introducing: west elm & etsy pop-up vendors, part 2

Here are the remainder of the Etsy sellers who will be at the West Elm & Etsy pop-up shop on June 4 (part 1 is here). Again, I can't guarantee that these exact items will be for sale at the event -- they are simply my personal favourites.

Clothing and accessories by Leilanni
(ETA: I have just heard that Leilanni will not be able to attend the event -- but please do visit her Etsy shop and enjoy!)


Nome Alone: Yeah, she does great work!

Jane Flanagan: I hope to see you there, missy!

Chelsea: Thanks, Chelsea!

Renee (eatliveshop.com): Aw, well that's very exciting! Congratulations on the new puppy.

rae: Thank you!

Hopscotch: Can't wait to see your lovely face there!

Caitlin Rose: Yay!

Rebekka Seale: It does look really buttery, doesn't it?

lovemaki: Cute! And I know, I got such a good laugh out of the ad.

Natalie Jean: I saw that! Pretty fantastic!

Elena: Thank you!

roberta jane: I don't know! I keep hoping I'll find out somehow...

The Velvet Bow: Agreed, they're very sweet.


  1. That Sugar Bush spoon looks good enough to eat!!! I wish I could attend. I feel like 80% of creative people I love are based in/near Toronto. Maybe that's just the blog/tweeting community I've tapped into thus far though...

  2. Good stuff. Looking forward to checking out some LeilanniLand items in real life! Black clothing is a weakness of mine....

  3. This is a great post! I'm craving one of those graphic pillows!

  4. love all of these esp the wooden bike tray very nice. have a happy weekend.

  5. so, so good. great selection! i want to eat whatever is on that spoon though.......although i'm sure it's for your face or something.
    and so funny about that craigslist post!! xo

  6. i love that wooden basket for the bike- very trendy x

  7. i love the whole motley of etsy sellers! i really must check them out, thanks!

  8. I'm finally going to be able to meet so many people I've only corresponded with online!

  9. That pillow is rad!