odds, ends

I always forget that my Canon A-1 has a double exposure setting built right into it. I'm a obsessed with rope at the moment since I've discovered that making rope jewelry is a fine way to procrastinate. And that little Pony? It's her birthday this month. She isn't a kitten anymore!

It's probably been taken down by now but I recently stopped by the Robyn Cumming show at ESP Gallery. She's definitely one of my favourite local photographers.

There is something about summer that makes me so nostalgic for my 1980s childhood. It was all terry cloth rompers, double riding on a bike with a banana seat, getting into scrapes, and the occasional soft-serve cone dripping down the front of my terry cloth romper. It was always so fun and felt never-ending, and being a little kid who basically lived outdoors in the company of other kids was pretty great, even if most of them were ill-behaved little brats who were always screaming and cussing and trying out Macho Man Randy Savage moves on the smallest of us ("BODY SLAM!"). I really miss it.

We listened to tapes on a white and pink cassette player that had turquoise accents. I was so happy when I found this cute portable cassette player in a thrift store -- the funny thing is it has me realize that I do not have the patience to listen to cassette tapes anymore. Fast forwarding? What a drag.

I hope all of you in the northern hemisphere are all enjoying these lazy, hazy days, and that you all have access to swimming pools or lakes or oceans. Take me with you?


Rachel, thrillofthechaise.com, gena : I'm glad you like them!

Darcy: I know! I like mine just fine but sometimes I wonder if I should whip up a new one to stay fresh.

Lotta Losten: Thanks for that! I hope you will like it.

Lyndall: That's a good idea.

Rizie: Thanks for the info, dude!

Lisa: Yes, having a business card is pretty cool! I always forget to give mine out but it can be so convenient. It still feels a little funny to have one.


  1. i can't believe pony's almost a year old! they grow up so fast.

    i've got pool and beach access (for the moment). come on down.

  2. I am totally in love with that rope/Pony picture, holy cow.
    & it is finally summer here in Portland, to the river!

  3. Whoa, I didn't know it had a double exposure setting! I need to look into that.

  4. Anonymous6.7.11

    your blog is so calm and relaxing - love the banner

    i totally just went off on a really long rope jewelry internet tangent...i came back though!

  5. Ooh, hey! I just got a Canon A-1, but without a manual I am unaware of these little tricks. Where is that setting located? Also, what kind of lens do you use? I found mine on ebay & it came with a Japanese lens brand I have never heard of.

  6. WHA? I had no idea about the double exposure setting either! I need to check that baby OUT.
    I see a future cat + yarn/string calendar series in the not-too-distant future.
    Happy birthday, Pony!

  7. mmm, rope jewellery. i've been looking for big satin-y equivalents of embroidery floss, but am unable to find anything that fits the bill (and won't shred like a maniac when you knot around it!)...any suggestions?

    also, happy 1st bday pony!! what a cutie. (she can totally still pass for 6 months old. HEH.)

  8. Terry cloth rompers and ice cream dripping down the front...that sounds like my Saturday! Love the double exposures, the cat and the rope are a perfect combo!

  9. Love the casette player! My bf's car still has one so I've been scouring the thrift stores for old tapes (hey, 10 cents each!). Did you grow up in Toronto?

  10. I love double exposure shots! Pony is adorable!

  11. Happy birthday Pony! Man I miss my childhood too, the passing years makes everything rosy. Scrumping & friendship bracelets ftw!

  12. That walkman is to DIE for! I recently tried to revive mine and realised the reason I stopped using it is because it picks up cellphone signals too easily. You'll be rockin' out to some MC Hammer and then Dd-d-dd-d-d-d-d-d-ddddd its a total bummer!!

  13. I had a red walkman that look just like your pink one, I have no idea where it is though, it made me smile seeing your though

  14. for some reason, i found this post really funny. rip macho man

  15. Totally researching how to do this with the AE-1!
    Time flies, Happy Birthday Pony!

  16. I've recently been reminiscing about my 80's upbringing as well, the little mermaid, teal two wheeled scooters, cabbage patch dolls and an easy bake oven. i'm finally realizing my favorite vintage era is the 80's, black, gold, stripes, and tube socks, fuscia, kelly kapwski and zak morris, it goes on and on.

    cheers to you, and me just discovering your lovely blog.


  17. I love that double exposure! I can't wait for my A-1 to get here so I can try that setting out.