good night, day

I am so glad I snagged one of the Simcoe headbands in grey from my friend Tara-Lynn. It wasn't particularly cold this morning but I wore it anyway and I felt so fancy in it as I stopped by the library to pick up a copy of the collected novels of Jean Rhys (thanks for the inspiration, T-L). I won't be getting any new clothing this fall, but I am looking forward to my walks home as I chase the sunset with the softest, loveliest accessory on my head.

Of course, the latest photography for the Good Night, Day shop (by Ériver Hijano) is just stunning.

m.bardeaux: Well, as we discussed, I can't actually sing. Definitely some falsetto action for that last "Joleeeeeeaann!"
EvaForeva: Agreed, so beautiful! 

s a m: Yes! I think the wheat is pretty unexpected for a lingerie shoot, too, which makes it even better. 

Elaina: I'm glad you enjoyed! 

in dreams: Oh, I miss Tidbit's little face! But I will probably share the Annex Cat Rescue listings once I have them. I think the kittens are still in the process of being socialized/made ready to be adopted. And I'm so glad you like Fortnight. I agree, wear it for yourself! 

Jane Flanagan: GRANNY PANTIES!!! Oh dear. So many visions of childhood clotheslines...

ALY AGA: It is truly a fantastic bum.

Amy (Oh, My): Glad you enjoyed!

Courtney: That happened for real! I love it.

sara.k: So glad you agree! I also have the Rita knickers and I hide them away for special occasions! I just love them.

davideats: Hello, friend! Whoa, nice stuff! Thanks so much for saying hello and telling me about it. I love stuff that doesn't look typical as well. It just looks like clothes (sexy clothes).

hila: Agreed! Glad you like it.

Noémie: Yeah! Spread the word!


  1. I've been wanting to pick up Jean Rhys for so long now, but already have so much at home to choose from. Let me know your favorite story!

  2. i am definitely wanting one of those today as it's so cold here in LA! looks so cozy....

  3. this is so so beautiful! i am wanting one. i know if i try to make one myself it won't turn out as lovely.

  4. I won't be getting any new fall clothes either, but I have my eye on the markham collar. I think it'd be a nice cozy addition to change up my current wardrobe.

  5. I just finished "After Leaving Mr. Mackenzie," but it didn't capture me the way "Wide Sargasso Sea" did. Anyway, I love Tara-Lynn's work. One of her scarfs has kept me cozy over the past few seasons.

  6. Oh, I bet the Simcoe headband looks so good on you! I love Tara-Lynn's new knits, they are stunning. Especially the photos, I love the styling of the Markham collar with the Steven Alan blazer. That Tara-Lynn, so talented!

  7. wow i don't think it's something that i can pull off...but it is pretty :) xx

  8. Love this. Will look beautiful on you!

  9. as a knitter myself I just can say that Tara-Lynn's knits are awesome!! Not only the way they're done, but also the style!!! (as always, great model, great pictures, styling...) :D

  10. WOW anabela! thanks, i'm really getting behind on reading all my favorite blogs lately. i'm cheating right now & should be knitting! thanks again soooo much, these things mean a lot to me.xo