introducing: west elm & etsy pop-up vendors, part 1

Last week I mentioned that I was curating a pop-up shop at West Elm with some local Etsy sellers, and today I would like to introduce you to some of them. Some might not need introduction, though! I know some of them personally, and some not, but they are all fantastic. There are so many creative people in this town that assembling them all would be impossible, but I'm proud of this bunch.

Please note that I can't promise that these specific items will be available for sale -- they are my personal favourites from the respective Etsy shops.

Geoff & I will indeed be selling our totes & ties at the event -- they make a pretty distinguishing feature if someone wants to write a Craigslist missed connection about you (I still can't believe that happened). Photo courtesy of Hannah.

The Facebook event page is here; please feel free to click "attending." It happens on June 4, and I hope to see many of you there. I am always happy to meet you sweet folks!


michelle: Yeah, I was happy with how that one turned out! And I hope I will...

Rachel: It's such a cool place.

Emily: Oh nice! Although we did have a sad experience having breakfast by the canal. It involved a dead goose floating in the water and his sad goose friend. Really heartbreaking.

Lolo: Oh yay, I hope they're great!

Hopscotch: I'm just a big baby, really. And thank you!

Caitlin Rose: It's the V&A!

olivia: I think Kate has a very similar one as well... I imagine it gets photographed often! And thank you.

Tana: It sure was.

gee: I hope you make it there!

Stephanie: Thanks! Oh yeah, I think 90% of my life is undocumented. It's funny how it doesn't seem that way, though.

steph.: Thanks! These seem a bit cold and grey to me, despite the fact that it was really quite sunny while I was there. I think it's partially the film, though! Fuji film has a bit of a cooler tone.

katie merchant / thank you, ok: Thanks, girl! Such a good food market.

Sarah: Thank you! I took notes about all the places we visited, and sometimes the Flickr photos have a little more information -- most of the pictures I took were while walking around, really!

P R I M O E Z A: Thank you!

Christina: It was a perfect trip indeed.

chrrristine: Aw, I'm sorry! I enjoyed my Pimm's at Scolt Head very much. And the Mole Man story was so intriguing! I had to take a picture of the house.

jlee: Yes! And then you have to come back to work and your life and cleaning your apartment... sigh. Although it was so nice to come home to Geoff & cats.

minnlaria: Thank you!

Sharks Keep Moving: I'm glad you like that one! I felt very touristy then.

kate / tinywarbler: Thank you! We certainly did!

elskan: Pretty amazing, right? There are parts of the story that have become urban legend and that probably aren't true but make really crazy additions. And thank you!

PinkBow: I think we did! I thought five days wouldn't be enough but when you can't be bothered with the usual tourist destinations, five days is perfect for walking around, eating, and taking pictures.

hila: Oh, I know. I cry when I leave, and when I come back. I can't help it. I'm usually exhausted and overly-emotional, I think. Kate is holding a cat-shaped egg cup! She bought it! It's on her blog: http://forme-foryou.com/2011/05/them-thangs.html

irene: Thanks!

soph (owl vs. dove): Thank you, it was.

─░pek said...

My god you made me crave for London. How I miss the city.. Hopefully I will be seeing what you saw in late June, so I will not sit and cry at the moment. But very very lovely photos! Loved x

Morgan Ashley Allen: Agreed! I actually rarely have a camera with me and cannot stand the "camera" on my phone! And thank you.

amanda jane: Thanks! It was nice.


  1. LOVE that deadweight card/stationary!!

  2. It's going to be amazing!

  3. What a fantastic group you've put together. I so wish I could be there!! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  4. This sounds like a great event! June 4th is the day I pick up my little puppy so I'm not sure I can make it but I'll sure try!

  5. your pop up store sounds so exciting, gauging by the lovely lovely photographs!

  6. Amazing, dear A!
    It's gonna be sooo great! :D

  7. Uhh, everything great in this world is at the V&A!

    and I'm so excited for this event!

  8. I want to eat that soap!! Too bad that would be disgusting :)

  9. Anonymous26.5.11

    ha! that craigslist ad is insane! though i'm not surprised, as i saw a woman doing her groceries whilst wearing her fieldguided bag:)
    looking forward to the show!

  10. oh my , just spotted a photo of one of your totes that lives in Sweden: http://www.finelittleday.com/?p=6963

  11. Such talented group of people! I am sure this event will be amazing!

  12. wow, that missed connection thing is amazing! did he find her!?!?!

  13. Loving those leather clutches, ooh!

  14. Ohhh, that may be the most charming 'advertisement' I've ever read! The longing, the sweetness. ;^)

  15. that ad is so sweet - I can picture the dreaminess of it.
    can't wait for the show!!

  16. Anonymous30.5.11

    @rebekka Me too! I thought it was white chocolate for a second:)

  17. Thank you! I am so excited, and looking forward to attend this Saturday!