As I mentioned on our Facebook page, one of the effects of the Canada Post lockout (which is now over) is that we weren't able to keep up with production since all the supplies we had ordered in the weeks before wound up stuck in transit. It will take us a while to get back to the point where we can take orders, although we're hopeful that everything will arrive this week. To those of you who have had to wait a ridiculous amount of time to receive your orders, please accept my apologies.

In the meantime, I have had all sorts of free time (that's an exaggeration), and this weekend I decided to do a little sewing for myself, which I haven't done since last fall. While at the fabric store I found some jogging fleece ends on sale (three metres for less than $10) and three things came to mind immediately: 1. the Lover Practice Roll sweatshirt that I am still obsessed with (even though I made my own version with a sweatshirt from the thrift store, and even though I discovered that the Lover one is way too cropped for my bod after I tried it on at Robber, where it is on sale); 2.  this amazing DIY that Katie posted; 3.  this cool Robert Geller sweatshirt that I've been seeing all over the internet.

I thought I'd try combining it all. I used a Built by Wendy Home Stretch raglan pattern with variations for a Flashdance-inspired top, which was so easy to make. Seriously. It took longer to cut out the fabric than to sew it. I left the hem and neckline raw; it looks pretty raggedy in these pictures but it's not so bad in person.

I used Dylon black dye, which is the product used in the Brightest Young Things DIY. Black dye is ridiculously messy, and it took forever to rinse out of the fabric and out of the pot that I used to dye the sweatshirt in, although I used only half a package rather than the 2 packages recommended in that DIY. The end result was quite paler, and had shades of blue in it, which I wasn't expecting. I was a little disappointed at first, because it wasn't what I had pictured and also because it looked sloppy in the places where the grey and blue blended. When it dried, I decided that I liked the glacial effect. Oh the beauty of hand-dyeing! So imprecise, and when it's subtle, difficult to photograph properly as well.

I sewed another sweatshirt last night to try again, although next time I will use more dye. (Also, when I sewed this one I didn't adjust the pattern at the time of cutting my fabric, but rather cut the neckline after sewing -- I didn't want to take it to such Flashdance extremes.) And maybe I will not use black  dye anywhere near my gleaming, white bathroom again.


erin jane / atlantic treefox, elle :: everything reminds me of you, carol-ine, Jane Flanagan, meltayser, angela, Ella, sara, Hopscotch, Jenny, Jo, Lo: Thanks, guys!

kater: Ha, aw! I couldn't resist and actually own a pair of those shoes myself (wedges on bottom left!).

Caitlin Rose: Hope you had the chance!

Anonymous: Thanks for the link -- that ice cream cone is crazy!

Claire * Lola Is Beauty: I heard that it's no longer raining and that you're in full-on heatstroke period! Oh, weather. And yes, those sandals are amazing -- Filippa K makes beautiful shoes.

Amanda: This one is $30 (Cdn), because it's made of a more expensive material. Thanks for asking!

Anonymous: Looks like the strike is over! If you would like one, drop the ladies at Robber a line. info [at] robberstore.com!

dani: Ooh! Thanks for that!

hila: I know what you mean! Whenever I'm folding or ironing one of our black tote bags I immediately think of this little bag I had for my gym clothes that had our school logo on it. It must have been made out of the same material, and I had long forgotten it had ever existed.


  1. I didn't know you have a Facebook page, I'll join it right away :)


  2. i love everything about this! i will definitely be keeping my eye out for some sweatshirt supplies next time i'm at the fabric store, i have the built by wendy home stretch book and haven't had a chance to use it yet!

  3. girl that sweatshirt is everything a favorite sweatshirt should be and then some! i really want to steal your sweatshirt idea here.

  4. what an awesome sweatshirt!

  5. Oh yeah! Dying in black can be quite messy. But I love the end result though and can't wait to see it on you :-)

  6. Anonymous27.6.11

    I'm also so glad that Canada Post will finally be back to normal tomorrow!

    What a lovely dye job -- I've been wanting to dip-dye or tie-dye a summer scarf for ages but just haven't done it yet. Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. I love it!
    very glacial indeed
    yeah for CP operating once again.

  8. This is wonderful and a great alternative to buying a super pricey designer version! Posts like this make me really want to learn to sew, because it doesn't seem too terribly difficult. Maybe that should be my summer project...

  9. oh that's too bad about the canada post. Hopefully you'll get everything sorted quickly : )

    Your sweater is lovely, I think the die job looks great, although I can understand your hesitation towards dying your bathroom black.

  10. oh, it's great. and so satisfying when things one makes turn out wearable!

  11. amazing. i wish i had a working sewing machine! i'm dying to make some curtains. (...i'm really trying to find away to make that sound less boring.) i also really like the idea of fabric dying or printing in the summer, when it's warm out+you can air dry things outside in the sun. :)

  12. What an awesome project! Can't wait to see more of your sewing awesomeness!

  13. I love it! you did a beautiful job.

  14. oh goodness.... the thought of black dye and a gleaming white bathroom makes me very nervous....... glad the postal block is over though :) Hoorah!



  15. looks great! i think i've been craving sweatshirts lately because of the intense AC, but i don't own any! maybe i'll make one too!

  16. I keep meaning to buy one of those Built By Wendy books. Would you recommend them?


  17. black dye is crazy. the first time I used it I was surprised at all the blotches of blue, red, green that showed up, I'm convinced you can't do it uniform. But I love the effect!

  18. I love how subtle the colour is - I think it turned out perfect. Now I want to make myself some new clothes.

  19. this is so genius! love the faded effect! totally following you!

  20. love the sweatshirt and subtle dip dye so much. pretty pretty!

  21. I covet this. It's simply perfection.