into the fields tote

We recently made some denim totes for Robber, to go with the window displays we made a while back. The posters have come down, but the totes are now available.

They are made from a really nice 10 ounce dark denim, and have been pre-treated to prevent dye transfer.

(I really just wanted to sneak in a photo of their amazing shoe selection.)

You can get one exclusively at Robber, which is located at 863 Queen Street West here in Toronto. If you live outside of Toronto and must have one, they would be happy to help you, once the postal situation in Canada is sorted out.


wallflower: Thanks! It was nice to use what I already had.

danielle and dinosaur toes: Thanks, girl!

Heba: I love it too!

Miss Cris: Nice! Ooh, that sounds complicated. It took me a while to get the hang of the simple chevron one, but I had never made them before.

astrik: Oh, I'm sorry! I hope you get one at some point.

Victoire: Ha! Maybe this will be your year. I abandoned the one I made a few times, all in a huff: "Who HAS this kind of time?"

kenzie: Aw, cute! That's the best!

elle :: everything reminds me of you: Ooh! Their DIYs are so great! I wish I were as talented as they are!

Kennedy: I never made them! I missed out.

Caitlin Rose: Look at you! Entrepreneurial spirit. I used to sell my brother's old hockey cards.

BANG and BUCK: Glad you like it!

Jennifer: Oh yes, I love the different versions available. The sunstone one is so nice.

skinnycat78: I'm so sorry! But it is a beautiful necklace -- you'll love it.

roberta jane: Yes! I made it for myself and thought, okay, I really should make some for friends, but they're so time consuming! I hope my friends will forgive me for not making one for them.

seren dipity: I love the necklace so much! Glad you like it too.

Jane Flanagan: Thanks, and me too!

sara: Yes, I think you should! It's enjoyable.

internodiciotto: Fun!

Dianne: Ha! If I were to do it correctly I would be making them for FRIENDS, but oh well. I'm friends with me!

EvaForeva: You're welcome! Thanks for saying so.

ag.: Yeah, they're popping up on a lot of blogs and fashion websites these days!

Phara: If you follow the DIY, it's not so hard, actually!

Darcy: I bet you do. Seems like the kind of skill that can come back easily!

Lolo: Yes, I love it too!

Hollie: Aw, that's nice! I had never made one IN MY LIFE!

robberstore: Yussss! Friendship bracelets for everyone.

christine {bijouandboheme}: Thanks so much! And thank you for saying hello.

PurpleDeer: Aw. I hope you can get yourself one!


  1. dang girl. you're so EXCLUSIVE.

    (it looks amazing)

  2. these are quite lovely. perfect for the summer.

  3. Ooooooooooo they are so lovely!

    I wish I lived near Robber, because whenever you post pictures from there I want everything. Those shoes! All of them! My feet are sad now.

  4. More amazing work! Well done!

  5. uh the postal service in Canada, so lame. I can see why you wanted to photograph their shoe collection : ) I must go down and check it out this week.

  6. yeah, i'm gonna need one of those...

  7. I love the denim, and the words too! Definitely looking into getting one when this damn strike is over!

  8. Anonymous25.6.11

    Ahhh that tote is amazing! (I also love their shoe collection)

    ps. have you seen this awesome icecream, its not my flickr, but I thought you would enjoy seeing it http://www.flickr.com/photos/60143118@N04/5578484304/in/pool-1390664@N25

  9. those are adorable! i love the shot where they are nestled with a bunch of shoes!

  10. I would not have been able to resist saying, 'The totes are totally available' cos I am silly like that! And the totes are also lovely. Ooh also, how can I make those nude/tan/black sandals magically appear on my feet? (probably not a good idea as it's been raining here for a month - eh, good for the roses I suppose.) x

  11. oh man, if i could buy all of the totes i would! i love them!

  12. How much is the tote? It's lovely. Just might pick one up. :)

  13. Amanda: This one is $30 (Canadian), mostly because it's made out of a more expensive material.

  14. Super nice! My tote collection's gonna get a little out of control...

  15. Anonymous25.6.11

    Let us know when the Canada postal service is all worked out I badly want the tote! From SF local

  16. Oh goodness, they are gorgeous! I simply adore the fabric! Be sure to enter my £100 ASOS giveaway!


  17. just picked one up today at robber! this makes it my second fieldguilded tote! yay!

  18. This is GREAT. Congrats!

  19. oh I love this tote, the fabric looks so inviting. It actually reminds me of my library book bag when I was six :)

  20. I saw someone wearing your Thunder tote in the Eaton's Centre today! I had a little bit of a blog love moment, haha.

  21. love these bags. your goods are just getting better and better I tell you!

  22. I saw these at Robber a couple weeks back, I need to go get one.