A few pretty things that have caught my eye recently. I am such a sucker for these sorts of pictures.

I loved Katie's beauty post but I mostly loved these two pictures. The colours, the dark wood, the piñata reflected in the mirror, the snake bracelet.

Our totes are carried by a fantastic online shop based in Australia called Molten Store, and recently Molten had a trunk show at their office to celebrate their launch. How beautiful. (Photos via il était une fois, who also took some amazing beach photos with a black Thunder tote.)

Photo via le crazy horse. I love these colours and textures together.

Of course, part of an installation by that master of collecting/arranging, the amazing Sonja Ahlers.

EvaForeva, Sharks Keep Moving, Jane Flanagan,
this is a documentation, maybe.,  Rizie, kittenrocket, Jacqueline: Thank you all very much for your sweet comments. x

jen, İpek: Thank you! Yes, it doesn't help that my favourite camera is actually pretty heavy and a pain to carry around.

the line sheet: Oh yes, film is the best.

in dreams: Luckily with my Canon camera it's so easy to take a double exposure (I personally love them), but I never remember to do it! I hope you can try it soon. It's fun.

elskan: Wonder Couple! Ha! Thank you.

sheila: Aw, I wish I were that powerful... and yes, that is cosmos! I don't know how to identify plants/flowers (ironic, given my blog's name) but I know that one for sure.

vanessa: Thank you! These were taken with a Canon A-1.

Melissa: Oh yes, agreed, wish I were able to make it out there more often.


  1. i love this little story board of joy and whimsy!

  2. I'm a sucker for these kinds of shots too...aren't we all? thanks much for sharing, loved finding Katie's blog :)

  3. whenever i see these sorts of vignettes, i think of this space. all the colors, just so.

  4. i totally agree! i always love exploring the little details of a shot, especially when the tones+colours are so interesting. though it does make it difficult on my wallet...i just found the galaxy ring at molten and woah, be still my heart! :)

  5. i'ii take everything in pic #5 please

  6. The crazy horse photos with the clothes...wowwwwwwww......

  7. you're so right, there is something alluring about collections. maybe they just speak to my inner hoarder :)

  8. ahh thank you so much for the link love and kind words :) beyond LOVE your products, Molten Store and my tote - they're beautiful!! just had a browse of your etsy store, adore everything! the pink thunder tote is super gorg too!
    following your fab blog :) xxxB


  9. you have an amazing blog! so sweet and pretty and lovely.

  10. love the first two the most! I could certainly put more thought into the lay of the land on my dresser

  11. i love the grain and soft colours!

  12. Just what I needed on a busy Monday while I'm still too sleepy and lazy to give my mind to work! Lovely images, especially the beauty posts. Have a lovely week x

  13. great pictures! loving the blog!!


  14. simply adorable! Really great pictures, I love them :)


  15. Anonymous18.10.11

    These are so cute, thank-you for sharing. I'm in total awe of your blog, and now following!

  16. i spy tocca perfume! i love their scents!


  17. those greys and pinks are lovely!

  18. Anonymous26.10.11

    great fragrant collection! and the clothing palette.. dreamy!