she'd be pretty happy to see these stickers, although she'd probably think the word on them is kind of weird.


Darcy: I got it from Vistaprint. I use them for everything these days.

jen: That's why I love them! They can be so hilarious.

Alison: Thank you! And thanks for sharing the Cat Liner -- that's pretty funny.

Ringo, have a banana!: Whoa, there you go! I would totally eat that.

Ella, in dreams, Phara, kater, hila, Charlyn W: Thanks, guys! I'm glad you like my mug and don't seem to think that I am nuts.

Sandy: I got this one through Vistaprint but honestly you can have it done in lots of different places. If you're in the US there are so many options. Almost anywhere that you can have photos printed will make mugs as well, and most of the time they will have some kind of online program you can use.

Heather: Ha! That's amazing and so clever.

Cecilia's Heart: Thank you, and thanks for saying hello!

Hollie: Ha! A whole new range of Ponyface mugs for sale...

Michelle: Whoa, that photo is so beautiful! Thank you for showing me.

hellojen: I know! I actually feel sad when I notice how she's looking more and more like a cat rather than a kitten. I think they should stay tiny for a few years at least. So cute!


  1. Sleep does solve everything! This year I've discovered the wonderful-ness of afternoon naps ;)

    I've been looking back at This Week Last Year type-posts, and it kills me that we had all kinds of blossoms and grasses and budding trees! Some things are starting to get hazy around the edges, but it's not here yet :(

  2. Beautiful post! Everything you share is incredibly dreamy... I love that about you!

  3. hmm, too much pretty to respond. and i feel your nostalgia, and appreciate the child-you pride. (can i just add that i have the 'orgasm' blush and gloss, and the name never ceases to freak me out.)

  4. Lovely collections lady. I can't wait to see the photos on Other People's Houses! xo

  5. All are beautiful, Anabela!
    Yay, I can't wait to get my copy of Sova!!! :D

  6. Nice camera, lady! Looking forward to seeing your Other Peoples Houses photos properly. x

  7. you have such lovely taste and i just love reading your blog - full of nifty and pretty goodness

  8. Beautiful photographs. I'm excited to see more of your Other People's Houses shots. Everything looks stunning!!

    I have to tell you I watched Game of Thrones last night and am hooked. I never read the books (beyond Tolkien, fantasy wasn't really my genre), but I love watching it on telly!!

  9. what an amazing care packed! care packages are just the best. My friend emma had nars blush in orgasm when we were in high school and we used to all put in on if we were going to a super cool party. Now that I'm an adult and live in a city that sells nars products, maybe I should pick some up.

  10. Oooh nice camera strap! My friend just gave me a spare woven one that she wasn't using. I wanted to put it on an old film SLR that I have... only to discover... there is no way of attaching ANY strap!! I'm pretty gutted.


  11. Thanks for writing about Sova - it looks beautiful - I'm pretty tempted by it!

    I've been hearing about Game of Thrones all over the shop these last few weeks, but I think it sounds great. Seeing as it'll be a good while before the series makes its way over here, I guess I ought to get started on the books!

    Your photographs are beautiful, as ever.

  12. all nars products are amazing. have been dying to try that one for a long time now! xo

  13. Anonymous18.4.11

    great post ! any comments on how the chanel "boy" is looking , feeling and staying on??
    is it pretty sheer ? would love a little "review " of it !!
    do you use the nars as a blush on your cheeks? i have never tried it , would love to know how you are using it .

  14. I love the camera strap, so beautiful.

    Also! is that a new lipstick?? share! please! i'm still swooning with you on your discovery of lipstick.

  15. Beautiful post as always. I love that magazine, I must have it!
    P.S. What color and black and white film did you use for those prints if you don't mind me asking? I really like the coloring. I've been wanting to try black and white film but don't know which to buy!

  16. i'm so excited you posted that link to sova...i tried to order it the other day, but had scripting issues with the font on the page, and couldn't make it past the 'order here' button without it crapping out. so hooray! i have now ordered it, thanks to your link. :)

    those photos look awesome...i can't wait to see them! and as for the camera strap, it's like you're reading my mind - i was just thinking about what awful options there are out there for leather straps (sorry, i don't want to look like a tourist in my own city), so i'm gonna keep my eye on wander's etsy site.

  17. lovely post!
    blossoms have arrived here (i'm in greece at the moment!), hope they arrive there soon too!
    i've heard the nars products are great, haven't tried them yet though!
    and i really do believe sleep solves things! :P
    lovely blog!

  18. i love the pink polka dot shirt and actually just that whole picture of things you are into right now <3

  19. i loved that camel camera strap and i need one too for my yashica, because heavy as it is, that tiny strap kills my neck! and those stickers are fab!! twiggs

  20. What I really like about this camera strap is that it's nice and thin. The use of white leather is gorgeous too! Thanks so the link.

  21. I ordered a copy of Sova too, it looks so good and loved all the little extra's! What a lovely leather strap for yr camera.

  22. I love that you mentioned Livejournal, as I spent the entirety of my adolescence on there, whining to anyone who would listen to me. It seems like everyone has the same look-back-and-cringe reaction now, but you're right--so, so many cool people. There are maybe 20 girls whom I've lost touch with who might still have packages I sent out during those heady days...I'm glad to know that sort of thing still happens! x

  23. Your photos are sweet sweet sophistication. I feel your pain about the weather; I feel quarantined at this point. ps love those stickers..

  24. maaw —thanks for blogging! let's exchange stickers (& other presents*)

  25. Anonymous19.4.11

    Sigh. Nothing better than a peachy polka-dot shirt, Chanel lipstick, fluffy kitties, and an afternoon nap. I am totally smitten with your blog. Thanks for putting a smile on my face.
    xo Deirdre

  26. Oh, echoing the livejournal sentiment! I got rid of that thing ages ago, but sometimes I miss what an open forum and how easy it was to meet wonderful people through the communities. Today's blogs have better content (less navel-grazing, for sure!) but the social aspect just isn't the same.

  27. That peachy pink blouse! Lovely post, as always.

  28. Those stickers are so simple and nice! Love it. I haven't seen the first issue of Sova irl, but I might be in the next edition. Exciting!

  29. oh, I need a new camera strap too. I'm using my dad's old 80's vinyl?nylon? strap that is very ugly. thanks for the great find.

  30. sleep DOES solve everything! love your blog :)

  31. damn, you even like Game of Thrones ? You must be perfect then haha.