Just a quick & kind of dull note to mention that Geoff & I have temporarily closed the Etsy shop and the Big Cartel shop until May 15th. Poor Geoff practically has repetitive strain injury from squeezing a few hours of screen printing into his 12+ hour days at the computer. When I get back from England (leaving tomorrow, eek!) we'll have to start preparing for the Field Trip pop up shop in Hamilton, so a break will be welcome. Thanks for your support, guys! We really appreciate each and every single order, profoundly & truly. Watching all these little packages ship out to exciting places such as Stockholm and Paris and Tokyo and Oslo and Tel Aviv and Singapore is just the coolest thing.

If you should need a tote bag fix (?), here are our current stockists.
Spotted Moth (the Secrets and the dip-dyed Thunders)
Kid Icarus (mini meow totes)
White Elephant (Debonair neck ties)
Tomorrow Never Knows (various items)

I should have a few guest posts up during the short time I'll be away, and I hope you will enjoy them. In the meantime, I'll be studying maps, Tommy's Lo-Fi London guide, magazines, and a great book called Independent London Store Guide that Elle was sweet enough to send me. See you soon, London!

(The picture above was taken in the very hot city of Seville last year with my LC-A+. That was a nice vacation.)


erin: Glad you enjoyed!

Verhext: I knowwww, love that two-tone.

girluntitled: Oh, lucky you! I should track down that sexy blonde Brit's video.

Ameesha Lee: Oh of course! Definitely a compliment.

noshameshow: Ooh, thanks!

in dreams: Thanks for emailing!

vic: ME TOO!

stephanie renee: Thanks, Stephanie! I do love that Ponygirl.

Camille: Oh thank you! I somehow missed it -- shall have to go see.

Claire * Lola Is Beauty: Lady lady, I can talk about cats for an hour straight! Can't wait!

Rose: Thank you!

amy w - over and under: Oh yes, her blog is stunning. She left me a comment, and I did get a little starstruck! Ha!

brittany leigh: Glad you enjoyed!

chelsea jade: You're very welcome -- thank you for always creating such beauty!

Madi: It sounds easy, but I'm hopeless at it! Aw, poor me.

roberta jane: YES! Perfect.

ashley moe: Aw. I hope you can have a kitty one day! I just love them so. This morning I woke up to Pony sleeping on my chest and it was so sweet.

Miss Moss: I know, Siri is such a beauty! I'm going to print my "meow is the time" today! And yesssss! I'm so excited too.

Rizie: Glad you like it!

Suzanne: AWESOME.

museandreverie: Thank you. And thanks for your kind words. I can't discard the idea entirely, since the materials were so expensive, but I'm just going to have to present them differently, I think. Your encouragement is very much appreciated. Thanks.

the notebook doodles: Agreed. So pretty.

blorange dice: Glad you liked it!

Joanna M: Of course! Thank you!


  1. Totally forgot about Tommy's London guide, you're so smart!

  2. Have the best time! London is one of my all time favourites!! I wish I could attend your show!

  3. Have a safe trip and great time in London!

  4. Hope you have a good flight. See you at the exhibition opening! x

  5. Have a great 'lager' in the Big Smoke! Enjoy having a 'butcher's' at your photos on display. Hope you get to spend some time by the 'shake'! :)

    Cockney Rhyming Slang
    lager and lime = time
    butcher's hook = look
    shake and shiver = river

    (I actually met people who spoke like this in London. Hope you do too!)

  6. Have a great trip! I will hit "buy" when you get back, I was waiting for my paycheck anyway :p

  7. congrats about london!

  8. Have a great trip! I hope that your opening and show goes really well!

  9. London is one of my favorite cities, have fun! You will, I'm sure! And I have to mention that your shoes look so lovely, as far as I can see them :)

    Love, Lisa

  10. i hope you have a wonderful vacation!

  11. have a great time! i came to buy another thunder tote, as mine met an unfortunate end when it accidentally wound up in the laundry. total sadface.

    i'll wait til you're back! i've got my garden tote until then.

  12. oh Anabela, you'll have the best time, I'm so excited for you! I hope it's a grand adventure :) I'll miss your posts here though ...

    take care and safe flight! xo

  13. Enjoy England. Oh I miss England. I feel so nostalgic when I think of the British Countryside. Hope you have an amazing time! Looking forward to seeing your British escapades! Take care xoxo

  14. have the best trip ever! take a thousand photos and post them all so i can drool over them when you get back <3