a few summer essentials

Time for a little fluff! Or rather, a little more fluff. Here are a few things that I have been enjoying as the weather has grown warmer.

I get so many of my beauty tips from Katie (i.e. I copy her relentlessly — sorry, buddy), and I was intrigued when she suggested that I try Bb. Texture Hair (Un)Dressing Creme. It's meant to give hair a gritty and matte texture, and since every single summer I swear that I am going to embrace the fact that my hair is actually truly wavy and not straight (until I find myself flat-ironing my hair in 40 degrees Celsius temperatures), I thought it would be good to try as a styling agent. It's meant to be used on damp hair, and occasionally I remember to put it in, but sometimes I forget.

I decided to make a type of surf spray instead that I could use on dry hair; I can't remember where I first came across this idea, but it is not my own: I put water with a bit of sea salt (mine happened to be pink) in a spray bottle, and squeezed in some of the creme. A good shake, et voilà. I spray it on my hair when it's dry and finger curl and scrunch it, and I'm usually pretty happy with how it looks. Oh and I am still growing out my fringe and I am at that stage where I doubt this decision constantly.

I am so into this lipstick right now: NARS Schiap. It was recommended by both Katie and Diana. I think I'm going through a hot pink phase. Just racking up those Beauty Insider points! Oh dear.

As much as I'm loving hot pink, I still love pale pink. OPI Shootout at the OK Corral that I took from my mother since she wasn't using it, and Butter London in Teddy Girl (I bought this at Bicyclette here in Toronto when I dropped off some of our tote bags). This bracelet was a very thoughtful gift from Kate, and it makes me think of the beach. 

I recently ordered these clogs from Lotta from Stockholm after hemmin' & hawin' about them for a few months. I managed to get them on sale, which made me pretty happy. They're lightweight, comfortable, the perfect natural leather colour, and apparently made "in the middle of the forests of Småland, in the little village Torpsbruk." The branding isn't quite as sexy as that of some of the other clog companies — after all, the word "orthopedic" is displayed in a few places on the box — but they're basically the same thing, only far more affordable. The only issue that I could see with them (these were considered seconds) is that there is a tiny nick in the leather on one of the ankle straps. I probably did worse to them on my first bike ride in them anyhow.


Rizie: Ha, thanks! Nothing too fancy! Good luck with your list and goals, I bet you have a ton of great ones.

Siobhan: Thanks! I'll take the credit for the two that I took!

Heba: Thank you!

Jane Flanagan: I like dreaming up goals but I usually don't fulfill them. Sooo lazy. I'm glad you like that picture because we're actually doing something with it soon...

neonfoxtongue: Those are great! So perfect.

curious constellation: I always feel terrible when I talk about summer knowing how many people are going through the opposite weather! Ugh, I feel your pain, winter is the worst.

Caitlin Rose: I used to hate July and August in Toronto but I've come to love those months, generally. And yes, there's always the ice cream cure...

Emerson Merrick: Oooh, sounds dreamy!

kenzie: I hope this will be the year that you can enjoy summer more!

leilani.e: Sorry about that. It seems a bit risky to take orders at the moment, since I don't want packages getting lost in transit. There will be totes again soon, and I'm glad you like them. Ooh, canoeing... I cannot be trusted with that. Very nearly tipped one over last summer!

angela: So glad you agree! I recently saw a post somewhere where someone alluded to how exciting and energetic summer is and all I could think of was hammocks!

m.bardeaux: I wish I could visittttttttt, wah!

in dreams: Oh yes, it's true, all that lovely light! I do the same, make lots of plans and rarely follow through, which is why this summer I am trying not to put too much pressure on myself. Good luck with your goals!

hila: Oh, it's plenty humid here too, although I imagine not as hot as Australia! The air gets downright soupy. I feel so sorry for my cats, who have been complaining so much. Thank you for your sweet words!

Rachel Anastasia: Do it, girl!

angie: That's one of Christie's. I love it!

jlee: JEALOUS.


  1. yes, yes, yes!

    genius! summery inspired things!
    i need to try and find a pink shade!
    corals seem to do the best for me.
    i feel like i'm cheating on my red hahah.

  2. I love fluff..can't get enough of it!

    I purchased a pair of hasbeens while I was in Chicago. I am too scared to wear them because I don't want to ruin them....eep.

  3. I have the lottas from stockholm, too - I've been very happy with them (and esp. the price.)

  4. Anonymous2.6.11

    Loving the idea for the beachy hair spray! My hair has adopted a very small wave in the last couple of years (thank goodness, straight hair always has to look too perfect and I just can't be bothered sometimes, ha) and that sounds like a great way to give it a bit of encouragement :)



  5. Oh man, I love Schiap so much! My first ever NARS lipstick was from Diana actually, she sent me Heat Wave and I loved it so much that I went immediately out and bought Schiap without even trying it on.

    Pictures! (!!)

  6. Well maybe I'll grow to love them too, or my body will adapt or something. I love London nail polish, I saw it for the first time at Bicyclette the other day, there's a silver that I have my eye on. Oh, and your shoes look perfect.

  7. hahahaha!
    'after all, the word "orthopedic" is displayed in a few places on the box'

    you're so funny. and who says orthopedic ain't sexy?! ;)

  8. love the lipstick color
    my favorite oink shade


  9. Damn, I totally just ordered those shoes in a hot minute. $57?? Amazing. Glad you're liking your bracelet! :) Also, I bought asparagus over the weekend and almost emailed you to let you know. HAHAHA!

  10. ooh! those clogs are excellent!

  11. Are those sandals comfy? I'm always terrified of spending money on new sandals and having them cut my skin. I have very very sensitive skin on my feet and it seems most summer footwear (except toms and fabric-thong flip-flops) just shred my skin. Let me know if these cause any blisters or other boo-boos

  12. LOVE the hot pink lips. And I feel you on your bang growing woes - I've been flirting with the to-trim-or-not-to-trim decision for weeks. Quite curious about this hair creme business too...

  13. I've wanted that lipstick for years but I've always chickened out every time I go to purchase it. NARS is so ridiculously expensive where I live too.

  14. I was just at Bicylette and happened to be carrying my Dream tote! The girls who were working there complimented me and for a sweet second, I felt like a ~showroom model~.

    Anyhow, really admiring those clogs. Do they seem true to size? I've heard that Hasbeen sizing is a bit funny and I don't know if that's just a general clog thing.

  15. Great tip for making your own surf spray! That lipstick colour is gorgeous. And I love those shoes :)

  16. i feel the same way too about my fringe. i'm constantly pulling them across my forehead and wondering if i should go back. but for me, there's nothing worse than an oily forehead in the summer because that also equals greasy, stringy fringe...and that thought alone has kept me from getting them cut again.

    also: i love the pale pick nail polish and i've been wearing a peachy pink colour myself :)

  17. All of these products look amazing! I really want to try the bumble and bumble undressing cream.
    Also just wanted you to know I featured this post in my weekly roundup :)

  18. Damn, that hot pink lipstick is amazing! I want some, and still need to find the pale stuff too. I love the idea of fake beach hair, I should try that! I always like my hair during the rare times that I'm at an actual salt water beach.

  19. I am so clueless, when it gets down to it, about cosmetics and things (I mean, ones that are actually helpful as opposed to just makeup things!) so I love posts like these! Especially since it seems more genuine when it comes from a blog like this one, rather than one so focused on products and beauty and things.

    I have the straightest hair ever :( We should trade hairs, because naturally mine is flat-ironed, pin-straight! I would kill for any kind of texture--so I might have to try that stuff :D

  20. Sigh. There is no end to fringe doubt! Though mine have completely grown out I still have daily fringe doubt. And insanely curly hair. Basically you can look like an idiot when you have ringletted bangs. Though some pull it off so well.

  21. I love when girls share their favorite beauty products and your NARS lipstick is so perfect for summer! Armani beauty makes the most perfect transparent neon pink lipstick (sheer no. 8) and I dread the day they discontinue it because it might be my very favorite.

    I am a bit of a minimalist when it comes to hair care products but I've recently discovered some smoothing balms that I love. I wish there was a texture balm or sea spray that worked magic on my super fine hair but I've given up because I think perfectly tousled beach hair is just a dream for me.

    The bracelet Kate made you is really lovely, too.

  22. Do you have any trouble cycling in clogs? I have the Hasbeen ones that look like your ones and I find the inflexibility of the sole hard to get used to, and the fact you can't feel where the pedal is so easily? I was wondering if it is just me as surely the coutries that clogs come from are full of cyclists? Maybe I just need to try harder and stop worrying about denting the wood! :)

  23. I bought clogs from Lotta last summer and love them so much! I wish I could buy all of the colours. Sigh.

  24. I've been working on assembling a signature set of seasonal essentials (tongue twister much?).
    I love yours!--lovely inspiration

  25. jeeze thanks for that! i have been holding off buying sandals like that for years now, and you pushed med over the edge with the affordable prices and all ;)

  26. I will be following all this beauty advice promptly. I tried on NARS Schiap way back in January, but got Heat Wave instead. Now would be the perfect time to pick it up, too! I wonder if the Texture Cream would work on my super curly hair? hmm...

  27. I've been looking for those same hasbeens for weeks now but in the brown colour (my legs are too pale for the natural colour which is the only shade I was able to find in store). Are they comfy because I'm thinking of ordering them online but they are rather expensive.

    Also, I love the BB texture cream too. It's a keeper! I also love John Masters Organics Sea Mist. I have really fine, limp hair and it really boosts it without drying it out. I have tried other salt sprays but it is the best imo.

  28. I wore schiap on my birthday. Love it! -Colleen

  29. Dagmara: These clogs aren't Hasbeens, they're a different brand, and they were a fraction of the price of Hasbeens. I wore them out the other day and I didn't get any blisters but I'm definitely still breaking them in, which isn't the most comfortable process... But I think that once they're broken in they will be comfortable. I have a pair of Hasbeens clog boots that I find comfortable enough, but I can't speak to the clog sandals personally. Thanks for the John Masters tip!

  30. Butter London <3 <3 <3 yes!

  31. So I definitely bought a pair of these (also a "factory second"!) like half an hour after I read this post. I've been lusting for a pair of nude Swedish Hasbeens to go with my yellow ones, but the first pair definitely took a huge chunk o' change out of my wallet. We'll see if these guys will earn a similar place in my heart.

  32. we have the same clogs! (mine are the hasbeens though, i bought them locally on sale since i had to try them on b/c have giant pregnant feet) also, love that lipstick, so fun!
    and hang in there lady with the bangs, i was in the same boat, it's so worth it once you cross over to the other side. ;)

  33. oh, you got the clogs! i remember you wanting them awhile ago.

    schiap always puts me in a good mood. sat night in my pj's, lounging, reading and yep, wearing schiap.