fuchsia summer

I have the summer brain fog. The humidity melts away my inclination to do much of anything -- although I have, begrudgingly, been busier than ever. No cool forest & lake getaways for me! I have half-finished rolls of film languishing in multiple cameras, and any time I take a picture with my digital camera I visualize the pictures having the Xs that Marilyn Monroe famously scrawled on pictures she didn't like from The Last Sitting (perhaps not the sort of thing to joke about, given the state of her mental health by then, but I can't help it, the image was planted in my head years ago).

So for now: things! Here are some things that I have been enjoying quite a lot in summer of '11.

1. I've been taking my Fuji Instax Mini camera around with me, because it's fun to take pictures of pals and give them away. This one is of Geoff standing in front of some of the giant hydrangea puffs that have sprouted up around town. You can see one that I took of Katie & Erin here (it's so cute!).

2. Marni neon pink jelly shoes. I got these on The Outnet a few weeks ago for less than half the original price. It's been ages since I've worn jellies and I couldn't resist them because of the colour. They are BRIGHT. I mean, beacon-like. A few weeks ago I was meeting up with Katie and she could spot me from a few blocks away. She had her neon Cambridge Satchel, so everywhere we went we got a lot of commentary on our brightness. They're definitely not for people who want to blend into the background as I do most of the time.

3. I mentioned Long Winter Farm's Peony perfume here a while ago; I decided to order some samples of other perfume oils by LWF, including Black Coconut, which Bre had mentioned. I've already finished my sample bottle. It smells so good and is the right sort of light scent I crave in the summer. I also got a sample of Honeybee, which sounded intriguing when Anja mentioned it, and which I also love. Photo via Scout & Catalogue.

4. I usually try to stay away from fast fashion, but I really do enjoy Zara. I got this maxi skirt on sale and I have been getting so much use (and so many compliments!) out of it. So easy.

5. Madonna's Like a Prayer: my favourite album in 1989. When this album came out, the insert was scented with patchouli, although I don't remember it smelling like patchouli. Since I've been feeling all sorts of nostalgic for childhood summertimes lately I've been listening to this album a lot and it's still so good. The duet with Price, "Love Song," is amazing. I recently ordered a copy of the cassette for about $5 because I want to give it a sniff (my copy of the cassette is long-lost).

6.This slightly awkward self-portrait (again, with the Instax Mini) was my attempt at capturing the split bangs I've been wearing lately. My hair hasn't quite grown out long enough yet, but I was inspired by this beautiful girl to give it a try.

7. I am pretty obsessed with Karen Walker sunglasses these days, just because they have so much personality and are never boring. I got a pair of the Number Ones from our friends at Summerland. Sometimes I think I should have gone for an even more out-there style (the Bunny in Crystal Fuchsia, anyone?) but I think these suit me nicely. Photo via Summerland.

8. The new Lula! I've flipped through it so many times since I got it last week and I couldn't tell you very much about what is inside it, but I do like some of the new design elements a lot and the pictures are as beautiful as ever. My enthusiasm for Lula wanes from time to time, but I'll always have so much love for that magazine.

9. We don't have central air conditioning at home and sometimes I'll sneak off to a mall where the air is icy. I usually end up browsing around Sephora, completely overwhelmed and lost. I impulse-purchased a Sephora Collection lip stain (#06 in "Forever Fuchsia") and I really like it! It stays on for hours and feels nice on my lips. Recommended!


Camille: Oh wow, I would have been jealous of you when I was younger. And yes, definitely a bright... something (not necessarily a watch) with a simple outfit. That sounds like a really good way to go.

Crystal: I was tempted to order a few myself!

Malia: That's great! Thanks for saying hello.

hila: She could carry off anything well, I think! I don't like how watches look on me, which sounds so silly when I say it!

Sense & Sounds: Those are great!

Up The Wooden Hills: Yes! Her outfit is so perfect.

Claudia: You and me both! I'm constantly staining the front of my shirts. Oh dear.

Alison: Me too!

Natasha: That sounds lovely!

erica-knits: Um, wow! That watch sounds amazing.

Lucent Imagery: Thank you so much!

rebecca: Indeed! Who does?

Melwa: Glad you liked it!


  1. I still really want an Instax! It looks like it takes really great photos.

  2. Anonymous20.7.11

    I have a maxi skirt almost identical to that from Reiss, in love with it. And way bolder than I would normally go but something about it totally works.



  3. Anonymous20.7.11

    the instax sounds like so much fun. i'm thinking about getting one for myself but the first two rolls with the diana mini didn't turn out so great so i'm a bit hesitant. also, i know exactly what you mean about lula. even though i don't always love it, lula is still amazing (:

  4. oh man, I'm going to Zara tomorrow.

  5. love all of this - split bang BABE!

  6. I just ordered samples from Long Winter Farm myself--they are so lovely! The Honeybee scent wasn't available when I ordered, but now I'm thinking of getting that one too, it sounds sweet.

    Happy Summer!

  7. I love that maxi skirt and have been looking for a nice one for a while but I never know what to wear it with. I know you've been rocking long skirts - perhaps you could do a little post of various tops to wear with them :-)

  8. I've been so torn with all the lovely fragrances I've been spotting around. You and Anja are always adding new ones to your Etsy faves & the peony one you mentioned sounded so perfect. I may have to cave soon and settle on one.

  9. Oh your collage is so pretty. I haven't done ANYTHING productive since the warm weather has hit. I've picked up a LOT of shifts at the restaurant I serve at because I feel like I may as well since it's so hot outside. Also, I need to work more to support my ice cream addiction.

  10. ah those marni shoes are gorgeous! and i just bought the new lula today, at my local bookstore, and they never have it!

  11. just ordered the sunset from long winter farm...it sounds like it'll smell exactly the way i want it to! i might become addicted (so thank god it's affordable)!

    also, when i was younger, i used to play 'the immaculate collection' over+over+over. it still brings back memories (like how i started wearing crucifixes+ankhs long before i was all gothy)... :)

  12. love your jelly shoes.

  13. Love that Zara skirt. I am still longing for a maxi skirt that's not made of polyester but is also in my price range. Sometimes I contemplate making one but remember all the unworn clothes I've made languishing in my closet.

    Also, I just got the new Lula today and I am totally loving the new typefaces they've gone with!

  14. I love that album! I have such strong memories of getting the cassette for my birthday and being mesmerized by the patchouli. I guess I thought it was like one of those perfume magazine tear outs so was often rubbing it on my wrists to smell like Madonna (while I 'danced' on my mums exercise mini-tramp).

    Also, split bangs - so hot!

  15. Anonymous22.7.11

    Be thankful you don't work at Sephora. I used to and I would come home with tons of products that I would buy on impluse because of my discount ... it was messy.

  16. Last week I purchased Love Test 11 lipstick from Sephora's collection. I've been wearing it pretty much non-stop. The colour instantly puts me in a good mood!

  17. I know every lyric off that album <3 but I don't remember there being a scent? Maybe I just thought it smelled like my Mom. I remember you giving Long Winter big ups and ordered a perfume oil last week - cannot wait. Love your fushia collection.

  18. my love for lula wanes sometimes too - i.e. I'd like them to take a few more risks and try new things, rather than sticking to the same constant formula. But then I feel mean for thinking this and hey, it is a beautiful magazine which is better than most.

    I've been hearing about your heat wave on the news - sounds like our regular summers in Australia :) keep cool!

  19. I find the best perfume through you! first there was Lightening Paw from Olo, now Long Winter Farm, they're even from Maine (my home state), so happiness all around, thanks!

  20. this is fantastic!!!
    I looooove this fucsia summer!!!

  21. Ditto on the Lula comment, not sure why but this last edition just didn't seem to hit the spot for some reason.