I tried out a new type of film here (160 ISO rather than my usual 400) and I wasn't sure how it would turn out, but I did get some pictures that I liked. I would click the shutter so tentatively but also, typically, with great haste. I wound up with far more blurry shots than usual as the result of my hesitation/haste, such as this one of pretty neon bobby pins that sweet Kater sent me, and this one of a cool living wall in the Centre for Social Innovation building.

Top to bottom: a break in the park with necklace-making supplies; vintage Ferragamo sandals from a few summers ago; Parkdale-style living wall; a salad party with Carlos' arm; neighbourhood feral kitten, we call her Tidbit; pretty colour, although it may be a weed; feeding little Tidbit, who makes my heart ache; two rooftop shots; some shots of the new Acne Paper, which I bought off the website and which made me wish I could afford to buy things from Acne regularly (it came so beautifully packaged). This is one worth collecting.

A few other things:
-An interview with me on Aldrin's fantastic new website, The Iceberg. So nice to be asked really good questions. The Stratum section was also enjoyable. You might see some familiar faces on the site if you look through the archive (Stephanie, Hila).
-On a completely unrelated note, but one that has been on my mind since we first heard of it, this photo from outside the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo: great beauty from great tragedy. I admire the dignified way the Norwegian people have handled themselves after this horror.


Ro: Yeah, I really enjoy it! I get the film from Japanese film sellers on eBay.

thrillofthechaise.com: Yeah, I'm wearing mine today! Always makes me feel great.

elegant storms: Luckily the Instax is so much more easy to use than the Diana Mini. It's pretty foolproof, actually, and fun too.

jlee: Hope you found some good stuff!

katie merchant / thank you, ok: Oh you!

Maggie: Oh, I hope you love them. I just ordered the Black Linen one myself. It's so easy to justify at that price. Plus I've discovered that you can have interesting results if you wear a few at once. Happy summer to you as well!

EvaForeva: You know, I'm usually fine with looking a bit like a slob in the summer, so I usually just throw on a cropped t-shirt with my maxi skirts and there, done. Pyjamas, basically!

Darcy: Eek, I know, I'm a bit addicted. I hope you find one you love!

Caitlin Rose: Sounds like a pretty good plan to me! I'm really enjoying our current weather, though. It's perfect.

Ella: Go, you! Glad you found it.

in dreams: Ooh, Sunset sounds amazing! I did that too, although when I first listened to it again for the first time all the way through there were a lot of "Oh yeah!" moments. I had forgotten a lot.

Jan | Poppytalk: Thank you!

Sara: I know what you mean. Polyester in summer is just such a bad idea. And I agree: love the new typefaces! I have never been crazy about that Empire one but they made it look so good.

becka: Nice! Someone told me that it smelled like her favourite perfume but I just found out from the internet last week that it was supposed to smell like church incense. Lollin' at "mini-tramp," and the idea of dancing on one!

Jaclyn: I can't even imagine. Oh man. I would own so much stuff I don't need!

Rizie: High fives for that!

Katie: Yeah, apparently just the first run of the album was scented. I just got a cassette of it in the mail and it does smell like incense, although I remembered mine smelling different (I guess the cassette is 20+ years old now). I hope you love the perfume!

hila: Yes, exactly! And I'm probably the last person who should be saying this, but I'd love it if there were a little less nostalgia. But it sure is pretty, and I sure am a sucker for it.

Orchid Grey: Cool! That is a very nice compliment.


  1. A!!! I looove how ALL your photos turned out. More photos w this film pllleeaase! ;D

  2. Those sandals are amazing. I'm always so nervous using film slower than 400 as I like taking so many photos indoors, but when it works out, it really works out beautifully. I like to have my lab push it a few stops, especially if it's b&w. Bla bla photo nerd talk.

  3. beautiful photos.

  4. i think the photos came out great!

  5. Congrats again on the lovely interview. I love your nail polish colour! I'm feeling the brights this summer too!

  6. sweet photos, anabela! and thanks again for doing the interview.

  7. The cat, Tidbit, is so cute! I love that photo! Also, the Acne paper looks so amazing, I'm jealous and want a copy..

  8. "my arm is a star!" - carlos, when I told him about the picture.
    ordering the magazine is worth it for that pink bag alone! so beautiful. sadly, I will be waiting until it arrives in stores here.

  9. Peroni in a can, nuts! I love the quality of this set, I wonder if its Fuji? I've yet to get my paws on an Acne, but so pleased to hear they carry their wonderful design through to the packaging as well. I like what you said about Oslo, dignity in grief is a hard thing.

  10. gorgeous photographs!

  11. The photos seem a bit more digital than your previous photos! At least to me they do. However, they're equally enjoyable. :)

  12. Lovely images you've captured! Hope you'll show us how the necklace turns out too!

  13. Beautiful glimpses. I guess the second one is your neon pink Zara skirt that you mentioned? If so, it's a fantastic colour - it's great (and unexpected?) how well it goes with leather sandals. I'm coming round to the idea that I might need some more neon in my life.

    Acne Paper looks amazing - looks just your kind of packaging too. Aw, and Tidbit... the sweetest.

  14. oooh, sheet music in a magazine. I don't want to brag but I was thinking that that would be a good idea just the other day : )

    and yes, I am no longer complaining about the weather, but am happy and content.

  15. we have so many cats in our neighborhood and my husband and I made up silly names for them all, too. we often catch them spying on each other and starting inventing missed-CAT-nnections (which sound a lot like the 'missed connections' in the newspaper but are between cats) i think we need something else to do...

  16. All such lovely pictures. I particularly love the pink toenails and the cat in the grass.

  17. omigosh. i think tidbit just stole my heart. love her!! :) what kinda necklace are you making, btw? it looks like the honest wtf type... (i've been making oodles of friendship ones now because of them! they're harder than i remember them being...) also, those ferragamos are amazing...they look super comfy.

  18. it looks really good!

    is that pony? he's so grown up. is he allowed to go outside?

  19. That piece of music is really exquisite. I love Erik Satie, especially at bedtime. And those fuchsia flowers are phlox:)

  20. Anonymous31.7.11

    I like how they turned out!

  21. really like acne too!
    and that picture of the nobel peace center in oslo is really touching and beautiful.

  22. super great interview Anabela!

    There seems to be so much sadness, yet not much hysteria shown after the Norwegian tragedy. How touching. I just feel so sick to my stomach every time I imagine those poor kids being killed - and even worse that they knew it was going to happen. Those last few moments must have been sheer horror. Thanks for linking to this photo anabela.

  23. beautiful photos. they show a side of the city that i still haven't become acquainted with. tidbit is adorable and looks similar to one of my neighborhood cats.

  24. Toronto looks so romantic in your photos!