sailing away

We went out on a tall ship to celebrate a friend's birthday. It was so cold on the water, or rather the heat wave earlier in the week had made us overly cocky about how to dress. A highlight was a little girl on a passing boat (the "Esprit Libre") who shouted "Everybody dance now!" at us.

And as you can see in the picture of Alicia, we have given away tote bags to nearly all of our friends at this point, and it always makes me happy to see them in use.


Amanda: Me too!

İpek: I think that I can pull of round glasses since my face is square and large, but I do sometimes feel a bit bug-eyed when I wear them! So I understand!

DEADWEIGHT: The next time I see you you can try on the round sunglasses I got at Topshop, ha! Oh yes, so dark! I love it. I do love the dance vibes though -- Ladytron is a favourite of mine. Can't help it. Just wanna DANCE.

Tynan, Angelica: I'm so glad! And um, wow, you're right! Thanks for passing that along. Wish I could sniff the perfume through my screen.

lavelle: Thank you! I hope you enjoyed!

aldrin, BaronessVonVintage: Agreed!

The S.S. Santiago: Yeah, for sure!

Rizie: Agreed, I loved the show I went to recently. Let's both get the clutch! Twinsies! Ha!

sheila: I always love when you leave me a comment since you're always so sweet! Thank you! And yes, the vieux rose is a good idea -- my white sneakers are filthy from kicking up my bike pedals!

Miss Crowland: Yes! I love Arya, and all her adventures in the later books. I have a feeling the author really loves that character.

nath: I haven't -- but I'll have to check it out!

Ella: I'm glad you like it!

in dreams: The funny thing is that I have the pouch version of that clutch, from last season... but it's pretty different, it's smaller, and it's currently holding all of my makeup. So I can't stop thinking about the new version!

gracia: Thank you!

elissa @ faucethead: Yes!

Meg: I'm glad you enjoyed!

Darcy: Ooh, girl! I've been crazy busy, ha! It's my "new normal," I guess! Thanks for saying hello.

Kristien: Yessssss! I am listening to the books in audio format, since I read them years ago (I must have read Game of Thrones in 1999, when I first started working in a bookstore) and I'm going to be bummed when I get to the end of book four and there are no more audiobooks -- and when I get to the end of book five and have to wait another five years for The Winds of Winter. Not sure what it is about these books that I love so much!

Nome Alone: Aw, well I'm sure there is something else you can pull off very well!


  1. C+C Music Factory = timeless. Who knew?

  2. why oh why is it so cold now?? I kind of liked the heat wave! It must have been freezing on the water! I love the black tote back, and your friend's shoes are beauuutiful!

  3. awww, no, you! that's a fun thing to do. i turned my furnace on yesterday. i should be okay in this weather with my irish blood. but i'm not. my cousins in dublin would all be wearing bikinis. that little girl saying that is the best. love the colour of that rope. great pics!

  4. If you don't me asking...did your friend rent the boat out for the day? Did they have a captain sailing it for them?
    There are going to droves of us carrying around your totes! Summer lovin' totes styles..(yeah, that doesn't make sense...whatevs..)

  5. Ah, these pictures are just gorgeous. The sea is calling!

  6. Gorgeous, gorgeous! I wanna go sailing.

  7. aw, what an adorable way to celebrate a bday! although i get really seasick so i would not find it so adorable... but in theory boating, dancing and cute totes would be a great celebration. hooray!

  8. Anonymous14.6.11

    Awww that looks like a lovely birthday event :)



  9. I love this! I haven't been on a boat since last summer, but maybe never one of those tall ones... pretty nice. I have a buddy who works at a sailing club so maybe I'll get a chance. I love each and every one of these photos a whole bunch.

  10. I really love my new landlocked state, but I still can't help pining for the Pacific Northwest and having forests, mountains AND ocean. I haven't been on a boat in so long and this looks like a lovely time. Also, the black thunder tote ALMOST looks like denim, which would also be incredibly awesome. Hmm.. ;)

  11. these are breathtaking. love your photos!

  12. How fun! These make me long to be at sea. I live in Seattle and so grew up with friends who own boats of all kinds, from giant yachts to sail boats. I spent a lot of my childhood bobbing around the Puget Sound on them.

    It would be so much fun to dress up in nothing but St. James stripes and dock shoes and then set sail!

  13. Lovely photos!!

    My blog
    xoxo Michaela

  14. oh I love boats! what kind of ship did you go on? I mean can anyone in Toronto just go on a ship for a day? Or do you know someone who is captain of a ship?

    And yes it's freezing outside lately, I love it! and beautiful photos, as always.

  15. Wow that's such an awesome way to celebrate a birthday, love it!

  16. Sigh... I love your blog:)

  17. I used to work on this boat! Your photos of it make it look a lot more beautiful than I remember.

  18. gorgeous photos! that seems like such a fun way to celebrate!

  19. so fun. I have always had something for sailboats although I get very motion sick on the water. I guess I'll be a fan from afar~

  20. really love this set of images.

  21. My friend worked on a tall ship in Toronto one summer.

    Two weeks ago I saw stylish young woman carrying your thunder tote in Park Slope. I wanted to ask her about it but the moment passed.