Over the past few months, with a lot of trial and error, I've come to be happy with what Fieldguided packages look like. If you ordered something from us in, say, January, it probably looked different than this, and in December it might look different again. It's a work in progress. This is what I can usually be found doing from 10PM to midnight or so, but last week I wrapped some packages during the day, so I thought I would share.

I did a Q&A with Stephanie where I talk about it a bit.

When it comes to packaging, I try to be mindful of a few things: I can't spend a lot of our earnings on supplies, because we are a small operation -- I still spend more than I probably should, but I've never been on a fast track to vast riches anyhow. I also try to keep it simple, keep it small in size, and try not to send too many unnecessary bits. It truly is important to me that the packages look pretty. I know it's frivolous, but I have "detail-oriented" on my CV (for real).

Hangtags. This is the most recent version. I consider this part to be essential because it has  laundering instructions on it. Our hangtags are pretty basic, but maybe one day I'll upgrade to some nicer paper. I kind of love the safety pins I found recently -- they're black! Joy in safety pins, you guys. Joy.

Thank you note. I developed this card with slots so that I could attach our business card. This is pretty time consuming since I have to cut the cards by hand, and my fancy white paper trimmer uses these expensive little blades that I can only get at one store. So these cards might be on their way out; I really like the kraft colour of the paper, though. And yes, my handwriting has become quite illegible over time.

Newsprint is my personal favourite wrapping material. I like the texture, colour, and opacity, and I like the smell, which is maybe weird. The stickers are some of our most expensive supplies but I really like them. This floral batch of stickers wasn't printed very well, but I don't really have the capacity for being irritated about half a millimeter of white space on one side. I just have to live my life.

A postcard that I came up with during my summer magenta period, probably influenced by the most recent Lula magazine cover as well. The word mark is one that I developed a few weeks ago, although I've since tweaked it a bit (as usual, I was hasty and ordered hundreds of postcards and business cards before I had finalized everything -- that's just my style). I still have to update our various sites with it, but I hope to soon.

That thin black ribbon is my favourite, but I usually wrap packages with twine. I like twine a lot. It's a nice natural material and if you throw it in the trash it will eventually biodegrade, so that's cool.

I recently got a crazy deal on business card printing so I ordered 1000 (1000!) of these oversized (3.5x2.5") cards, and once again I ordered before I had finished fiddling with the word mark. I still really love our floral business card, but I thought I would make one that was a little less feminine (the back of the new card is more camel than pink, although it ended up more pink than I had anticipated, because I just can't escape the feminine touch). I call this the "crotch card" but I don't think Geoff appreciates that very much.We shall have crotch cards until 2014!


early morning fog

On Saturday Geoff woke up early & told me to look out the window to see the fog (I probably raised my head and fell back asleep). Fog is pretty rare around here, and so he hopped in the car and drove to High Park to take some pictures of Grenadier Pond.

These were taken with the Spectra and expired Softtone film, at around 7.30 in the morning. I love how spooky and otherworldly the pictures turned out.



Just a quick note to say that I have a guest post on sweet Hila's blog today. I don't write too many guest posts -- as you can see, I have a difficult enough time writing here regularly -- but Hila is quite dear to me, and I love that the reason why she asked is because she has a lot of writing to do.

I wanted to note that the text of the post might come off a bit smug, which was not my intention at all. You don't have to have a partner to have a secret language! I still laugh when I think about how a friend of mine and his sister have their own word for pyjamas: they call them "pajayjays." Too good.

Diana (Miss Moss) and Jen (Honey Kennedy) wrote some posts for Hila as well, and they are wonderful.

(sylvain-emmanuel; signed, monica)



I recently got samples of perfume and a pretty lookbook from Anne of MCMC Fragrances, which I was excited to try after reading about MCMC on Jenny's blog, and Jennifer's blog as well.

Despite the fact that I am not a strong enough writer to write about perfume, I love to write about it, talk about it, think about it. This morning it occurred to me just how important scent is to me; after all, I did buy a 1980s-era Strawberry Shortcake doll and a first-run copy of Madonna's Like a Prayer mostly because I wanted to smell them again. I keep a half-used bottle of the perfume I wore in the early 2000s (a masculine, musky, tobacco-based eau de cologne) in my dresser. The smell of certain shampoos can send me spiraling into sadness because they were the shampoos that I used during particular periods in my life, and sometimes there is an ache that comes from wanting to go back to something that is so long gone, no matter how sweet the present is. I don't know if this is how it is for everyone (I know there are many people who get headaches from perfume & cannot enjoy it), or if it's because I have a particularly large nose, but nothing is more effective for me for stopping time.

Yesterday I popped open the sample bottle of Noble. When I was little, I spent many summers in Lisbon, or running through orchards along the Spanish border (experiences for which I will always be grateful). Despite the fact that Noble references Haiti and Nepal, one sniff & suddenly I was a suntanned child walking over dry pine needles, rocks, and soft sand barefoot and summer-footed to get to the longest stretch of ocean I had ever seen. The profound earthiness of the scent sent me right back to such a specific time and place that I was moved to tears for real. It was pretty magical.

I love all the samples that I got to try and how the scents are tied to places or experiences (the spiciness of Love, the salt sea tones of Maine, and I have never been to Maui but I imagine that it smells just like that, like heaps of frangipani). I especially love that Anne makes the perfumes in small batches in her studio (just like that other favourite perfumer of mine, Heather from OLO, whose scents make me long for another visit to the Pacific Northwest). I am amassing quite a collection of oil-based perfumes, it seems.

I wouldn't be saying it if I didn't mean it. Thank you so much, Anne. Your work is beautiful.


endless summer

We made a tote with a new design and our beautiful friend Tara graciously agreed to model it for us. An endless summer, for those of us who can't let go.

In this picture she was playing with the Thief and Bandit cuff that I had given her to wear, and I thought it would be an outtake, but I really loved it.

If you're in Hamilton this weekend, please be sure to come visit us at Beehive.


serpent skin

I do not enjoy snakes at all. That is, breathing, writhing, occasionally rattling snakes. I am, however, really into fake snakeskin right now. Maybe it's because a peek at Lover's F/W 2011 lookbook a few months ago embedded itself deeply into my subconscious (the image above is from this lookbook, part of a collection called "The White Serpent"). Or possibly it's because of the colours in it, the metallic silver and golds and blacks all at once. Possibly it's the slightly creepy & cool quality. Snake print is definitely having a moment, as I'm sure you've noticed. It's everywhere. I recently found myself hunting for a pair of fake snakeskin pumps for an upcoming wedding (these are very nice) and realized that I was nurturing a slight obsession.

(Or maybe it's because I just finished reading A Dance with Dragons and think Dorne sounded like a pretty cool place, but only a handful of you will care for that reference.)

(ChloƩ Fall 2011, found via Fitzroy)

(Right: more ChloƩ, left: the Acne Contact pants I mentioned on Miss Moss)

(3.1 Phillip Lim crisscross platform, evocative of snakeskin texture)


flowers & girls

Last week Geoff showed me a post from booooooom with film photography by Polish photographer Lukasz Wierzbowski, and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. I love the light-hearted and coy sensibility combined with the beautiful tones.

Lukasz's Flickr account is here. Filed in my head under "Photographs I wish I had taken."


43rd parallel

A new tote design, finally! For this one we were really excited about using a photo (this photo, taken from the Toronto Islands, was the source) and we also wanted to have a tote available that was a little more dude-friendly, although I love that there are men who are into thunder and hearts and dreams and flowers, of course. Geoff designed this one with himself in mind. I think Geoff makes a good model, too.

It's available here and here.

We have a few other designs in the works, and we hope you like them. And this was pretty cool news for us today: a little blurb in the Toronto Star.