field trip weekend

Thank you, Hamilton, for making Field Trip a great success! I loved meeting the girls from Victoire and Preloved and spending time with friends from Robber, Yarn Over Movement, and White Elephant. The space the event was held in is so pretty (the former Friendship Shop on James North), and I'm looking forward to seeing what it will look like post-restoration. Thanks to everyone who said hello, and thanks too to our friends who came over from Toronto. I hope we can do it again!

Sadly, I didn't get any pictures of some of my favourite parts of the weekend, including the real live rescue kittens in the window at White Elephant. I managed to take a few other pictures on Saturday, which happened to be a particularly gloomy day, weather-wise. I wish I had more to share, but I did enjoy the fact that the colours in these turned out unlike any that I've taken with my A-1 (I cheaped out on film & processing, which might be why).

Victoire's setup was amazing! One of my favourite discoveries through Victoire was a Montreal clothing label called Ursa Minor; Régine was wearing this dress on Friday and it was sensational.

I allowed myself one purchase and came home with one of Tara Lynn's merino sweaters. I am smitten -- it's so soft, and just completely irresistible.

I spy some work by Becka!

I bought inexpensive bunches of roses at one of the flower shops on Avenue Road and they opened up so much! I really loved them, and lots of people stuck their noses in them over the two days.

Incidentally, we've opened our shops again, if you're interested, and there will be more pictures from London soon (so many pictures!).


Some comments were deleted last week during the Blogger maintenance, but I shall reply to them anyhow!

kater: Thank you, and I hope you can! It's always great fun.

Alyson Redding: Thank you! I agree, I think it would be great.

Hopscotch: Thank you! And yes, so busy! But I think I can relax a little now. Maybe? Ha!

Phara: Oh yes, it would take years to discover it all. I love that in a city.

megan: Oh yes! I hope you get the chance if you haven't already. Well worth a visit.

bferry: Thanks, Brian!

julie schmulie: I hadn't noticed that somehow, but you're so right! I kept seeing people that I thought I knew.

emmalavelle42: The LC-A+ isn't the cheapest camera, but sometimes they pop up on eBay for less (or the original Russian ones -- those can be quite cheap). It's a great camera, though, I really love it. I think the pictures will be on the OPH site after the show closes on Wednesday!

la-perleta: Thanks! Yes, it's a great little camera.

abneal: Ha, I deleted that statement lest I offend anyone. I love vacation photos too, although I have to say that it depends on the photos!

neonfoxtongue: Thanks! I guess I spent a lot of time near your old haunts!

Chloe Lees: Oh no! That's too bad about the camera. I hesitated so long about buying it because of the price but I carry it around with me nearly every day. Just love it.

jessica: I spent hours there! Just the perfect department store. Thank you!

Smart Alice: Thank you! Enjoy the chocolate!

Sewon: That was a little book display window in Liberty. It's backlit so it's difficult to see but there's a neon sign that says "BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS."

Tracey: Thank you! I hadn't put any b&w film in the LC-A+ before but I was pleased with how they turned out. Good luck with your adventure plans, that's the best!

Melissa: Thank you!

Juli: Yeah, another Juli[e] pointed it out, and it's so true! Everyone has a doppelganger elsewhere in the world, it seems!

greenlaundry: Thank you!

ilovesasek: Aw, yeah. Well, I'm glad you got to meet Geoff -- he really is sweet! And thanks for picking up that tie! I'm happy he likes it!

Mandy: It's a great place indeed.

galatea.: That's such a sweet compliment, thank you.

in dreams: Oh yes, probably anywhere outside of North America, really! Although I have recently found eggs that were organic/free range and the yolks were the right colour (amazing). Have you seen this? Vic collected them, ha!

Lexie, Little Boat: It really was, and I'm really grateful.

zoë, lion heart vintage: Thanks! That's Vic! I kept trying to sneak pictures of her carrying those flowers around for hours, it was such a pretty sight.

amber fairweather: That is a very nice thing to hear, so thank you!

hila: Oh Hila, you're too sweet. And I know the feeling because I felt that way! I don't have the excuse of having been a PhD student, though...

If Jane: I'm sorry! Unless that's a good thing?

jessica: Vic collected those pictures here!

rose brown.: Thank you!


  1. Looks like such a beautiful event!

  2. i'd be happy to live right in the middle of this forever.

  3. wow! wish I could have been there! your photos of the event are just stunning!

  4. Ohhh, this is soooooooooooo wonderful!!!! :O

  5. Man, you are getting to be a real pro at these displays!! Gorgeous.

  6. Looks like it was a gorgeous event! That big Fieldguided wall hanging/banner is a home run, too.

  7. ooo! that sweater looks so cozy. and since it's only 60 degrees here today, not that unjustifiable for a may purchase...

  8. holy crap lady, these are so fantastic, always further impressing me! oh nerves are so hard, but i didn't know anyone else was nervous, so i guess we all just were & we all handled it wonderfully & was such a great time anyhow!!! i want to have a reunion already. still thrilled about your welland purchase, send me some pics in it if you can!

  9. ps. will get photos of jason in his lovely tie too! he was so surprised.

  10. mmm, i love the idea of rich yellow yolks...i'm thinking of trying to coerce my way into some of the secret farmer's mkt ones here, but apparent it requires dedication for the heartiest of souls! i wish we could keep chickens in our backyards (esp. rescued ones, a la jamie oliver), here - they are the most amazing pets!

    also, i saw vic had posted that right after i commented. the circle IS complete! haha.

    those roses are to die for, btw. i would've stuck my nose in too if i'd been there! sounds like fun...

  11. Your display looks beautiful, Anabela! It looks so dreamy and feminine, the roses are a great touch. I love how many you used--like a little garden on the table there.

  12. Ooooh...those are some gorgeous roses. Perfect and creamy!

  13. oh my, this looks amazing. I wish we could have stopped by!

  14. Anonymous16.5.11

    looked like a beautiful event. as well as your photos.
    everytime i cheap out on processing, the colours and feel don't come out quite as beautiful as these.


  15. I love the one of Geoff arranging wares! Your table looks amazing, the big poster is so awesome. Such a good event, wish I could have been there hangin' out!

  16. These displays look so lovely xxx


  17. Love the effect of these images.

    And those roses... gorgeous

  18. Oh everything looks beautiful. I was sad to miss it, I was out of town. but that means you'll have to have another one. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos.

  19. Yes to a reunion! After spending almost two whole days in pretty close quarters, I miss everyone already. So happy to have spent this time with you, and your display was unbelievable!! It really means alot that you dug ours too! And your pictures are simply stunning. Thank you for capturing what felt like a magical week-end for us! Definitely would love to do this again!

  20. such beautiful photos. maybe the colours turned out so magically because it was a truly magical weekend!

  21. This looks so lovely! Wish I could have been there :)

  22. Oh how pretty! Looking forward to more photos of your trip too. It's nice to see London through your eyes...lens...eyelenseye!

  23. Looks like a fantastic (and beautiful!) event, wish I could've been there to see it in person. Nice work and please drop a line if you'd ever like to do a trade....

    -elizabeth, Ursa Minor

  24. your display is gorgeous and the roses are so perfect! all too often roses seem like that cliche perfect flower so i love how wild and unruly they look here. makes me want to grab a bunch!

  25. ohhh, your table looks so beautiful, congrats! and a big congrats about london!!
    i'm so behind..........

  26. Fieldguided + fieldtrip = aamazing photos ! <3

  27. Anabel, I want to live in a world that looks like this table! The bloomed out roses and linen are simple luxury.

  28. Your display was beautiful!! Very inspiring. . . .I love roses so much right now!!