summer is coming

I'm feeling pretty excited about summer, when my dreams turn from sweet pink blossoms to clear blue water. I have no real plans, as I find that I'm usually lethargic in summer and just want to be outside riding my bike or lying in the park, reveling in the haze, eating summer fruit. The other day Geoff was ironing tote bags and I realized that the very idea of doing that in our apartment in August made me shudder. In my case, summer is usually the death of productivity, but how enjoyable it is...

1. Summer Goals

Anne & Christie maintain Summer Goals, a blog containing all the best summer imagery & wishes for hot times. They are working on a new project that they've asked me & Geoff to be a part of, and it's made me think quite a lot about my own summer goals. Renting tandem bikes on the island. Ice cream & iced coffees. Hot pink nail polish. Baskets and baskets of Ontario peaches, Mexican food, rosé. Nothing grand at all.

2. Summerland

I imagine that by now almost everyone knows that the tote we collaborated with Summerland to make is now available... I'm just really thrilled about it (It's just always so much more fun to work with people you adore, and I really adore Megan!). I keep finding myself idling browsing Summerland for pretty things to add to my mental wish list.

3. Summer Water

Some of you may recall that last summer I worked with Caitlin on Summer Water... we're gearing up to start working on it again. Fingers crossed that I can get my act together before the oppressive heat of July!

I just realized that all the ladies I have mentioned in this post are people that I have been lucky enough to have spent time with on our trips to Portland and Chicago last year! Aw, I love it.


Arlie: That's interesting! It's probably just a coincidence, but there are lots of amazing people here, it's true.

DEADWEIGHT: Wah, sad she couldn't make it after all.

Jen: Glad you liked it!

gbf: Yes, it's great!

kate / tinywarbler: I never did find out if they met each other or not... So funny.

galatea.: I think it's so cute too!

Ella: Thank you!

Miss Crowland: Excitinggggg!


  1. Those are some really great Summer goals Anabella, you're off to a good start.

    Makes me think of creating my own list of doings for the Summer season. Yay Summer!

  2. Stunning pictures!

  3. amazing post :)


  4. Summer goals are a great idea! I'll have to think about mine! And oh boy I love that first picture. Maybe some time on a sailboat should be one of my goals!

  5. We have a few summer goals too, including purchases from the ice cream truck, camping and a trip to the island.

    I've also decided to take a few long weekends this summer in order to work as few five days weeks as possible!

  6. Oh this post has made me so jealous. We just started having our first real days of winter down here in South Africa.

  7. well it's definitely a beautiful day out today! So at the moment I'm excited for summer, even though I can't stand july and august in toronto, I'm a northern girl. But still, June is pretty magical. And if things get to hot there's always icecream.

  8. Me too on the Summer Goals project. I even made a list for myself! One of the things is to ask out the paul newman lookalike in my hood. Terrified. Def don't want the verdict published in the book!!

  9. i am making a summer list, which should be to enjoy the summer more, I'm a heat whiner! but I have some sewing projects I would love to get to, if my studio isn't a sauna!

  10. Goddamnit, of course Canada Post goes on strike as soon as I can actually afford to pick up a tote from you guys! Guess I can't really talk since I was at the protest in Halifax and I really do support them, the government's being unreasonable on this one.

    I just also want a tote.

    Ah well, your summer list sounds just about perfect - who could be down with this much sun? Substitute rosé for Lynchburg Lemonade, Nova Scotian blueberries for the peaches, and maybe add in some canoeing and I'm all set!

  11. Warm days make me lazy too. All I ever want to do is lay out in the sun and drink in the warmth!

    Loved learning about your Summer Water project! What beautiful fabrics!

  12. sweet sweet summer, i can't wait to take my tote out on all my adventures! looking forward to seeing what you summer water ladies come up with, whatever it is will be amazing like usual.

    summer is so lovely in portland, would be a perfect time for a visit. wink wink!!

  13. i find summertime to be the only time i can really take lovely+inspired photos, so that is #1 on my list....though the next thing down is picnics in trinity bellwoods, involving nectarines and cucumber sandwiches. (mmmm.) i always feel awful for not accomplishing everything in life ever in the summertime, since i love being outside and really there are only so many daylight hours in which to squeeze amazingness. i think cyanotypes (possibly on fabric?), mini-gardening, and organizing clothing swaps will be the winners of productive-me this summer. :)

  14. oh look at that pretty boat against all that blue. I wish summer was this pretty in australia - it's usually a never-ending barrage of heat, humidity and sleepless nights. Which is why I'm happy it's finally winter here.

    I like your summer goals though, especially since we'll all be able to peek at your projects here and gush from afar.

  15. Summer goals! What a great idea. I need to make my own list now.

  16. beautiful photos, especially the second one...

  17. I'm going to Portland this September, tee hee!

  18. Cool. Now, I can comment! Thank you!

  19. when i was in canada last time, there wasn't mexican food for town over. obvs visited the wrong part!