I tried out a new type of film here (160 ISO rather than my usual 400) and I wasn't sure how it would turn out, but I did get some pictures that I liked. I would click the shutter so tentatively but also, typically, with great haste. I wound up with far more blurry shots than usual as the result of my hesitation/haste, such as this one of pretty neon bobby pins that sweet Kater sent me, and this one of a cool living wall in the Centre for Social Innovation building.

Top to bottom: a break in the park with necklace-making supplies; vintage Ferragamo sandals from a few summers ago; Parkdale-style living wall; a salad party with Carlos' arm; neighbourhood feral kitten, we call her Tidbit; pretty colour, although it may be a weed; feeding little Tidbit, who makes my heart ache; two rooftop shots; some shots of the new Acne Paper, which I bought off the website and which made me wish I could afford to buy things from Acne regularly (it came so beautifully packaged). This is one worth collecting.

A few other things:
-An interview with me on Aldrin's fantastic new website, The Iceberg. So nice to be asked really good questions. The Stratum section was also enjoyable. You might see some familiar faces on the site if you look through the archive (Stephanie, Hila).
-On a completely unrelated note, but one that has been on my mind since we first heard of it, this photo from outside the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo: great beauty from great tragedy. I admire the dignified way the Norwegian people have handled themselves after this horror.


fuchsia summer

I have the summer brain fog. The humidity melts away my inclination to do much of anything -- although I have, begrudgingly, been busier than ever. No cool forest & lake getaways for me! I have half-finished rolls of film languishing in multiple cameras, and any time I take a picture with my digital camera I visualize the pictures having the Xs that Marilyn Monroe famously scrawled on pictures she didn't like from The Last Sitting (perhaps not the sort of thing to joke about, given the state of her mental health by then, but I can't help it, the image was planted in my head years ago).

So for now: things! Here are some things that I have been enjoying quite a lot in summer of '11.

1. I've been taking my Fuji Instax Mini camera around with me, because it's fun to take pictures of pals and give them away. This one is of Geoff standing in front of some of the giant hydrangea puffs that have sprouted up around town. You can see one that I took of Katie & Erin here (it's so cute!).

2. Marni neon pink jelly shoes. I got these on The Outnet a few weeks ago for less than half the original price. It's been ages since I've worn jellies and I couldn't resist them because of the colour. They are BRIGHT. I mean, beacon-like. A few weeks ago I was meeting up with Katie and she could spot me from a few blocks away. She had her neon Cambridge Satchel, so everywhere we went we got a lot of commentary on our brightness. They're definitely not for people who want to blend into the background as I do most of the time.

3. I mentioned Long Winter Farm's Peony perfume here a while ago; I decided to order some samples of other perfume oils by LWF, including Black Coconut, which Bre had mentioned. I've already finished my sample bottle. It smells so good and is the right sort of light scent I crave in the summer. I also got a sample of Honeybee, which sounded intriguing when Anja mentioned it, and which I also love. Photo via Scout & Catalogue.

4. I usually try to stay away from fast fashion, but I really do enjoy Zara. I got this maxi skirt on sale and I have been getting so much use (and so many compliments!) out of it. So easy.

5. Madonna's Like a Prayer: my favourite album in 1989. When this album came out, the insert was scented with patchouli, although I don't remember it smelling like patchouli. Since I've been feeling all sorts of nostalgic for childhood summertimes lately I've been listening to this album a lot and it's still so good. The duet with Price, "Love Song," is amazing. I recently ordered a copy of the cassette for about $5 because I want to give it a sniff (my copy of the cassette is long-lost).

6.This slightly awkward self-portrait (again, with the Instax Mini) was my attempt at capturing the split bangs I've been wearing lately. My hair hasn't quite grown out long enough yet, but I was inspired by this beautiful girl to give it a try.

7. I am pretty obsessed with Karen Walker sunglasses these days, just because they have so much personality and are never boring. I got a pair of the Number Ones from our friends at Summerland. Sometimes I think I should have gone for an even more out-there style (the Bunny in Crystal Fuchsia, anyone?) but I think these suit me nicely. Photo via Summerland.

8. The new Lula! I've flipped through it so many times since I got it last week and I couldn't tell you very much about what is inside it, but I do like some of the new design elements a lot and the pictures are as beautiful as ever. My enthusiasm for Lula wanes from time to time, but I'll always have so much love for that magazine.

9. We don't have central air conditioning at home and sometimes I'll sneak off to a mall where the air is icy. I usually end up browsing around Sephora, completely overwhelmed and lost. I impulse-purchased a Sephora Collection lip stain (#06 in "Forever Fuchsia") and I really like it! It stays on for hours and feels nice on my lips. Recommended!



I love this image posted to The Sartorialist yesterday. So beautiful! I was struck (you know, after her gorgeous face) by her watch and how great it looked with her easy breezy outfit. In my most cynical moments I think it looks a little like a children's toy, but I like it. It could be one of the Nixon Time Teller P watches, which I've seen online in that same set of cyan/yellow/magenta colours.

This morning I came across May 28th, a company based out Toronto, Kuala Lumpur, and Riga, that makes affordable watches in a vast range of colours and designs, including CMYK colours. I'm pretty into them! I could get two and wear both at once as with Swatch watches in the late 1980s (not that I ever did that, personally -- I only ever owned one Swatch watch, and it was very muted, mostly white). If you prefer digital watch faces, you can customize a Timex 80 watch

So far summer of 2011 has been all about hurting people's eyes with unexpectedly bright colours in very small doses. Check out this almost-CYMK confetti manicure on Design Crush: it's pretty awesome.


we live in other people's houses

I'm happy to report that the website for Other People's Houses, a project by Vic that I participated in along with some incredibly talented people, is now up. My set is here.

"The self-portrait"

"The inadvertent product placement"

I was flattered to have been asked to participate, as I was with 1010. Attending the opening in London with Kate will always be one of my favourite parts of 2011. Thank you, Vic!

The participants: Jacinta Moore, Kate Miss, Ebony Bizys, Michelle Gow, Pia Jane Bijkerk, Hilda Grahnat, Brian W. Ferry, Kris Atomic, and of course, Victoria Hannan.


odds, ends

I always forget that my Canon A-1 has a double exposure setting built right into it. I'm a obsessed with rope at the moment since I've discovered that making rope jewelry is a fine way to procrastinate. And that little Pony? It's her birthday this month. She isn't a kitten anymore!

It's probably been taken down by now but I recently stopped by the Robyn Cumming show at ESP Gallery. She's definitely one of my favourite local photographers.

There is something about summer that makes me so nostalgic for my 1980s childhood. It was all terry cloth rompers, double riding on a bike with a banana seat, getting into scrapes, and the occasional soft-serve cone dripping down the front of my terry cloth romper. It was always so fun and felt never-ending, and being a little kid who basically lived outdoors in the company of other kids was pretty great, even if most of them were ill-behaved little brats who were always screaming and cussing and trying out Macho Man Randy Savage moves on the smallest of us ("BODY SLAM!"). I really miss it.

We listened to tapes on a white and pink cassette player that had turquoise accents. I was so happy when I found this cute portable cassette player in a thrift store -- the funny thing is it has me realize that I do not have the patience to listen to cassette tapes anymore. Fast forwarding? What a drag.

I hope all of you in the northern hemisphere are all enjoying these lazy, hazy days, and that you all have access to swimming pools or lakes or oceans. Take me with you?


pretty cards

I'm a sucker for a nice business card. Here are a few favourites from the ones I've collected over the last little while.

Bicyclette / stylist Clara Gold / Draught Dry Goods
Bicyclette / Foe and Dear
Kate Miss / Scout & Catalogue / Blood & Bandages (this is the tiny barber shop where Geoff gets his hair cut)
Odette Mattha (Wool Leather and Wood) / Big Tinsel