I know some of you were into my post about high waisted underpants because I've had readers approach me in real life and tell me so! So that's pretty cool. If I could work a lingerie beat, I totally would. I don't think we talk about the importance of proper underpinnings enough, and I think that prancing around your apartment in your favourite bra is the best feeling.

After receiving a pair of the Rita knickers, Fortnight Lingerie has become my favorite lingerie company, and one of my favourite local companies. I wanted to share these images from the 2012 collection -- I'm so in love with it. I might just have to stop by the new studio Fortnight is opening in Parkdale and get myself fitted for the Jolene. I also really love the collection video and the sweet making-of video.

Also: can we talk about how good it is that the pieces are named for songs (songs that I love, by the way -- "Jolene" is my signature karaoke number)? I love the lines from the songs on the bottom of the images.


Color Collective: Thank you, and I love it too!

sylvie: Thanks! Oh yes, they seem to be great patterns -- I really loved the blouse one. It also had a skirt pattern but I wasn't so into that one.

erica: Oh, I'm sure you've been so busy! If you look at the post there are three more Toronto recommendations from Katie of Thank You, Ok -- the funny thing is I haven't even been to the ones she recommended yet!

EvaForeva: Thank you! Well, I'll have to remake it...

Mon Petit Lapin: Thank you!

Caitlin Rose: Ooh, sparkle binge! That sounds lovely. If you do end up glittering your shoes, I'd love to see them.

sara: Thank you! Make your own, it's so easy (although a little bit messy).

henzy: Nice! I did the same thing when I saw the DIY.

Jessica: Haha, thanks. The rack came from an antiques shop. It was originally a dark green colour that I didn't like at all!

Mamushka Marie: Good luck with it!

Hopscotch: Thank you so much! Hope to see you soon xoxo

Kate: xoxoxoxoxoxox to you.

erin: I like the way you think, lady! They also remind me of a pair of Doc Martens' boots I was jealous of in high school -- a girl I knew bought a pair and she would leave a trail of glitter when she walked. They were amazing.

katie merchant / thank you, ok: Thanks, girl!

Jennifer: Thank you! Oh yes, they would be so perfect for a wedding. And it's so easy! 

Elena: To you as well xo

Leah: Well, I do have the occasional failure but I like to share those as well because I think they're funny! Thanks for the sweet words.

kelly: Thank you!

natalie: Thanks! We got it at an antiques shop. I'm not sure what the original purpose was.

Darcy: Thank you!

Grace - Stripes and Sequins: Very cute! Thank you for sharing.

in dreams: Well, we'll see! Oh no, I hope you can get the pattern, and at the sale price, because it really is great (I think!). Thanks for checking in, I really appreciated it xoxox  (oh and PS Tidbit and her siblings are in the care of a cat rescue volunteer!)

carol-ine: I know just what you mean... I recently donated about 30 patterns to Goodwill! I have been collecting them for years but I have to be more realistic about what I know I will actually make. Good luck to you if you try it!

hila: That's very sweet of you. For me, it's about finding a balance between sharing what is mine and being okay with it being out there, and being used as "inspiration." I never thought of myself as someone who was particularly inspiring but it can be heartbreaking to see someone take something I have chosen to share and using it as a crib. Long story, but anyhow, thanks so much for the sweet words xoxox

anna of (green gable): I agree, I love the necklace!

kater: Ha! Just from doing the shoes, there is glitter all over my apartment. The best is when Pony nuzzles the shoes and gets glitter all over her lil' face. It's the best.

odess: Thanks so much!


  1. i can't believe your karaoke song is jolene, mad props. that one is TOUGH!

    pretty pretty underthings and super cute video!

  2. The photos are so dreamy! I love the relaxed and fresh feeling about them. Thanks for sharing.

  3. this look book is gorgeous! I have been so drawn to photos with a blurry & obscured foreground lately. (especially love the one with the wheat). The depth of field is so shallow and I love how many layers of focus it has.

  4. I love the bodysuits!

    xo, Anna of :green gable:

  5. Oh man, this collection is what my dreams are made of! So lovely. Angie is also a pretty great song for karaoke.

  6. yer welcome! :) and i think i just died of happiness. i've been stuck on tidbit, and also thinking (since celine's post a few days ago) that the annex cat rescue is where we should be getting our kitten (/cat. but really they're all kittens deep down inside...). so perhaps tidbit can actually come life with us after all! i also think sparrow is just adorable...WE'LL SEE. (omg. i will totally turn into the million-cat-lady...!)

    anyway, on the subject of this post, i think thinking this early about lingerie (esp local stuff!) is the best! that ad campaign is beautifully shot, too...though i'm not quite sure i can sell my boyfriend on anything high-waisted yet. siiiigh. some things you just have to wear for yourself, i guess, huh.

  7. This is incredible stuff! I love Mary Jane!

    In stark contrast, I was in Marks and Spencer this weekend and I thought of you when I saw the big granny panties.

  8. ugh! so pretty! and where did that model get her fantastic bum? jeaaalous!

  9. Gooorgeous! Thanks for sharing, love these! x

  10. All of this is completely gorgeous. I find it really funny that someone approached you in real life about a post on high-waisted underpants.

  11. Fortnight is my absolute favourite too! ever since i made my first purchase, i can't bring myself to buy any other kind of lingerie... and i LOVE that they are designed and handamde in Canada. the Rita knickers are truly the most comfortable ever, and oh-so sexy. i never thought i could love high-waisted so much, but i am now convinced that every woman needs to get into a pair.

    i am so excited for the 2012 collection - thanks for sharing and bringing up the importance of undergarments :)

  12. Anonymous2.10.11

    Your NYC/Texas friend David here. A friend of a friend of mine in NYC has her own lingerie line which I find quite intriguing and wanted to know what you think. It's unlike any I've ever seen before. I like the collections about half-way and further down the site because, in a way, it doesn't really look like your typical stuff. It doesn't have obvious feminine features, but I appreciate the way it looks on the body and the way she uses colors you might not expect on under garments. I wonder how women react to it since it's unusual.

    Anyway, take a look. You can DM me.


    P.S. Where DID that model get her fantastic bum?

  13. dang, the song lyrics at the bottom totally work. I'm not much of a lingerie person, most lingerie seems tacky to me. But not this - it's actually feminine and classy.

  14. Oh dear... I just posted about them too. They are gorgeous, so so gorgeous! Thank goodness for high-waisted undies :)

  15. totally gorgeous and sexy! xx

  16. I love how feminine they are and aren't super revealing....leaves a little to the imagination. just lovely.

  17. i love dolly partons jolene.