43rd parallel

A new tote design, finally! For this one we were really excited about using a photo (this photo, taken from the Toronto Islands, was the source) and we also wanted to have a tote available that was a little more dude-friendly, although I love that there are men who are into thunder and hearts and dreams and flowers, of course. Geoff designed this one with himself in mind. I think Geoff makes a good model, too.

It's available here and here.

We have a few other designs in the works, and we hope you like them. And this was pretty cool news for us today: a little blurb in the Toronto Star.


Hopscotch: Okay! I need to order more of it!

Kate: I know exactly what you mean. I feel like I take so many pictures indoors even though there is so much of that glorious sunshine out there.

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Thank you!

Jane Flanagan: I feel pretty sure that by the time September rolls around I'll be right back into muted territory. Enjoying the brights while I still can!

aldrin: Thanks for having me! It was really fun.

cardboardcrown: Tidbit is so crazy adorable I can hardly look at her. Acne Paper is great! If you can get a copy, it's worth it. Lots of beautiful photos and text.

katie merchant / thank you, ok: Haha, oh CARLOS! Carlos is a star, period.

amy w - over and under: Is that bad about Peroni in a can? I'm not a beer drinker! And yes, the film is indeed Fuji, my personal favourite. And thanks for the sweet words.

angela: I think it's because the lower ISO generates less grain! I think you're right. Thanks!

Siubhan: It is! More magenta, really. Doesn't hurt the eyes so much.

Caitlin Rose: Yeah, it's a great idea. Looks really good.

v.: Never! We've taken to playing with them with a string toy. Oh dear.

in dreams: If you want Tidbit, she's yours! Haha. It was one of the Honestly WTF DIYs, but I messed it up!

Diana: Thanks! No, not Pony, but a neighbourhood feral kitten. Our cats don't go outside, nor do they want to go outside!

Emerson Merrick: Oh thanks! Of course you would know! And I'm glad it's phlox and not a weed.

jokemijn: Yes, so touching. So sad.

hila: Thanks, Hila. I'm glad it touched you.

super great interview Anabela!

erica: Oh hey! I was sorry to hear about your apartment mess -- that sucks. Not a good way to be welcomed into a new city at all.


  1. yay for the mention, how cool is that! i LOVE this bag and its triangles. looks like we're almost-neighbors, we're a few blocks east! the landlord situation is slowly working itself out, but i'm still considering moving. some things just aren't worth the stress and bother :(

  2. girl i'm pinning this so fasssssst

  3. damn girl i am loooooving this one!!

  4. Lovely! Just lovely!

  5. this looks both lovely and masculine, and Geoff is quite the model xxx

  6. lovely! is it a new type of tote too, or am i wrong?

  7. Oh I love it. And congratulations on the blurb : ) I see your totes all over toronto!

  8. So wicked! It looks perfect with Geoff's blue shirt.
    Sometimes I feel like I should get rid of all the boring/shop-branded canvas bags I own and just fill my bag-box(?) with lovely things like this.
    But that's not very green, is it...?

  9. i love the bag and the photos, the look gorgeous!


  10. ooooh i loooove it!!!!!!!!!!!

    i spent a week sailing this summer so it is especially perfect.

    totally getting one.

    congrats on the Star article!!!! although... i am having mixed feelings as now it is a not so secret club!! ;)

  11. Sweet stuff! I like your bf's belt.

  12. a little boat! :) :) :) i love it!

  13. Congrats to you both on the mention in the paper. I really like the style of the new tote and may just have to see it in person :)

  14. Just lovely! The design is wonderful and so are the photos!

  15. love the new design!

  16. aha! i thought so! i've tried a few of the honestly wtf diys and screwed them up too, haha...sometimes the internet makes things look easier than they are.

    tidbit is SO coming home with me!!! though i guess i have to find her first...? :)

    also, i love love LOVE the new tote! i like its universal design appeal, but also the inverted triangle. pretty much anything with a triangle is considered awesome in my books. and you're right - geoff is a pretty snazz model! (good thing he doesn't charge too much, huh?)

  17. You're right, these are a bit more manly. They are lovely. I smell a present for the boyf...

  18. Wow, my man is searching for a tote and I have a feeling he is going to love this!

  19. love love love this one! such a great image.


  20. oh well done on the feature anabela, you totally deserve it! and I love the new tote design.

  21. Hey Bela! It's Sasha here. My mom just emailed me about this feature they caught in the Star. Congrats on your thriving enterprise! Your stuff is both lovely + awesome. :D Hope you guys are doing well. xo

  22. ooobhhhh love the new design! we would love to have some new totes from you! xo

  23. Anonymous25.9.11

    Do you think this would be suitable for a girly girl? Even though it was designed for men in mind (was it?)

    -J <3

  24. Hi J,

    I think so! It wasn't designed specifically for men, but just with the idea that maybe men could like it too.