I know some of you were into my post about high waisted underpants because I've had readers approach me in real life and tell me so! So that's pretty cool. If I could work a lingerie beat, I totally would. I don't think we talk about the importance of proper underpinnings enough, and I think that prancing around your apartment in your favourite bra is the best feeling.

After receiving a pair of the Rita knickers, Fortnight Lingerie has become my favorite lingerie company, and one of my favourite local companies. I wanted to share these images from the 2012 collection -- I'm so in love with it. I might just have to stop by the new studio Fortnight is opening in Parkdale and get myself fitted for the Jolene. I also really love the collection video and the sweet making-of video.

Also: can we talk about how good it is that the pieces are named for songs (songs that I love, by the way -- "Jolene" is my signature karaoke number)? I love the lines from the songs on the bottom of the images.



I haven't gone this long without posting in a long time, but I've been in a dark place where new ideas fear to tread. I did manage to do some things, though. In mid-September I took a bit of holiday from work and Geoff and I painted the living room. It used to be a yellowish off-white, and now it's white. It's not vastly different, but it's more crisp and clean, which is nice.

I glittered some shoes using this DIY video. I believe in glitter in moderation only, but I couldn't stop thinking about all of this season's cute Miu Miu shoes (I think I stared at this animated photo for a solid 10 minutes when I first saw it, just zoned out). I used an old pair of slingbacks that I had forgotten all about, white glue, and Martha Stewart glitter in "smoky quartz." I still need touch up the glitter in some areas. I know they look terrible on the inside, and I need to clean them up, but I think that with some rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs it would be a quick job. I also found these vintage shoe clips that made the shoes look BHLDN-ready. (Just kidding.)

I recently discovered that Vogue Patterns has some pretty good designer patterns out at the moment, and I ordered a few of the Rachel Comey ones. I haven't done any sewing in ages, and thought I would try this blouse using some of the sheer fabric I had sitting around. I have never sewn with chiffon or georgette before so it was a bit challenging, but I was pretty happy with how it was coming along, despite slightly puckered seams. The pattern is lovely, the drape is perfect... but as I was pressing the fabric last night, I managed to burn a hole right into it. Typical. I do want to try again, because I really love the pattern.

As I was sewing the blouse I kept thinking about how pretty it would look with the beautiful Shield necklace from Cursive.

I updated the colour of our postcards for fall, and on the 12th Geoff and I celebrated our seven year anniversary. We had a really amazing dinner at Libretto (which influenced my Food Week pick on Mallory's blog today) that day. This picture was taken a few days before at a friends' birthday party. We are ghosts!


the white serpent

Just wanted to mention this first: we're having an end of season sale in our online shops (here and here): enter code FREESHIP at checkout for free shipping on your order. This sale will be in effect for a very limited time! We have also added prints of Geoff's fog pictures, if you're interested.

Ohhh, how I love this collection: Lover's The White Serpent, Southern Hemisphere S/S.
If I could wear any clothing label exclusively, it would probably be Lover. While it's all very pretty and girly, it's not too young-looking, not overly saccharine (to my mind, at least), and the colour pallete is just perfect... one of each, please. Oh yes, please yes.

(Magical backstage image from this slideshow)