I love this image posted to The Sartorialist yesterday. So beautiful! I was struck (you know, after her gorgeous face) by her watch and how great it looked with her easy breezy outfit. In my most cynical moments I think it looks a little like a children's toy, but I like it. It could be one of the Nixon Time Teller P watches, which I've seen online in that same set of cyan/yellow/magenta colours.

This morning I came across May 28th, a company based out Toronto, Kuala Lumpur, and Riga, that makes affordable watches in a vast range of colours and designs, including CMYK colours. I'm pretty into them! I could get two and wear both at once as with Swatch watches in the late 1980s (not that I ever did that, personally -- I only ever owned one Swatch watch, and it was very muted, mostly white). If you prefer digital watch faces, you can customize a Timex 80 watch

So far summer of 2011 has been all about hurting people's eyes with unexpectedly bright colours in very small doses. Check out this almost-CYMK confetti manicure on Design Crush: it's pretty awesome.


Darcy: It's impossible for pink not to make it into each shot! Thank you.

lavelle, Jane Flanagan, wildflowers, P R I M O E Z A, Sarade, Joannah, Becky, Casie Jean: Thank you so much!

ARIELA WONDERS: So happy to hear it finally came.

rae: Believe it or not, I got it on amazon.com. I cut the hem and sleeves though!

tara-lynn: Oh, whatever, girl! Your place is lovely! Mine is really not all that special, trust me.

erica-knits: Thank you! I feel like we haven't made any major changes, and we certainly haven't acquired new furniture or anything like that, but we do like to change the art and things like that around. Did you spy the butterfly you gave me?

Katie: I thought it was important to show things as they are about 98% of the time: a big ol' mess!

Lolo: It's from amazon.com!

Claudia: I still don't have one with a nice floppy brim -- they're harder to find (nice ones, anyhow) than I would have expected. I was excited about Fifi!

Alyson Redding: You're welcome, hope it helps!


  1. Awesome right? I have to say that I was huge into Swatch watches when I was in my teens/early twenties and had a collection going. I grew tired of them at some point and bought a classic swiss watch that I have adored for many years, looks good with casual clothes or work wear... And yet a few weeks ago I found myself drawn to a store window in Montreal to stare at the colourful array of Swatches, and now I'm riding the same wavelength you seem to be - I'm back into the mode of wanting to wear a bright watch with a simple outfit.

  2. Love love love her watches...so different from the typical ho hum ones that most people wear. I have one and am tempted to purchase another!

  3. I have this watch (the nixon one) it is so wearable, I haven't gotten sick of it in the year and a half that I've been wearing it! I think half the appeal is the children's toy aspect! PS I love reading your blog from Adelaide xx

  4. I think she carries it off pretty well - I know that if I wore a watch like that, I'd just look ridiculous :) I'm already the size of a child, this may just tip me over even further into the kid zone. I still get asked if I'm 16 or 18 years old and I'm nearly 28! Ah, but these watches are so, so cute, they remind me of popsicles.

    I wanted to say thank you for that super thoughtful comment you wrote on my 'ideology & aesthetics' post, it really meant a lot to me reading people's reactions.

  5. Bam! Comes in a set of two... http://tatt.ly/products/youre-late

  6. I really agree with you that this Sartorialist photography is so beautiful. I love her summery and light outfit and the clock brings a really nice and fresh contrast to it with its bright and shiny colours :)

  7. I would definitely be jumping at a colour burst like that if I was capable of wearing white outfits to match. I am, unfortunately, much too clumsy for that, haha.

    And about the hat: I've seen a few that seem perfect, but once I try them on the floppy brim is just uncontrollable and either insists on flopping down in front of my eyes, or won't flop at all. It makes me wonder if I have a weird head shape or something...

  8. So bright and happy! I love them.

  9. I personally am starting to dig plaited bracelets more than watches these days. I bought one the other day, but these are the perfect accessory for a cool summer look :)

  10. My favorite Christmas gift from my Grandparents was this giant clear watch that when pressed, lit up with pink hearts! I wish I still had it. I can't believe how affordable these watches are, pretty amazing. They would be a perfect neon accessory.

    I went back to your photos and spotted the butterfly on the mantle! :)

  11. I have just come across your blog for the first time and have clicked back through so many of your old posts. This is a truly beautiful, open, welcoming space you have created here. Thank you all the way from Australia!

  12. i genuinely need to buy a new watch and i've been tempted by something elegant and classy... but this looks so much better. aha, who needs to grow up?


  13. Gorgeous outfit, you look stunning! Maurice Lanning