serpent skin

I do not enjoy snakes at all. That is, breathing, writhing, occasionally rattling snakes. I am, however, really into fake snakeskin right now. Maybe it's because a peek at Lover's F/W 2011 lookbook a few months ago embedded itself deeply into my subconscious (the image above is from this lookbook, part of a collection called "The White Serpent"). Or possibly it's because of the colours in it, the metallic silver and golds and blacks all at once. Possibly it's the slightly creepy & cool quality. Snake print is definitely having a moment, as I'm sure you've noticed. It's everywhere. I recently found myself hunting for a pair of fake snakeskin pumps for an upcoming wedding (these are very nice) and realized that I was nurturing a slight obsession.

(Or maybe it's because I just finished reading A Dance with Dragons and think Dorne sounded like a pretty cool place, but only a handful of you will care for that reference.)

(ChloƩ Fall 2011, found via Fitzroy)

(Right: more ChloƩ, left: the Acne Contact pants I mentioned on Miss Moss)

(3.1 Phillip Lim crisscross platform, evocative of snakeskin texture)


tara-lynn, sheila, caroline, Tribal Fox Vintage, mackenzie, Casie Jean, Sean, Siubhan, Ella: I agree with all of you -- his work is beautiful.

Fitzroy Boutique: I wish! I don't usually photograph people.

Darcy: Yeah, that makes perfect sense to me.

lavelle: Aw shucks! Thank you.

goodfriendsbadhabits: Thanks!

in dreams: Geoff tried to pick Tidbit up and she hissed and ran away. I hope she can become less feral! Such a little heartbreaker.

hila: Agreed.

aldrin: Oh, I love overgrowth everywhere I can find it.

Aneta, EvaForeva: That is really interesting! Sad to say I don't know much about Polish/Slavic cultures, since I have never visited. But it's cool that you can make that connection.


  1. The Chloe snakeskin knit(?) coat is amazing!!
    And I can totally understand being influenced by A Dance with Dragons - I've only watched the series, but those Starks totally have me craving huge fur collars for the winter ;)

  2. man, i would love to hit up zara for that blazer (esp with the tee+pants shown there! amazing look.) buuuut i recently imposed a shopping ban on myself, especially regarding places that rip artists off so blatantly.

    i'm so sad tidbit is unavailable due to feral-ness - still! gah. we've actually been discussing kitten-vs.-cat recently, as i would love to rescue a more mature cat from the humane society rather than just buy a cute kitten...even though they are supercute as little fluffballs! :)

  3. I never owned anything with snake pattern on it but you made me want to get something very much! It seems that any piece of clothing looks sexier with a snake print on it :-)

  4. i know what you mean! i don't like snakes at all, but their colors & pattern are soo appealing x

  5. i get the dorne reference!! just finished dance with dragons on monday and i'm already dying for a next one!

  6. Ah Lover is amazing, and those 3.1 shoes!
    I'm still on A Storm of Swords but can't wait to read more about the dragons...

  7. actually i never paid much attention to the snake print but after seeing these i think i fell in love with it.
    it's somewhat tacky yet avant-garde at the same time.

  8. Because I've been flying a lot lately I've been reading more magazines, and they're all 'python is so hot for fall' and everytime i see that i think 'I'm sure the pythons don't agree.'

  9. Thank you! Everyone keeps posting about leopard, but snake is my true love! Great taste!

  10. i'd totally dress like a sand snake from dorne! ahah. actually not. because those ladies basically walk around 1/2 naked, not clad in reptilian wear. i'd dress as the essence of one of the sand snakes, i suppose.

    as far as actual snakes go, i dislike them.... but not as much as i dislike spiders. i straight-up loathe them and would never want to replicate them fashion-wise.

  11. I used to be obsessed with snakeskin, especially for ballet flats. I should rekindle my obsession.

  12. I took a management class years ago and there was half a semester we studied on how fashion has power (i managed a hair salon, so go fig). I remember how snake print and bee pendants were considered the most powerful for women to wear when in management. It was kind of lame years ago, but it's true, there is a bit of intimidation when i see a woman across the way wearing snake print anything!

  13. oooo those last heels are to die for

  14. I love love fake snakeskin. It's amazing! Love your blog!!



  15. What amazes me is that when I went to Italy with my parents at 13, my aunt and uncle had me pick out something in a jewellery store as a gift, and I picked a simple gold snake ring. I still love it, and am amazed that my taste then still fits today!

  16. I never owned anything with snake pattern on it but you made me want to get something very much! It seems that any piece of clothing looks great and awesome.

  17. I'm really loving the snake print! My grandmother still has matching shoes and bags in snake print in her closet somewhere...

  18. wow!! those shoes!! love them