LB's catzine

A while back I was contacted by one of the art directors for Little Burgundy's slick & stylish in-house magazine. She told me that they were working on a cat-themed issue and that she was hoping to use the picture of Pony in the bathtub. The piece I contributed to ended up going in a different direction, but I was so thrilled when I picked up a copy of the magazine! So many talented Canadians were involved, and of course, so much cat love makes me happy, especially without the use of "crazy" before "cat lady."

Melinda Josie was commissioned to do the cover, and there's an interview with her inside (it's also on the micro-site, if you'd like to read it now). Melinda got married this weekend, by the way! Congratulations to Melinda & Chris.

Contributors' page. I love how Sarah Nicole has whiskers on her face!

Speaking of which, here is beautiful Sarah Nicole in the prettiest lace. Fancy cat indeed.

Curated collection by L'atelier J of JJJJound. One of my pictures of Sonja Ahlers' eyelashes cat print is included there in the corner -- that kitty gets around.

The piece on the left is about me, cats, and dreamcats. I (hilariously) get called a "super cool chick" in print -- a banner day!

The magazine, which is filled with far more cat goodness, is available for free in Little Burgundy stores, although those stores are only in Canada. Sorry, rest of world!


Jane Flanagan, marissa (stylebook), Hopscotch, Sabrina Armani, Caitlin Rose, Yuli Sato: It was a really lovely event and I'm so grateful to have been asked to participate. Thank you!

Celine: Thank you! They took a lot of editing, phew.

Miss Crowland: Ha, thanks! I generally don't change them too much but try to add something new every time... I'm sure I'll run out of ideas soon enough.

DEADWEIGHT: Yeah, I loved that poster! We just had enough wares for a tiny table so it was nice to have a big ol' banner for emphasis.

Lexie, Little Boat: It's been chilly here too, which I'm happy about! I get to wear my sweater!

tara-lynn: I wish more of the ones of your section turned out! Maybe on the next roll. I'll try to get pictures of the sweater soon! I just love it so much. Thanks for a great weekend, lady! And I was happy to give Jason a little something. Always a fan of cute boys in ties!

in dreams: Yes! The roses definitely attracted noses, which made me happy, although they didn't have a very strong scent.

Maggie: Thank you! I wanted bunches and bunches and bunches, but the table was small and I think the amount I used was appropriate. I get to enjoy them for a while longer, lucky me!

Rebekka Seale: Yes! And just on the tip of decay, which I like.

amanda jane: Oh, too bad, it was really fun!

lovemaki: Oh, well, I did edit the colour in the photos quite a bit. When I got them back they were so polarized they hurt my eyes!

anja louise verdugo: Thanks, buddy! Aw man, shrink yourself down to pocket size so I can take you around!

Casie Jean: Thank you!

Suite Henry: Thank you!

Victoire: Hellooooo! Oh yes, your display was incredible! I'm looking forward to seeing my other roll of pictures since I think there might be a few more of your display in there. Thanks so much for organizing the event, you did a great job.

Hollie: Maybe some magic, but a lot of editing too! Isn't that always the way with magic? Ha! Thanks for a magical weekend, buddy!

Katie: Thank you! They're coming! Maybe tomorrow or Thursday.

carissa: Thank you!

elizabeth: Oh that would be amazing! Your work is incredible.

stephanie renee: I know, right? I think it's because they were just on the verge of dying. I love that roses can be so different depending on the variety! I think I spent $25 total, which I think is a pretty modest amount for all that beauty.


  1. a banner day indeed! congrats cat lady :)

  2. Wow! This is super wonderful indeed!
    Well deserved I say (you super cool chick! heehee)!

  3. wooooahhh! neato!

  4. That looks amazing. The cover is incredible. Definitely gonna try to grab one next time I'm on Queen! Fingers crossed for an ample supply.

  5. Oh no, I want one!!! :)

  6. awesome!! this is just what i needed to cheer me up on this yucky day (i'm sick+grey sky = badness). i might have to steal two...

  7. Neat! I'll pick one up later today. I love Little Burgundy.

  8. Yay Anabela! I hadn't realized that you and Pony had a feature in the magazine! That's fantastic! I can't wait to see it! (And thank you for the congratulations! You're the sweetest! xox!)

  9. a great collection,
    oooh, i want this magazine :)

    * handmade unique plushies

  10. Grrr I really want a copy! Any chance you could do a giveaway of it for us non-Canadians?? OR I could trade you for a piece of art! http://www.etsy.com/shop/alliefraley?ref=pr_shop_more

  11. Um, this looks amazing!

  12. Man, have got to get my hands on this mag! But where's Little Burgandy? Only in Toronto?...Booo :( And what an honour to be in such a rad mag, about CATS! I can think of no cooler thing.

  13. Have you seen Best Coast's 'Crazy for you'? Ultimate music video catlady goodness: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8_aQjT5SKI.

  14. Check it out! Pony is famous. The magazine looks awesome in real life... why it's siting right next to me! GO TEAM!

    xo re

  15. Ahhh I want this! Where is Little Burgundy?
    I love the cover tag line. Congrats, all my cat loving friends!