specs & other people's houses

Earlier this week, I came home to a surprise in the mail from Classic Specs: a pair of their Beaumont frames in maple crystal tortoise. Another affordable eyewear company offering cool frames! If you live in and around New York City, Classic Specs is often at the Brooklyn Flea. They look like this and this on me, and like something else entirely on Kate (I am so fond of that picture of her). They don't ship to Canada yet so I was pretty chuffed to get them. So nice!

These came with demo lenses, and I think I'm going to have them made into prescription sunglasses. I hope that I can get them in time for my little trip to London with Kate for Other People's Houses, a photography show curated by Vic. If you live in London, please consider yourself invited to the opening.  It doesn't feel quite real, any of it. I have only been to London once, when I was 17, and even though this trip will be short, thinking about it makes my heart want to burst with a combination of fear (I haven't seen my pictures yet!) and excitement.

Oh, for those of you who asked: I've listed the dip-dyed totes. Thank you!


Jane Flanagan: Thanks, Jane! It's funny that you should say that, because I almost added some of her blouses! I've actually been working with her on something lately... eek!

Verhext: I usually treat them as layering pieces. I usually wear them with a slip or some kind of camisole that mimics the lines of a bra at the top but obviously provides more coverage. If I wanted to wear them with just a bra I would wear a cardigan or something over top!

Jessicat: Thank you!

zoƫ, lion heart vintage: Aw, thank you. Good luck with your hunt!

anja: I like being on the same wavelength as you! Although I am not confident enough to try silk, and perhaps will never be.

kove: Oh, yes, I've been hoarding them!

Phara: Yes, you are so right!

Alyson Redding: Mine has been collecting dust a bit, so sad!

in dreams: Oh that sounds just perfect!

Caitlin Rose: I know, it scares me too. I've never done it before!

gbf: Agreed, it's such a beautiful word.

Sara: That sounds wonderful!

Chaucee: Yes! I love it so.

Katie: Nothing better than finding things for cheap cheap!

miss sophie: Agreed! I have definitely looked at the picture of Nicole Simone and thought about how it looked like a film still!

Casie Jean: Oh no, I hope it can be fixed soon!

oktooca: Thank you!

Katie: Oh yes, silk especially. So perfect.

Twenty.Something: Thank you! Glad you enjoyed!

Shara: Thank you! It sounds like you and I agree.

sanakan: Thank you! I only took one of the pictures myself, though, ha.


  1. I love these sorts of companies, I wish there was something like this in Australia. There are none I've heard of, and I don't want to take the risk buying glasses without trying them on i.e. warby parker.... but I'll probably cave eventually haha.

  2. yessssssssss x1000 more s's.

  3. london is my favourite place on earth! enjoy your time there.

    p.s. your side sweep looks good.

  4. love the glasses - they look great on you!

  5. I love the glasses. I need to get some, and those are just the frames I like, although I'm not sure they would suit me. I'm finding it hard to find anything I like or that suits me, in fact (glasses are pretty new to me).
    Also, I have just moved to London, so this exhibition is so exciting; all my favourites in one place! I am there! have a lovely weekend.

  6. anna sargent9.4.11

    excellent glasses there.
    i live in a grotty flat in south east london and have been following your blog for doses of pretty inspiration and escapism when i feel a bit grim.
    very exciting that you are coming to london, really hope i can make the show!

  7. love these frames! i am so glad more and more affordable companies like this are popping up! XO

  8. Thanks for sharing. I haven't heard about them. And the box makes them look super expensive.

  9. Anonymous9.4.11

    Are you going to dip-dye the other bags? I'd love a dip-dyed version of "Flowers...", my favorite.

  10. Great specs!

    Ooh i live in London, i'd definitely go to the opening, it sounds fantastic! I hope its not the month i go nyc haha!

    Nesha x

  11. Love your cat sweater in the second photo. So rad you guys will be here and so lame I will be out of town! Excited for you both!!x

  12. oh i would also love one of those!!! i can't wait to get a pair of new glasses for me! though i love using lenses, sometimes i get a little fed up with them... and my eyes could use some rest as well! :) loved your bangs! happy sunday! twiggs

  13. these are awesome! you look great in them!

  14. I will be coming to the opening to say hello! :)

  15. These glasses are so cute and they really suit you! I saw the photobooth photos on your Flickr! Adorable!

  16. I'm so excited about your London trip for you, I'm sure you'll have a blast. I know that combination of fear and excitement. Congrats Anabela!

  17. ohh....the dip dyed bag is delightful.

  18. How exciting, I can't wait to come and see!