pop-up event with west elm and etsy

I am happy to announce that I will be hosting an event with West Elm and Etsy at the West Elm location in Liberty Village on June 4! Abby hosted this event in Austin in March, and I was so flattered to be asked to select some (but not all, of course) of my favourite Etsy sellers for the Toronto event.

There will be a broad range of Toronto-based sellers & wares at the event, including scarves & bags from Scout & Catalogue, stationery from Deadweight, jewelry from Big Tinsel, housewares from Bookhou, and many more.

If you live in the Toronto area, please feel free to come & say hello! You can RSVP via Facebook so that West Elm will be able to provide appropriate amounts of food & drinks. When West Elm hosted the little pre-party for Little Winter it was a really lovely event with plenty of champagne, and I know this one will be lovely as well. I hope to see you!


VeganCraftastic, erin jane / atlantictreefox, Jane Flanagan, Louise, caroline, Rachel, Alyson Redding, amanda jane, elle :: everything reminds me of you, erica-knits, Hannah, Up The Wooden Hills, Katie, Rhianne, Phara: Thank you all so much for your sweet comments -- I'm glad you enjoyed the images!

Claire * Lola Is Beauty: I'm happy to hear that, though! I love the "Vicpic" and the term "Vicpic" too!

Nadinoo: Oh, I'm so sorry if I made you miss London! It seems that it would have been a wonderful area to live in (even if we got a bit crushed by crowds).

Sharks Keep Moving: I hope you make it

julie schmulie: I really wasn't expecting it, possibly because we had no flowers at the time -- although we soon will!

Paper Ice Cream: Yes, definitely a good one.

katie merchant / thank you, ok: No way! Your pictures of them were amaaaaazing!

vic: Aw, end of an era!

Caitlin Rose: Yes, I can't wait myself. I wish I had some of my own!

CARLY WAITO: Carly, you totally will! You have a gift for everything you touch.

dianne: In Hackney! Maybe it was your street!

katharine: I was using a film camera, my Canon A-1. No effects! All straight off the camera with no editing.


  1. Oh sounds like fun! I've never been to the West Elm in Toronto and keep meaning to go!

  2. woo hoo! how exciting! love seeing Big Tinsel involved too! say hello for me...

  3. this is so exciting! looks like some amazing vendors will be there!
    I loved your london flower photos btw! The flower market looks like a dream.

  4. Anonymous19.5.11

    congrats! I will for SURE be there.

  5. I'm so happy this has come to Toronto finally! I'm moving that weekend, but hopefully I'll be able to drop by!

  6. Good times ahead! The fortune teller in me strongly predicts that I will adopt something by Scout & Catalogue or Big Tinsel that day. And plenty of champagne are 3 words I never mind hearing together, ha.

  7. amazing! I'll have to start saving.

  8. This looks amazing! Wheeee for Etsy and for Fieldguided!

  9. aaah i'm so there! and that's really weird, since i was just thinking i needed to stop in there soon. thanks for giving me even more of a reason. :)

  10. I had such a lovely time meeting Abby at the Austin event! I wish I could attend this one. It'll be amazing, I'm sure!

  11. This sounds like a great event. Wish I could be there to see all of the great work you've chosen in person!

  12. It's gonna be a PAR-TAY!

  13. Anonymous20.5.11

    This'll be great! I'm marking my calendar.

  14. oh it's not fair, I wish I could come! all the cool things happen in Toronto. I'm looking forward to your photos from the event though.

  15. Anonymous23.5.11

    woaaw i am so jelouse! i wish i could be on a event like that too. sounds so amazing!

  16. Can I rsvp if I'm not on facebook? :) Love to come! Alana