vu de l'extérieur

A new tote design! This one is currently available at Need Supply Co., which is pretty cool, and is also available in our shops (here and here).

"Vu de l'extérieur" is the name of a Serge Gainsbourg album and song (not one that I'm particularly enamoured with, to be honest!), and because Gainsbourg never wrote a single phrase that ever had a single meaning (that's an exaggeration, but not by much), it can mean either "seen from the exterior" or "exterior view." The background image is a detail from a Victorian era photo of a mountain, from our collection of old photographs.

ETA: I guess my French is much worse than it used to be, because it was pointed out below that it doesn't mean "exterior view" without an 'e' at the end of 'vu.' So. "Seen from the exterior."

We might offer this one as a print as well, because Geoff printed one on paper for a friend and we thought it looked pretty nice (and fit perfectly into an inexpensive Ikea frame).

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a day with kate: Mm, yes, although I am learning to prefer almond milk (it's happening).

neonfoxtongue: I just bought that almond butter, and on sale. Hilarious.

april: Ahhhh, I know! That's one of the main reasons why I stay away from food blogs. They make me crazy.

mackenzie: Yes, same here! You know something is effective if it inspires me to do something in the kitchen (I hate cooking, I hate recipes, etc., but I love to eat, so go figure).

Caitlin Rose: Seriously so easy, once you have the proper bag (tried it with a coffee filter and the results were not so great).

katie merchant / thank you, ok: The cutest!

becka: I hope you got to try it! KUA is the best. I think I've seen every episode.

Michelle: I hadn't heard of oat until you mentioned it, but now I'm curious!

erin: I'm glad!

C: I hope it worked out for you, or that it will. I was so surprised to discover how easy it really was.

katrina: Yay!

la femme: Me too!

in dreams: Yeah, I can't drink much cow's milk anymore, which is probably for the best as it helps me avoid so many foods that I really don't need to be eating. It really is that easy!

amy, Sean : The lady of the house speaking!

Jaclyn: Thanks, Jaclyn.

pushups with polish: Agreed! I wish more coffee shops agreed (I don't like soy milk either).

carissa: Yes, dates! That is a genius idea. I went out and bought some dates after I read your comment.

amy w - over and under: It's the sweetest!

Elise: Thanks for the link! I always love finding new veg-blogs. I hope the milk-making worked out for you.

aloÿse: Très simple!

rae, Miss Cris: I'm glad you enjoyed! It's a great blog.

P R I M O E Z A: I hope it works out for you. I know how hard it can be (also trying to cut down/cut out dairy, don't like soy, etc.). I don't even drink that much milk but I like almond milk in my tea and coffee, and I can't drink them black.

Sarah B: Hi Sarah! Thanks so much for saying hello! I love your blog, and I'm so happy you read mine. So crazy! Thanks for your beautiful, inspiring blog -- I can't wait to try more recipes from it (I have my eye on those raw brownies). Thank you! xoxo

Ashley: Oh, thanks for the tip! I didn't find it to be too bitter but I'm always willing to try something different. I'm glad you liked the blog too.

hila: I hope you like it. It might be an acquired taste, but I liked it right away. I guess it depends on how attached on is to cow's milk. Oh the Hyacinths of the world! Sadly they are numerous.

blorange dice: That's so nice of you! I hope she well enjoy it.


  1. I made the mistake of looking up the lyrics. Your bag is much prettier! ;)

  2. beautiful. i know what i'm wishing for for christmas ;)

  3. Love this! Congratulations on another amazing addition to your collection!

  4. This is wonderful, dear A! :*

  5. mmm pretty. i <3 b+w so much!

  6. I really love this anabela, yet another thing to add to my wishlist. Your 'thunder in my heart' tote has inspired some pretty fun conversations with strangers on the bus for me. I never realised how many Kate Bush fans there are in Perth! I wonder if I buy this tote, will it start similar conversations on Gainsbourg?

  7. i would love this as a print.

  8. ah. anabela and geoff! you two never cease to amaze. this is beautiful. i want to travel up to canada and make a mini doc about your two's design process.

  9. whoops, I meant, 'thunder in our hearts'. What a bizarre mistake, ha! Sorry Kate, I didn't mean to rewrite your lyrics ...

  10. Oh it DOES look good as a print!

  11. I really love this one, Anabela! If you do offer it as a print, are you going to do it in the positive image and the negative image? I'd obviously have to buy both! ... make that all three!!!

  12. Two thumbs up. I love it.

  13. those look AMAZING. great work! i love how much time you take before you release a new product...i know that's a teeny-tiny thing compared to the awesomeness of the things themselves, but really...it shows care and attention to detail and e'rything.

  14. so pretty with the Victorian era print! Please do the prints to sell- I adore it on the white background!

  15. Yes, please do the print as well!
    xoxo Kathrin


  16. I love it! And as a resident of central Virginia, I'm so excited that Need Supply is carrying it!!!

  17. Anonymous28.10.11

    oooooh do the print as well por favor.!! (:

  18. Really nice design! I love the background image.


  19. This needs to be a print, I love it!

  20. this is amazing! good job geoff+a.

  21. Gorgeous work! The Victorian-era photo in the background perfectly suits the design.

    x Lauren

  22. Anonymous8.11.11

    in fact, for this sentence to mean exterior view, it would need an e at the end of the word vu, but it's nice anyway

  23. Oh. Thanks for the correction.

  24. Actually, literature, including songs, in the french language, rely on the difference between the written and the spoken word for their "double meanings" which are called "double entendus" for a reason. Most jokes in french rely on these kinds of puns because there are so many homonyms and unless you see the written version, it could go many ways. One of my favourites was a story told by Jacques Derrida when he went to see his dying mum at her home by the sea, and she said "j'ai le mal de mer" - which could mean "I'm seasick" or "I have mother illness," or something like that. So yes, Serge Gainsbourg probably intended that this lyric be interpreted two ways.