summer is coming

I'm feeling pretty excited about summer, when my dreams turn from sweet pink blossoms to clear blue water. I have no real plans, as I find that I'm usually lethargic in summer and just want to be outside riding my bike or lying in the park, reveling in the haze, eating summer fruit. The other day Geoff was ironing tote bags and I realized that the very idea of doing that in our apartment in August made me shudder. In my case, summer is usually the death of productivity, but how enjoyable it is...

1. Summer Goals

Anne & Christie maintain Summer Goals, a blog containing all the best summer imagery & wishes for hot times. They are working on a new project that they've asked me & Geoff to be a part of, and it's made me think quite a lot about my own summer goals. Renting tandem bikes on the island. Ice cream & iced coffees. Hot pink nail polish. Baskets and baskets of Ontario peaches, Mexican food, rosé. Nothing grand at all.

2. Summerland

I imagine that by now almost everyone knows that the tote we collaborated with Summerland to make is now available... I'm just really thrilled about it (It's just always so much more fun to work with people you adore, and I really adore Megan!). I keep finding myself idling browsing Summerland for pretty things to add to my mental wish list.

3. Summer Water

Some of you may recall that last summer I worked with Caitlin on Summer Water... we're gearing up to start working on it again. Fingers crossed that I can get my act together before the oppressive heat of July!

I just realized that all the ladies I have mentioned in this post are people that I have been lucky enough to have spent time with on our trips to Portland and Chicago last year! Aw, I love it.


introducing: west elm & etsy pop-up vendors, part 2

Here are the remainder of the Etsy sellers who will be at the West Elm & Etsy pop-up shop on June 4 (part 1 is here). Again, I can't guarantee that these exact items will be for sale at the event -- they are simply my personal favourites.

Clothing and accessories by Leilanni
(ETA: I have just heard that Leilanni will not be able to attend the event -- but please do visit her Etsy shop and enjoy!)


introducing: west elm & etsy pop-up vendors, part 1

Last week I mentioned that I was curating a pop-up shop at West Elm with some local Etsy sellers, and today I would like to introduce you to some of them. Some might not need introduction, though! I know some of them personally, and some not, but they are all fantastic. There are so many creative people in this town that assembling them all would be impossible, but I'm proud of this bunch.

Please note that I can't promise that these specific items will be available for sale -- they are my personal favourites from the respective Etsy shops.

Geoff & I will indeed be selling our totes & ties at the event -- they make a pretty distinguishing feature if someone wants to write a Craigslist missed connection about you (I still can't believe that happened). Photo courtesy of Hannah.

The Facebook event page is here; please feel free to click "attending." It happens on June 4, and I hope to see many of you there. I am always happy to meet you sweet folks!


last of london

When you bring home four rolls of film to develop after a five day trip... Still, it's funny how much is left out. Sharing a bottle of wine with Vic & Kate in the garden, for example. I have no pictures of that.

A comically oversized meringue at the V&A (it was delicious though)

The home of the Hackney "Mole Man"

On the train to the airport. Nearly in tears here, saying good-bye.


flowers of london

Katie shared her flowers of Paris, and here are my flowers of London. I couldn't get enough of them. Vic took us to the Columbia Road flower market (and Claire met us there), which I adored, but I think my favourite flowers were the ones growing wild in gardens and in Vic's own glorious, lush, green backyard. I also loved the fragrant flowering tree at the end of her street.